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  1. mcpesq817

    SOS - power outage

    Yeah I got very lucky. People on the other side of the block behind me are still out and ultimately will be out at least another day or two. This was a prime example of why goldfish need filtration and aerated water. In only 14 hours, nitrites and ammonia were up near 0.5. I’ve seen the effects of nitrite elevation before when my filter must have burped. Fish swim listlessly at a 45 degree angle nose up, and there is poop everywhere. They recover quickly with a WC, but it’s a bit scary to see.
  2. mcpesq817

    My 100g planted tank

    Yep, I’m using Tahitian Moon Sand from Carib Sea. I found out about it from others on this forum. It’s dense enough so debris tends to sit on the top. It’s also small enough that the goldfish seem to like to sift through it, and my BN pleco can dig little hollows under the river rocks. Pricing for it seems odd - sometimes the 20 pound bag is barely more than the 5 pound bag. And when I first set up the tank, I think a seller was selling two 20 pound bags for like $20 and free shipping. Just an FYI that you can get good deals if you time things right. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B007R55QUU/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1520174933&sr=8-1&keywords=tahitian+moon+sand&dpPl=1&dpID=51eulhL2KKL&ref=plSrch
  3. mcpesq817

    SOS - power outage

    Thankfully my power came back on late this afternoon. I went ahead and did another partial water change and cleaned out the filters. I had cleaned them a couple of weeks ago so they only required a slight rinsing. But, a few hours later they are all looking good. So thank you both again. Lots of great tips there if this happens again. Just glad I was home when it happened as things could have been very serious if I was out of town given how quickly things went downhill.
  4. mcpesq817

    SOS - power outage

    This is all really great, thank you! I have a 100g tank with 10 goldfish. I have two big eheim canisters. I disconnected the tubing for them this morning but will rinse the baskets out with tank water and try to get them in the tank itself. I have plenty of Prime. Good to know about the protection level. I didn’t feed them this morning - they didn’t look like they were feeling good so I bet it would have gone uneaten. They perked up a lot after the WC. Luckily I have hot water still so I can keep temps up around 70 with WCs. Thank you both again!
  5. mcpesq817

    SOS - power outage

    Thank you! For some reason my water parameters at 14 hours of no power were 0.25-0.50 for both ammonia and nitrate. I did a 70% WC and parameters were much closer to 0 for both. I might try doing WCs every 12 hours to be safe. Glad to know others have made it through long power outages. We might be down 3-4 days. Does anyone know if there are any battery backup systems on the market? I imagine that something like this would be a death sentence for discus or marine tanks.
  6. We had a bad windstorm in DC with lots of power lines down. Could be days before I’m up and running again. My power has been out for 14 hours now, and fish weren’t looking good so I’m doing a tank cleaning and water change. Anything else I can do? Anything I should do to maintain the filter’s bacteria colony? Anyone have any recommendations for a battery pack type device that could temporarily run filter? Thank you in advance!
  7. mcpesq817

    My 100g planted tank

    Good to know, I'll have to look into that. Can you use moss balls in a tank that has substrate? I'm using sand. Usually I've seen moss balls used on bare bottom tanks. Thank you!
  8. mcpesq817

    My 100g planted tank

    I use Tahitian Moon Sand. When I siphon with the Python, I keep it just over the sand to pick up debris. I also pick up the rocks and agitate the surface of the sand a bit to ensure nothing is trapped. I also stick the hose into the base of the plants where a lot of debris seems to get trapped. Now that my fish are bigger, they are ripping up the plants a lot more. My bristlenose pleco also likes to park himself on the java fern leaves causing damage. I still like the plants for a little extra color and hopefully nitrate mitigation.
  9. mcpesq817

    My 100g planted tank

    Thank you Artic Mama for the kind words! I like the plants for adding a little color to the tank. I also thought they would help keep nitrates down, though I don't know to what extent that is happening. I'm not sure how I feel about them now. The tank was very overgrown, especially with the crypts which must have been over two feet long because at one point, the tops of the plants were laying across the top of the water. I think the fertilizer tablets I was using really juiced the growth of everything, so I had to buy aquatic scissors to keep everything in check. I also had to pull a lot of the new crypts out that were growing all throughout the tank because it likes to put out runners. I haven't added new fertilizer tablets in months, and the growth has really slowed down. Instead, I just add about 5 capfuls of Seachem Flourish every week with my water changes. Also, my bristlenose pleco likes to hang on the undersides of the java fern leaves where there was lots of algae. As she's gotten bigger, she does a number on the leaves which end up dying or looking wrecked. I got her because I was having a ton of algae everywhere, especially on the river rocks (they were covered completely in green and brown algae) - but after getting her, the rocks cleaned up almost immediately. As the fish have gotten bigger, they've also been a little more destructive so I'm constantly pulling out floating leaves and other debris. I think I'll still keep plants, but maybe stick with things like anubias and crypts. I'll probably also remove some more rocks as well so they have more room. I've already taken some out, and will probably pull out more in the future.
  10. mcpesq817

    My 100g planted tank

    Thank you Shahbazin. One of my 4-year old twins named her Silverfeather Sharktail. She's was tiny when my daughter picked her out, and a very dull gray (she is the bottom fish in the second picture of my first post). I also wasn't sure that she would make it as she sat on the bottom of the tank for a good month after we got her. But, she is in really great health now, and lost a lot of the dull gray color to have very vibrant oranges, silvers, etc. A really cool fish, I haven't seen any other veiltails at Petsmart and other local fish stores.
  11. mcpesq817

    New photos of 14 gallon

    That's a really nice marine tank. My dad had a big one when I was little. Impressive that you can maintain such a small tank.
  12. Oh cool, thank you Shakaho! I haven't seen too many short-finned orandas like him before. Shannon, he certainly is! I think his body is a bit compacted from head to tail fin (at least relative to my other orandas), which makes him look pretty chunky. The day I saw him at Petsmart I got a chuckle at him, and still chuckle to this day as he is a happy go lucky chubby fish.
  13. Wow, really cute fish. Piggy has gorgeous coloring - very cool!
  14. I picked up this guy as a tiny fish from Petsmart last year. Kids call him "Pirate" because one of his eyes is black, as if he has a patch. Even as a small fish he was a chunky monkey with small fins. Any ideas on what type he is? The wen and body shape suggest he's like an oranda perhaps, but his fins are much smaller. Not that it matters in the end, but just curious. Thanks in advance!
  15. mcpesq817

    Goldfish Of The Week Winner "fingers"

    Beautiful, congratulations!