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  1. Open Chat :)

    I know the feeling. I just took down a couple of 6 foot tanks and a rack of 20 gallon longs, it felt like I was a slave to water changes. A desire to travel more and health issues motivated me to downsize Ideally that nano fish setup should be in 2 separate setups, but I'm determined to limit my # of tanks to 3. Or maybe 4, or so. lol Puffers I never had either, lots of personality there, too.
  2. Open Chat :)

    African Bolbitis or "Bolbitis Heudelotti", it's similar to java fern, anubias where it grows from a rhizome and attaches itself to rocks, etc. Other plants are anubias nana "petite" and flame moss on manzanita wood pieces. Banana plant thrown in because I didn't have room anywhere else. lol I like Rachel O'Leary's set of youtube videos when researching smaller nano tank sized fish. Here is hers on the sparkling gouramis:
  3. Open Chat :)

    Just snapped a few pics, if the lighting is dramatically better, I'll take more pics over the weekend. Left side of the tank I'm fine with, it's supposed to be a high flow, highly oxygenated area for the gobys. Mainly stone and gravel for decor. Right side is slower flow, more plants, woodwork and leaf litter. Still a work in progress, the tank has been up for a couple of months and the plants are starting to slowly grow in. In the end it doesn't seem to matter, the high flow fish are chilling in the quiet side, the slow flow fish are hanging around the high flow side. So whatever look that you like!
  4. Open Chat :)

    I don't but I'll be glad to take some pics for you. The lighting is dim right now, worse with some almond leaves and the tannins in the water. I have a new led light that I'll be installing over the weekend so I can take some for you then.
  5. Open Chat :)

    My first time with the sparkling gouramis too. Surprised by how inquisitive they are. The Celestial Pearl Danios (CPD) could be very shy, they need dithers to pull them out of the background but their colours are intense. The sparkling gouramis do draw out my CPD's so they are all out and about now.
  6. Open Chat :)

    Sorry, meant to say that the Gudgeons and gobys require a larger tank, but I think a school of chili rasboras, a few Asian stone cats, sparkling gouramis would do fine in a 5 gallon. Maybe the Celestial Pearl Danios are an option too.
  7. Open Chat :)

    If you like the idea of seeing multiple smaller fish, I restarted a 20 gallon long tank with nano sized fish and I'm enjoying the busy activity at all levels of the tank. Some personality and colours. Celestial Pearl Danios, Sparkling Gouramis, Chili/Mosquito rasboras, Asian Stone catfish and Blue Velvet Neocardinia shrimp. There's also Peacock Gudgeons, Cobalt gobies, but they need more space than a 5 gallon tank. I barely register any nitrates before the next water change.
  8. Canister filter leak

    Do you know why it leaked? Did the gasket get pinched or the hoses shifted? Otherwise, I don't know why you couldn't use it right away. I always spread a thin layer of silicione lubricant on the rubber seals after servicing.
  9. 40 Gallon Breeder Stand

    Good looking stand. Nice and neat interior, I should try that sometime!
  10. German Blue Rams

    Very pretty! Have they spawned for you yet? One of my favourite cichlids.
  11. Open Chat :)

    Pretty much sounds like my family too. All the kids wear glasses, we all have different degrees of myopia. My eldest plan on getting "bionic" intraocular lens when her eyes matures, but that technology is still too new for me. I went through a couple of retina detachments the last several years as well. What stage of recovery is your husband at?
  12. Ramshorn pearl snails

    That is a very nice tank! Your cherry shrimps are a nice intense colour! Are they a different version of the painted fire reds? Just a different shade of red, but I like it...they kinda glow! Same withe the pearl ramshorns, if I had those, I wouldn't be cleaning out my tank of regular ramshorns every water change.
  13. Open Chat :)

    Heal well! It's frustrating when things (life) are on hold and it's out of your control...
  14. Open Chat :)

    First steps, so one step at a time. There will be a first day of High School....buying her prom dress....graduation.... I know, you're ready to choke me now.