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  1. Healing Ammonia Burns?

    Wow he's looking rough... Hope he pulled through. Those look like some pretty serious injuries. Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk
  2. Rustic

    Ohh a natural color.. nice Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk
  3. Ranchu’s face swollen

    Awwwe poor fish dude. I hope he gets better.
  4. Open Chat :)

    Wow that's a.nice family you going there. [emoji846] Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk
  5. Open Raffle for all

    I'm in for chance to get free stuff! Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk
  6. Filters for 75g

    I have a canister.. its great except when I have to lug it out from underneath the tank stand.. remember to lift with your legs!
  7. Tank light

    hey, I know Im late to the party but I went ahead and got one of those -Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light for Aquarium-. I just copy and pasted that item designation off internets.. I learned of these lights from Jenny from solids golds discus tank video.. its pretty good but not suitable for planted tanks from what I hear. Now, these light have a few nice features.. it has a 6500k White LED's and 445Nm Blue LED's and a controller to combine the lights to create different effects. The 445 nanometer blues are especially nifty as they're its a specialty type of blue light for aquarium lighting.. The controller has several modes but I like the simulated cloud cover mode.. it also has a lighting mode which is mainly blue and has simulated lighting strike effects but that scares my fish. Also, I dont like using the blue leds alone because they emit a kinda high pitched electronic sound.. the fish dont seem to like that either.. Overall quality is OK but they are pretty cheaply made lights. I can see some water ingress on the clear plastic led cover but it hasn't caused any failure yet.. after uhh about 4 months use?. the only other issue I can think with this light for your tank is that dont make it in the exact size for 29 gallon. but theres a mini review of the lower priced current USA lights for ya..
  8. Sorry about your fish loss gogglehat and mjfromga. Thats is not a great time to go through. Youknow the reason I wanted to know about Gary hater is because I saw Jenny from solid gold youtube and she had these amazing pinky Bristol shubunkins from Gary. I don't have any immediate plans for any more fish but wanted to know. Well, some people like to be left alone I totally get that. Thanks for the info and I like your fish!
  9. Oh rain garden fish look amazing. How does one buy fish from Gary hater?
  10. I had a pretty good experience buying from eBay seller lewnews. He or she just doesn't have the very best pictures of the fish on eBay. They are always photographed from above and without a ton of detail. I think one of my fish has flukes though. Im not sure if he came with those. He's being treated. But lewnews ships overnight FedEx and the box had foam on all sides.
  11. Another Pic Heavy Thread

    These are GREAT pictures! And fish! I like your single tail yellow. I have one like that. She is the royalty of my tank. the fancies have so much color going on!
  12. Redness around mouth

    I hope he feels better.
  13. fish are chasing like crazy!

    Haha touché. I guess this thread has been a little pic heavy. Ummm maybe I have too much time on my hands. Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk
  14. fish are chasing like crazy!

    Still have the fry too.
  15. fish are chasing like crazy!

    well, ive been testing everyday since I the nitrite spike and was very happy to see the cycle is back! I like your suggestion about having a backup filter koko. I may run a small canister with just bio balls to help reduce the chance of another cycle crash. it was kinda a bummer worrying about the fish getting nitrite poisoning.