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  1. Thanks! Well, I still just have my 3 single tails. I know if would be sorta more cool to get some fancy goldfish but I've been wanting to move thise guys out of their 72 gallon for awhile. They've been my pets for 4 years now. They're still in great shape. Only the female yellow fish has shown any signs of stunting. I know I should have done a pond but the costs and time requirements of such a project are still a ways away.. All and all it's still a pretty substantial upgrade for the time being. Maybe I'll be able to get my current fish into something else later on so I can get fancy goldfish. But it's like any other pet you have for a long time and you just want to keep them too.
  2. Peronsally, use a few small wave maker pumps for surface agitation so that I'm able to leave the filter to its main job of doing bio-cycle and water clarification.
  3. Hey, I know this is an old thread but the fluval 406 is a pretty substantial filter. You should be fine as long as theres lots of surface agitation on the water in your tank. If those fancy nozzles help then great but , I sorta doubt trying to upgrade the output nozzles on a fluval 406 is going to make a huge difference. But, from what I can see in your pictures, you couldn't have effected the functionality of the aquarium in any meaningful way. It may even have helped it. If in doubt, aim both of those nozzles upwards to increase surface agitation to help aid with the off-gassing of nitrogen that occurs during the nitrogen cycle process. But, your config with one nozzle up and one down could also be optimal because you can cause surface agitation while also causing water circulation within the tank. So, with that said just go with what you feel what works best. If the fish are gasping for air at the top of the tank it may mean theres insufficient water circulation and/or water surface agitation.
  4. Its sorta funny, my dad came over today. Hes 69 year old man and he helped me lift the tank onto the stand. He barely did it but, we got it done. He ended up with a nice blood blister on his finger tho. Lol. He'll be fine. I'm just glad I didn't have to attempt it myself. Love my dad. Hes the best. I had also wanted to inlay a 1/4 plywood bottom into the stand and make it like a waterproof tub but, again didn't get to that. It's a minor detail but hopefully I'll do it later. If not, no biggie.
  5. Actually yes. I wanted to use 1/4" plywood to cover it and also go with a nice stain and polyurethane final coat. I even bought some nice cabinet hardware and handles. But, I didn't get that far in the construction process and just want to give it a fill test.
  6. Behold! This is my 125 gal pretty much ready to go. I've built the stand out of wood.. (thanks Joey from diyfishkeepers for the info). Also, have done a reseal job on this old 125 gallon tank. (Again gotta thank Joey for instructions) I think the tank was purchased in 2003 based on the tag, hence why I decided to reseal. Well. There it is! I'm planning on putting some goldfish in there and wanted to show off. also, hooked up a utility sink. This is good because of not having to deal with any more fish poop in the bathroom..
  7. Oh thats good to know. I hope larger tank helps because keeping the nitrates in check is a chore with my current tank. I'm doing something similar to make water changes easier. My significant other will be happy about there not being any more water changes in the bathroom. Well, I better get going and set mine up too. I gotta do the same thing and reseal. All the supplies are collected it just needs setting up.
  8. Congratulations! Thats a pretty good deal. Its better than paid for a used 125 gallon. 😌 I havent got to that behemoth yet, been busy with holiday stuff. But, wow its a lot of stuff to do for tank that size. Goodluck with your project. Happy new year everyone!
  9. The plywood and cabinet hardware really gives it a nice finished look. Well done!
  10. Hey a little extra Omega 3 never hurt anything. I take them as supplements. But, I like anchovies for food as well. They're good!! if that's your thing. Especially those little rolled salted ones in olive oil with capers.. oohh baby! Those are good a salad. Being adventurous with food is one of the great experiences of life imo.
  11. Well, it's not actually surprising that goldfish would eat anchovies now that I think about it. Haha. Mine pretty much eat anything.
  12. Goldfish eat anchovies? That's interesting. Well, technically I'm not doing anything with my current tank but I am cleaning up this used 125g! I'll be making a diy stand for this one as well. Fishies need some new digs. It's going to need a reseal as well. Doh! I have my work cut out for me with this one. It should be fun tho.
  13. And oh yeah, im going to consult my nephew who's an engineer because I could be way off about how much the stand can support. My other post is a guestimation at best. But the thing is way over built anyway. As for cost, the box of structural grade screws was $10 and 6, 8' 2x4s at about $3.28 a piece (kinda expensive for those actually). Total cost. About $30 not including tools.
  14. Thanks again. Hey I have another tip in case anybody is planning on building their own stand. The stand i showed here was actually a redo. The first stand was made from wood that had been sitting in my father's garage for years. It had warped to the point of being unusable when I tried to screw it together. So, I went to the Lowes and bought new wood and picked out the straightest pieces I could get. I also used them that day so they wouldn't have time to sit around for months and start warping. I also made the second stand a shorty stand as per my dad's request. Oh he's keeping the fry that my fish had last year. That pic is the first stand that didn't work out.
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