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  1. Thanks for the reply......... I normally like to do weekly water changes and clean the filter every 1-1 1/2 months if i can. I usually clean my filters out under tap water, and rinse all of the media except for the bio media.I do not have gravel........I've been on here for quite a while and seeing peoples experience with gravel and knowing from experience myself I've gone away from gravel. i have loosely scattered river rocks, along with 6 small-medium sized fake plants and one ornament. I try to keep it fairly open to the poop can't build up anywhere. For a weekly water change I pry do 25-40% water changes. I do the big 50-75% when I clean the filters. Both my other fish are fine which makes me think my tank was somewhat okay and maybe just the calico is sensitive. The tank should definately be okay now because I just did a full cleaning on sunday......primafix didn't work to well at all your right, I used it for a few days and had no improvements. Just yeterday I added some pickling salt without iodine because my local pet store was out of aquarium salt. This morning same thing as before......sitting at bottom doing nothing. Today after work I come home and my fish is doing great and swimming around the tank, trying to scavenge the bottom, etc. Probably still not 100% but way better than before. I also did a water change the day before just to keep the water parimeters decent too. I did feed it with a few balls and it ate them, but didn't eat to much else after that. Now I can just hope I don't need the heavy duty medication and food you mentioned right now. Seems to be doing alot better so i'll just keep up what I'm doing for now I think.....anymore advice?
  2. Its pretty common...........no laughing matter. Your fish can get a rock in its mouth and it'll get stuck, or even worse it can choke on it and die. If your fish are that big then I suggest picking up river rocks from a local store, most of them are very nice and are big enough so the goldfish can't swallow them
  3. I appreciate your reply. I don't have any test kits to test the water........all I do if i ever get the water tested is take a sample to the pet store and see what they say. I'm thinking my tank cycle hasn't crashed because both of my other fish are fine.......I also just did a 75% water change and cleaned out my canister filter except for the bio media of course. I'll go to the pet store and try and get my water checked as soon as I can. My fish still is in bad shape, seems to have lost all strength and its dorsal fin is down now. I'll try putting a bit of prima fix in i guess.......any more help??
  4. I'm confused? I ask a question and you guys reply to everything but my topic....... My fish is still doing iffy, not swimming around or anything.... but is right side up atleast. Could someone please send some help in my direction?? Opinions wanted
  5. I'd probably run some sort of canister filter in a 55 along with your bio wheel. Canister filters are alot better and you can hook up alot of additional things to them. might be more expensive but probably better in the long run. To cycle the tank quicker i would just stick your existing filter on when you transfer over the fish. But make sure the tank has been running for a week with the filter, bubble bar of somesort, and some water treatment to make the transition a little better
  6. I appreciate all the help guys.............. Update: my goldfish is doing better and is swimming around right side up so i'll see where it goes from there I guess
  7. Update: Just quarantined calicofantail in my ten gallon. My aquaclear mini is running on its lowest setting with a small bubble bar in the corner. I put water treatment in, stress coat, and a little bit of melafix........ I don't know what to do she still seems to be in pretty bad shape. HELP!
  8. I don't know any of my tank levels sorry....... Tank size is 33 gallons and its been running for a couple years now. I have a fluval 304 and an aquaclear mini. I've been really busy with exams and work so i haven't changed it in about a month and a half but I'm changing it tomorrow........Water seems to be fine and both of the other fish are absolutely fine. I always add water treatment and stress coat for every change. I feed my fish floating goldfish balls made by wardley. My calicofantail is just in bad shape........fed her this morning and she was absolutely fine. Come home from work and her fins are frayed, full of bloody streaks, and is at the top on her side just floating around.........she look likes she on the verge of dying. Is there anything i can possibly do??
  9. As other members have said before you definately have to watch out with the eye and feeding thing. I have my moore and fantail with a sarasa comet. the sarasa comet always get to the food first so I have to make sure I get him and his mouth all filled up with food, so he doesn't eat the food when its the others fishes turn. You just really have to moniter if everyone gets a fair amount of food. My moore also always seems to hurt his eye despite there not being anything sharp in the tank also, so i would keep an eye out for that also
  10. No it's not gunked up at all, i usually keep all that clean and free of debree. The primer on the 04 series is just a tiny little pump up and down thing......that doesn't work very well at all. What is the 05 series primer like?
  11. I have encountered this problem before, but it did end up starting after I made sure my power bar was plugged in properly. On another occasion it didn't start either but it turned out I just forgot to fill it with water. Have you tried taking it apart and double checking everythings installed correctly? Have you thoroughly cleaned out the impeller and its housing? that might be causing problems. I know these are great filters I've had mine for over 2 years and no problems
  12. As long as the two fish are fairly well established you should be okay to add another fish. When I added my sarasa comet with my other 2 gold fish I just let him sit in the pet store bag floating at the top of the aquarium to adjust to the water temperature. Orginally The sarasa comet did chase the moore but it was also vice versa too. I decided to wait it out for about a week. It pretty much stopped completely after that week was up. So maybe fish just need time to adjust to each other and enough room to live peacefully with one another. Just my .02 cents
  13. First off, I would get the 55 gallon set up and running for about a week with fresh water and all the water treatment stuff in it. You could also add some of those bio rings into the filter to help jump start it. Yes I would add the old gravel in there. Personally I use river rocks because there big and it leaves the bottom sort of open so it stays clean longer and doesn't build up with poop. Plus when the fish get bigger they won't be able to potentially choke on the gravel. Secondly a fluval 404 or other brand like eheim would have been better, but the 304 should be good enough with your other filters combined. The goal is to have 10x filtration so for your 55 gallon i would say 550 gph. When I moved my three fish from my 10 gallon to my 33 gallon. I just transfered them. The tank had been running empty for about a week or two with nothing old in it. I just made sure to do my best to match the temps and put the fish in. My fish handled it perfectly fine I just added a bit of aquarium salt here and there and I was good to go. I didn't change it after that for about a month just to give it time to kinda start the cycle.
  14. Alright Thanks. I ended up siphoning it manually again I got so impatient.......I'll be sure to try your advice next time round
  15. Whenever I watch my goldfish I haven't really noticed them play the odd time they'll nudge each other or something. They seem to like to travel together though its kinda cute They definately know when its feeding time though, they've gotten used to the noise the aquarium lid makes when I open and close it. Like other people said before I'm sure they do play in ways we might not understand
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