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  1. He didn't make it Poor little guy, he didn't deserve this.
  2. Well, he's no longer floating but is still sideways at the bottom. I think this might be an improvement?
  3. At around 4 PM on Saturday, the power went out in my apartment complex and they didn't get it back up until 5 AM on Sunday. I was spending the night somewhere else and I would guess that the temp in my apartment fell to around 45. All of the fish were doing great before that, but when I got back on Sunday afternoon I found Wilson upside down stuck to the filter intake :(. I thought he was dead but when I went to take him out he started moving! I pulled him out and have had him in a smaller container since then, where he's floating on his side. I was sure he would be gone this morning but he's still hanging in there. He tries to swim around occasionally but as soon as he stops he just floats back up there. I'm not sure what else to do for him. He was fine before he got cold. I'm so upset because he was so inquisitive and my favorite baby.
  4. It appears that at least 2 of my new guys have ich. What's the generally accepted protocol on treating this? I have aquarium salt but am unsure of the recommended dosage.
  5. Today we have Ammonia at .5 (a touch closer to .25), Nitrite at 2, Ntirate at 10. Still dosing with Prime and have added salt.
  6. Today we have ammonia at .5, nitrite at 1, nitrate at what looks to be a little over 5. So things are definitely moving. Still dosing with Prime daily and fish still seem happy.
  7. I really want to go ahead and get a 75 but I have nowhere to keep it until April.
  8. Does anyone know how long this sale lasts?
  9. I wanted to start a thread where I could keep all of my goldie pictures & updates in one place, so here we are! I currently have 4 babies in a 20 long temporarily and will ultimately be moving them into a large tank (most realistically probably a 75 but I'd love a 90 or 125). I love watching their interactions and unique personalities! Here's their tank. I have some river rocks & pebbles scattered around for aesthetic but it's functionally bare bottom. Originally I only had the 3 plants to the left of the cave in there, but they really didn't seem to like all of the open space and were always hiding in the cave. I may end up removing some of the plants as they grow. This is Ophelia, Opal for short. I'm really interested to see if she keeps this color and if not what she changes to. She really enjoys pushing all of the rocks around - sometimes I can even hear her doing it from the other room! This is Georgia. She's by far the shyest and is hard to get pictures of because she likes to hide in the cave when she sees me moving around. She's been getting a little more confident as the days go by so that's fun to watch. This is Jackie. I bought her & Wilson together before I bought Georgia & Opal together, and as soon as I added the second pair she completely ditched poor Wilson and just wants to hang out with the big girls all the time. This is Wilson. I have a soft spot for him because, while he's not anti-social, he doesn't seem to have a care in the world and just kind of does his thing wherever, oblivious to where the rest of the gang is. He definitely needs some fattening up so we're working on that. Georgia and Opal together Opal with Jackie In this pic you can see all 4 of them and I really like it because it displays their personalities - Georgia in her favorite hiding spot, Jackie following the oranda pair around, and Wilson just doing his thing in the top center.
  10. Added the Stability about 4 hours ago and Ammonia is down to ~.5 from 1. Nitrite at .25, Nitrate at 5. Dosed with Prime again. Fish are all active and eating well.
  11. Done. The one thing I'm confused about is whether Prime interferes with the cycle when it neutralizes ammonia?
  12. I also do have 2 filters on the tank, an Aqua-Tech filter on the tank moving 125gph in addition to another homemade filter rig (I'm not sure on the specs of the pump on this one).
  13. I could try to return the fish to the store but I don't see how they would be any better off there as they were in a much smaller tank. I used a bottle of Tetra SafeStart for "up to 40 gallons" and additionally I'm adding Top Fin ReadiStart Nitrifying Bacteria Starter with every water change. I kept multiple aquariums for several years in high school so I understand the nitrogen cycle, Prime, liquid testing, etc.
  14. Yes, I do already have the 4. I'm testing their water daily and will do water changes as often as necessary. They're all very small still - the 2 smallest are smaller than my betta, and the other 2 are a little smaller than a ping pong ball.
  15. I've been keeping a close eye on the water parameters in my 20 long since I have 4 baby fancy goldfish in there temporarily. Over the past 2 days I've measured .5-.75ppm Ammonia, 0ppm Nitrite, 5ppm Nitrate. Yesterday after measuring the ammonia I did a 40% water change. Today I decided to test my tap water because I thought it was odd that I'm testing ammonia and nitrate without nitrite, and I discovered that my tap water contains about 1ppm Ammonia. I'm not really sure how to address this, especially because in this case it would almost seem that water changes actually raised the ammonia? Instead of doing a water change after testing today, I dosed the tank with Prime and I'm going to test again tomorrow and see where we're at. Any other thoughts on how to handle this?
  16. Well, I ended up buying a 20 long at Petsmart yesterday because I figured that if 2 were ok temporarily in a 10, then 4 would be ok temporarily in a 20. I have a liquid test kit and I'm keeping a close eye on water parameters.
  17. As mentioned in my intro thread, I currently have 2 baby fancy goldfish in a 10 gallon until April, when I'll be able to move them to a permanent tank. Ideally I'd like a 75 gallon with 4-5 fancies. My question now is, should I just stick with the 2 I have and get more when I set up the big tank, or would it be ok to get another one or two babies to hold in the 10 gallon until April? The ones I have currently are each 1.5" long.
  18. Pulled out the camera this morning and was able to get some better pictures of them and their setup. Jackie is the fantail and Wilson is the moor. In the tank pic you can barely see Wilson under the decoration and Jackie in the back left corner for scale as to how small they are right now. I'd forgotten how curious goldfish are, especially in comparison to my betta. They're constantly exploring and trying to eat EVERYTHING. It's adorable.
  19. I'm having a hard time getting good pictures of them tonight because they're being little spazzes, but here they are.
  20. Hello all! Some background on me: I'm currently a college senior who went through a fish-crazy phase in early high school (I think I had 5 tanks set up at one point!). I've had a betta for about a year in college in a 2.5 gallon and, with graduation just around the corner, have been planning out having a 75 gallon goldfish setup when I graduate and move off campus. Tonight I decided to go ahead and get 2 baby goldies, a fantail and a black moor, to keep in my 10 gallon for a short period until I can upgrade! I'll have the option to move them to a 29 in a month but depending on how they do I may just keep them in the 10 with frequent water changes until April when I can move them to their permanent larger tank. They're both only about an inch long at the moment so they're pretty tiny. Anyways, that's me! I'm excited to pick up fishkeeping again and look forward to reading the forum.
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