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  1. Hi,i'v just joined the forum and have a question. We got two common goldfish from the fair a week ago for the children and have bought a 28ltr tank with a few plastic plants and ornaments, the tank came with a filter and air tube that sucks air back in to the water. The water is a bit cloudy now and one of the fish has died and the other one isn't looking to good now either, it's sitting on the bottom and occasionally swimming to the top but then sinks back down, the fins have flattened and the tail has thinned from a wide tail, it sometimes has a trail of poo hanging from it and isn't as active, we bought a pack of API goldfish protect and aquarium cleaner, should I use this and if so should I put it direct in the tank, I've also bought some API testing strips and the water readings seem to be ok, I need help Thanks
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