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  1. Thanks for the offer. I ended up increasing my water changes from once to twice a week. I also am doing a more thorough agitation of the sand, as I noticed air bubbles that would exit. My new fish are doing well. The fantails are still staying strong. I have a blue Oranda that seems to be doing better, but I think whatever it was that affected him might have caused some long term damage perhaps. This episode has been a disappointing. Had no issues with the tank for almost two years, then suddenly lose a bunch of fish. I feel like I have been doing everything right with the water changes, extra filtration, good food, etc. If i have another episode, I might switch to cichlids. My dad has a cichlid tank with clown loaches and Chinese algae eaters where he does maybe a 25% water change every 2-3 weeks, and he has no issues at all. Water parameters are perfect, no diseases, no algae. And they will have babies that replenish the tank. They just seem hardier than goldfish and a lot less maintenance. A shame, because I always loved goldfish. They have a lot more personality than other types of fish.
  2. I’m fairly certain it was a bristlenose. Only one half of the Oranda’s tail was chewed so I am assuming the pleco did it 😧 My water from the tap seems to have high nitrates. I’d probably go with RO water too though I don’t have a way of filling my 100g tank with it on a regular basis.
  3. Thanks for the kind words Sue. It's a 100 gallon acrylic. I forget the manufacturer, but I bought it through Haymarket or something like that. The substrate is Caribbean Sea tahitian moon sand. The link below is what I used to start the tank - I must have been really lucky as I think I only paid $25-30 for a box of two 20-pound bags. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005D4X2JY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 For filters, I have two Eheim pro 4+ 600 filters going, and the bigger Eheim bubbler (the one with the two bubblers). I also have two Eheim pre filters on the filter intakes which are fantastic - they catch a lot of gunk so it keeps my filters running a lot cleaner for longer. The rocks I have are from a stream near my house. I'm probably going to reduce the number in the tank now that the fish have gotten much bigger. I have a variety of plants, but I'm mostly down to vals (I think that's what they are) and some smaller stuff from PetSmart that I don't know what it is but the fish stay away from it. I used to have java ferns, but the albino BN pleco I used to have liked to suck on the leaves and pretty much killed them. I had some mini anubias too, but as the fish got bigger, they kept yanking them out of the sand and I got tired of seeing them constantly floating. I've had the tank up and running for almost two years without really any problems. I lost one fish of a group that I ordered online after cycling the tank (just didn't survive the shipping), but the rest of the fish are $3-5 fish from PetSmart. Unfortunately, as the fish have gotten (a lot) bigger, a few have come down with swim bladder type issues. I had to euthanize a chunky lionhead a few weeks ago that struggled mightily with swim bladder for a good 6-7 months and started going downhill. Another looks like she's got dropsy unfortunately. I just make sure that I do water changes every week of 50-75% and that seems to have worked. I might actually start doing them twice a week, or every five or so days, given that the fish are bigger and it's a way to get ahead of nitrate buildup.
  4. Unfortunately I don't know if it's male or female. Eggfish are funky looking fish. I know the blue phoenix are in high demand. I kinda like the stubby tail and orange-calico coloring on this one.
  5. He's a cutie. I love the coloring and the different body shape. Adds a bit of variety in both respects to the tank. The blue telescope is another beauty - my daughter who picked him out loves his "swimming goggles." His eyes are really huge - like the biggest blueberries you've ever seen. The eggfish is interesting. He sorta slowly swims around, but when he wants to, he puts on incredible bursts of speed faster than I've seen a goldfish swim. The ryukin has pretty colors - was glad one of the girls picked him out. I'm a bit more partial to short fin goldfish. I have a short finned oranda that is one of my favorite fish. Of course I like my longer finned fish as well.
  6. Fish came yesterday morning and look great! Very spunky, lively fish that showed no ill effects from being shipped (really great packaging job). They seem to have acclimated very well to the tank and their new tank mates. The interesting thing is that they seem to have energized the other fish a little more which is nice to see. Buying from Ken/Dandy Orandas. It was a really great experience with Ken (Dandy Orandas). Since I was new, he took the time on two separate occasions to answer questions. He clearly loves these fish, and is a real gem in this hobby. I couldn't recommend buying from Dandy Orandas enough - well worth it for beautiful, healthy fish! Some pictures (sorry, the big ryukin did his best to photobomb every picture!). First three were picked by my kids, the last I picked for something on the more unusual side (and I love the coloring). Lemon single tail telescope: Blue big-eye long-tailed telescope and sakura short tail ryukin: Calico pom pom eggfish:
  7. My fish from Dandy Orandas come tomorrow. My kids are very excited!
  8. That lemon telescope looks like the one I won - mine is all yellow though.
  9. I just won an auction for one of Ken’s lemon single tail telescopes (Dandy Orandas). Looking forward to a splash of different color in the tank!
  10. Thanks very much! I had plenty of algae in the tank, along with wood to rasp on. I think the pleco just found the goldfish to be a tasty snack :( I had to unfortunately also euthanize a lionhead that had severe swim bladder issues last week. Poor guy would just float upside down unless he was constantly moving, and eventually decided to park himself in plants to keep him from floating upside down. I was hoping maybe he would grow out of that, as he would seem to get better at times and start swimming a little more normally for small stretches, but after six months of dealing with it, he spent his last week not moving at all in the plants even with food around. I thought at that point it was just best to euthanize the poor guy. I just noticed that our veiltail seems to have what seems to be a bit of pine coning tonight. Ugh! It's been a rough few weeks. The fancies generally seem to be having issues with constipation, etc. I went to feeding from 3x a day to 1x a day, even fasting, and starting Repashy Super Gold. It's a bit frustrating as I had no issues, but then the fish started getting to a certain size and having issues. I've been feeding good food - Hikari Lionhead and Omega One, along with bloodworms, brine shrimp, seaweed, and Repashy - but seems like they still get constipated, swim bladder, etc. The two fantails are in perfect health, as well as the short finned oranda and yellow capped white oranda. Makes me wonder if I should spend they money and go for fish from Dandy Orandas or ECR. I'm guessing they have better quality fish than my local Petsmart, where I got most of the fish. The lionhead and ranchus came from buygoldfish.com.
  11. So I ended up getting an albino bristlenose. No problems for the last year and a half, then all of a sudden, I think she started attacking my goldfish. I found one ranchu with what looked like a big cut on the belly that died a few days later. I thought maybe the fish had cut itself somehow, but a couple of weeks later found another ranchu with what looked like a similar, but thankfully smaller cut. And, about a quarter of the tail fin of a decent sized black Oranda looked like it had been chewed off similar to the marks I’ve seen on plants where they pleco attached herself. The goldfish also seemed to be a little traumatized, sticking to the corners of the tank. Needless to say, even though I never caught the pleco in the act, she is gone from the tank. Was a shame, she was a good 3.5” and had been a fine tank mate for the last year and a half. The goldfish look like they are back to their normal swimming patterns too, maybe realizing the pleco is gone. So, I definitely wouldn’t recommend even some of the more docile plecos in a tank with goldfish. Frankly, I’m not sure she did much when it came to algae.
  12. Yeah I got very lucky. People on the other side of the block behind me are still out and ultimately will be out at least another day or two. This was a prime example of why goldfish need filtration and aerated water. In only 14 hours, nitrites and ammonia were up near 0.5. I’ve seen the effects of nitrite elevation before when my filter must have burped. Fish swim listlessly at a 45 degree angle nose up, and there is poop everywhere. They recover quickly with a WC, but it’s a bit scary to see.
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