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  1. Open Chat :)

    A cory breeder that I follow calls the fry catlets. So appropriate!
  2. Back from vacation - sorry this thread is more like a journal. Fish appears fine, my 40 gallon duckweed tank is just thick with daphnia and duckweed. I hope they don't grow tired of duckweed. I know I would. Took a nitrate reading, less than 5ppm, not readable on the API Nitrate test...just barely orange. I'll test with the Salifert test another time. I had my fishy helper do occasional 3 gallon water changes with prep'd water whenever she felt like it, 30 gallons were used up while I was away for 2 weeks. Nitrates were going up about 5ppm daily for the past 6 months that the filters were setup and I needed 2 x 75% weekly water changes to keep Nitrates on the low side, so it looks like my biomedia has completed the denitrfying cycle. Now I'll probably drop down to just a 50% water change weekly just to keep water fresh. Mr Oranda is ok after 2 weeks of duckweed. I started introducing some NLS Algaemax 2 days ago and he still seems fine and not really floaty. Not really too active either until I drop in some Algaemax and he goes bananas. I increased temps to 75*F hopefully to get him more active and swim more. I'll introduce some new food this weekend if he's still good with the Algaemax.
  3. Open Chat :)

    So hard to lose a dear pet, my condolences. But cheering hard for your cory fry! I hope they grow out nice and strong. I'll probably get a breeding setup going in January - prime breeding season around then.
  4. Open Chat :)

    Jealous that you young people have hair to work with?! Mind you, I haven't used a hairdryer in years. Towel dry - done!
  5. I'm a big believer in pre-filters, especially on canister filters. I have them on all my filters - it just makes sense to allow bits of food that can be picked off by the fish so it doesn't rot in the filter.
  6. Super Green - I'll add that to my online shopping cart. Thanks. Eventually I may have to move Mr Oranda to his own tank/tub or an Oranda only tank with their special dietary needs. The ranchus are half his size (body weight) and they can easily take in more and a greater variety of food without any floatiness issues.
  7. My Repashy mix is Solient Green, I have some Super Gold that I haven't tried yet. Repashy was my next test food after the NLS pellets, I gave them their regular amount of Solient Green and the next day Mr Oranda was a little tail high. So Solient Green is another contributor. I'm running out of days to experiment so they get a bunch of duckweed daily right now and my fish sitter will just ladle in duckweed in the tub while I'm away. Hopefully that would be a good reset to Mr Oranda's innards until I get back.
  8. Oh I believe it! This is my first goldfish that is a little floaty. Were your floaters Orandas too? My ranchu are doing ok, probably wondering what happened to all the other foods that were fed on a regular basis. After 3 days of just duckweed but he was no longer floaty, but decided to mope on the bottom. He could swim if he wanted to and took in duckweed, but not with a lot of gusto. He went bananas when I dropped in an 1/8 of a tsp of NLS pellets. After a couple of days of an 1/8 of a tsp of NLS, I doubled up and gave a second feed of NLS later on in the day. He's more active, but his tail end is starting to go tipsy. So it may be that commercial dry feed...back to just duckweed until he's swimming normally again. I'm running out of days to experiment, so I'll cut out the NLS and test feed Repashy next if he's normal and then 2 weeks of straight duckweed while I'm gone. Side note, I did a 100% water change on Saturday and I have been doing daily nitrate tests. I had to do a double take each time for the last several days, 5 days after a water change, I'm expecting nitrate readings of 20ppm or so. For the last 3 days they were barely orange on the API nitrate test, so maybe 5ppm if that. I used a Salifert nitrate test and it was reading 2ppm. Stunned...I was hoping for de-nitrification, so pleasantly surprised when it actually happened. Cutting down on the volume of food may be a factor, but nitrates should still read more than 2ppm after almost a week. The plan now is to just do 50% water changes weekly instead of the 2 x 75% water changes I've been doing to keep nitrates low.
  9. Very pretty Orandas, such an intense yellow on the lemonhead, sorry for the loss. I love the dark eyes on the calico, looks like he's primed to be a very good looking boy grown up. Good luck with him. I had temperatures running at least 75*F since the beginning of the year, it's just within the last 2 months when I decided to take out the heater so unless it's a warm day, temps hover around 70*F. I'll be out of the country in a couple of weeks, so in the meantime, I'll play around with the food choices. They get a scoop of duckweed daily and rotate between Repashy Solient Green, a combo of NLS Algaemax and Thera+, frozen bloodworms and mysis shrimp. Once I get back, I'll see if keeping temps back up to 75*F and lower nitrates helps.
  10. He is my first Thai based Oranda, I didn't know they have a history of swim bladder issues, but he is more compact than Orandas I've had before - he's much bigger too. My guess is he's just over a year old. High end of nitrates would be about 25 ppm before I do a water change. I do 75% water changes every 4-5 days with a 100% monthly.
  11. Of course I spoke to soon, after several days, he's starting to exhibit floaty signs again. The environment is the same, the only difference are the foods that I'm feeding the fish. Duckweed, green peas aren't a problem so I'll back track and start introducing the other foods one at a time on it's own for several days and if he is symptom free, I'll add another menu item and so on.
  12. It's been 2 weeks now since I placed all the fish in the Rubbermaid 50 and pleased to report that since yesterday Mr Oranda is now back to swimming at all levels without too much difficulty in maintaining his depth. I have been feeding them more greens/higher fibre foods this past week, so I don't know how much that has helped, but just having more swimming/fin room makes more sense. Thanks to all!
  13. Interesting tests! I have a breeder that I would like to buy baby ranchus from - his weather similar to mine in the Pacific North West. He imports his brood stock from Japan and they are doing very well, very robust and healthy after several winters (ice, snow). From what i understand, baby growth rates are faster in the warmer months to make up for lost time as it slows down during the colder months of the year.
  14. Converted

    That's a nice looking tank. I've had success attaching java fern, anubias, bolbitis onto pieces of stonework - slate, round granite pieces. Less pokey than driftwood. Good luck on your new setup and fish.