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  1. Goldfishbeginner

    Gotta love craigslist

    Oh thats good to know. I hope larger tank helps because keeping the nitrates in check is a chore with my current tank. I'm doing something similar to make water changes easier. My significant other will be happy about there not being any more water changes in the bathroom. Well, I better get going and set mine up too. I gotta do the same thing and reseal. All the supplies are collected it just needs setting up.
  2. Goldfishbeginner

    Gotta love craigslist

    Congratulations! Thats a pretty good deal. Its better than paid for a used 125 gallon. 😌 I havent got to that behemoth yet, been busy with holiday stuff. But, wow its a lot of stuff to do for tank that size. Goodluck with your project. Happy new year everyone!
  3. Goldfishbeginner

    40 Gallon Breeder Stand

    The plywood and cabinet hardware really gives it a nice finished look. Well done!
  4. Goldfishbeginner

    What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Hey a little extra Omega 3 never hurt anything. I take them as supplements. But, I like anchovies for food as well. They're good!! if that's your thing. Especially those little rolled salted ones in olive oil with capers.. oohh baby! Those are good a salad. Being adventurous with food is one of the great experiences of life imo.
  5. Goldfishbeginner

    What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Well, it's not actually surprising that goldfish would eat anchovies now that I think about it. Haha. Mine pretty much eat anything.
  6. Goldfishbeginner

    What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Goldfish eat anchovies? That's interesting. Well, technically I'm not doing anything with my current tank but I am cleaning up this used 125g! I'll be making a diy stand for this one as well. Fishies need some new digs. It's going to need a reseal as well. Doh! I have my work cut out for me with this one. It should be fun tho.
  7. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    And oh yeah, im going to consult my nephew who's an engineer because I could be way off about how much the stand can support. My other post is a guestimation at best. But the thing is way over built anyway. As for cost, the box of structural grade screws was $10 and 6, 8' 2x4s at about $3.28 a piece (kinda expensive for those actually). Total cost. About $30 not including tools.
  8. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    Thanks again. Hey I have another tip in case anybody is planning on building their own stand. The stand i showed here was actually a redo. The first stand was made from wood that had been sitting in my father's garage for years. It had warped to the point of being unusable when I tried to screw it together. So, I went to the Lowes and bought new wood and picked out the straightest pieces I could get. I also used them that day so they wouldn't have time to sit around for months and start warping. I also made the second stand a shorty stand as per my dad's request. Oh he's keeping the fry that my fish had last year. That pic is the first stand that didn't work out.
  9. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    It was a good experience building this stand. Im going to take it with me and in the future hopefully move to bigger projects.
  10. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    Thanks! πŸ˜€
  11. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    As for technical specifications of the stand. It's plenty strong enough. It was built using the cheapest 2x4s possible, Eastern white pine. There are some numbers to figure out like psi of the wood being (x6 pieces). used vertically and shear strength of the screws. Assuming the wood can hold 1100 lbs psi per 5.25" surface area(not sure on this being correct spec but it's underwhelming as far as wood strength goes.. . This means that, x6 pieces of 1100 lbs 2x4plus 24 screws with 50 lbs shear strength each equals, 1200 lbs plus 6800 compressive strength of the 2x4 = 7800 lbs of total strength. Giving this stand an approximate safety factor of at least 6.5.. given the weight of water and tank which is about 625 lbs. Saftey factor of 6.5 means it can hold 6.5 times the tanks weight. Sorry if I wrecked the math or my calculations are incorrect. Somebody else could do this better than me for sure
  12. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    Some more pics of assembly.. I used the tank and clamps to true it up as much as possible while it was being screwed together. Often times there is an unavoidable bit of deviation of 1/16" to 1/8" in the pieces. Regardless if how perfect I try to cut the pieces there is always some slight warpage and lenghy to account for. To counter this, you just gotta try to adjust it enough with the clamps and hope it goes ok . It's a nerve wracking process. But with patients it works out! ☺️
  13. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    Ok it's done success! The stand is nice and true. It's critical it gets screwed together true as all four corners of the aquarium must be perfectly flat against the top pieces, otherwise it could cause problems with the seals on the tank. I pulled it off.πŸ™‚
  14. Goldfishbeginner

    Buildin a stand 😎

    Im building a stand for a 55 gallon. The pieces are all done! Wish me luck!
  15. Goldfishbeginner

    Healing Ammonia Burns?

    Wow he's looking rough... Hope he pulled through. Those look like some pretty serious injuries. Sent from my FRD-L04 using Tapatalk