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  1. Hi Guys i have received another two butterfly tail telescopes but the ones tails is small will it grow with correct feeding and spoiling? Will post pics as soon as possible.
  2. Such an awesome guy this!!
  3. Thanks all!! So my first telescope arrived today and might i say what a beauty!! Will get some better pics shortly.
  4. Just a small upgrade until the tank comes, feeding some flakes. Sorry about the poor quality.
  5. Thanks all! I must say the small calico Oranda is fast becoming my favourite...
  6. So we started off with these 2 in small tank And now we are here... The Tub... The fattening up den... Some of the new babies, all under 3.5cm... More to come, need to take some pic's of the rest...
  7. It is the same same tab i copy on Photobucket as for the pic's, correct?
  8. Now struggling to upload video clips
  9. Thanks guys!! Its a glass jar and its resting on the corner of the container held by cable ties and a pvc (Plastic coat hanger) rod.
  10. There we go, i was coping the wrong info on photobucket, LOL!! So this is my tub with a look out tower.... And the fattening up den....
  11. I'm using Photobucket, when i click on insert other media and then click on insert image from URL so i paste the copied URL link from photobucket but nothing happens, tab just sort of goes like highlighted red.
  12. Why I'm I struggling so much to upload a pic!!!!!!
  13. Hi guys!! Great forum lots of info and i love seeing everyone's fancy's. I am from South Africa and have 10 fancy's, will post pics a bit later in the goldfish photo section. Cheers for now
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