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  1. Here's my not so brief story. Koko, I'll pass on the raffle entry, if I'm lucky enough to be selected, shipping is a bit of a hassle cross border. My dad bought my first fish tank for me when I was 8 years old. 5 gallon, probably 6 or so tiny goldfish. Most promptly died, but a couple managed to survive even though this was way before I had any clue about the nitrogen cycle, chlorine, water changes and the Internet or PC's were not invented. I dabbled with guppies for a few years and eventually to a 20 gallon tropical community tank. I think that original 5 gallon tank became a gerbil home. I left the hobby for a few years and restarted the 20g tank with goldfish for my dad. He always enjoyed goldfish. It was overstocked and 1 by 1 they started dying and my buddy said I had ammonia problems, when they died, I left the hobby for about 15 years. Still no internet or PC's. I passed the 20 gallon tank to my niece as a tropical community tank. New tank syndrome - ammonia issues, most fish died. Just before the internet and PC's. A few years later, my 8 year old showed an interest in aquariums. Bought a 10 gallon kit. Wow - this internet stuff and all these Aquarium forums. I got up to speed on the nitrogen cycle, stocking levels and water chemistry. Yea! Longer term success! From the 10 gallon with corys and a betta to a 20 gallon with endlers and red cherry shrimp and more corys. Fast forward a few years, Big Al's had a sale on Aquariums one Christmas, so I brought home a 75 gallon tank. Wow...water changes took forever and I was doing daily 50% water changes for juvenile discus, so I invested in a Mag pump, Pythons were too slow. The 75 gallon turned into a 120 gallon acrylic - big mistake. You stare at an acrylic tank it will scratch before your eyes. I thought it would be cool to try some fancy goldfish again. I had an acquaintance that wanted to work in a goldfish farm that his uncle in China owned and he handpicked some strains for me that I never even heard of. They all died within a year - weird diseases I was never able to figure out. A buddy of mine says he buys imported goldfish, if they live longer than a year, he's happy. He suspected they were hormoned for looks/colour. I swore off goldfish. I've had a lot of fun breeding Tanganyika cichlids, tropheus and a few different kind of shellies were my favourite, they were either in large tanks or a breeding rack along with a SE Asian themed loach tank. I gave up those tanks last year - just time to downsize to a few mid and small sized tanks. Retirement and travel is not too far away. For nostalgic reasons and in memory of my dad, I really wanted a tank of goldfish again - kinda full circle, start and end the hobby with goldfish. I heard good things of domestic goldfish from ECR so I have a few of Cynthia's fish and a breeding colony of duplicareus corydoras, 2 of my favourite species. I still have a couple of Rubbermaid stock tanks, I may buy a group of juvenile top view ranchu from a domestic breeder next Spring and grow those out. But I swear - that's it! That doesn't include a 15 year old lovebird and a 6 year old poodle.
  2. My gorgeous Comets

    Very nice looking tank, the lighting makes it look very "lunar"! I also like the look of the Thai (?) warrior statue. I tried to sneak in a Buddha statue but I got a roomful of frowns.
  3. Open Chat :)

    Sorry to hear about Jade, it sounds like she had a good life.
  4. Cafe Ikan

    Since we're all likely fish keepers here, I don't think the novelty would appeal to many on this board. I would do the spa fish thing though - nothing like a good exfoliation to start the day!!
  5. Some Fish I haven't shared yet

    They look gorgeous - super bright and vibrant! Lucky fish.
  6. Who Decorates Better?

    I'm really sorry, but I have to side with the Big Boy! He does have a huge advantage, living there 24/7/365 and a fishy eye view of things!
  7. Open Chat :)

    Hey, congrats on the new tank! Do yourself a favour and use a utility pump to help with your water changes! Big water changes gets old real quick. lol. If you already have a python or 1/2" id hose, you have lots of options to speed up those water changes.
  8. Open Chat :)

    We just got back from the Oregon coast yesterday, we were chilled too! Overcast foggy/smokey for the few days in town, I didn't realize that the smoke from the wildfires were affecting the air quality/visibility.
  9. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Thanks for the info, no need to go through all that trouble unless you were going to test anyway. I always believed that you shouldn't doctor your water source too much unless it is very deficient in something that may effect the overall health of your fish. The more you add, the greater the chance of missing something and stressing your tank inhabitants. Looks like Irish water is perfect for your tank.
  10. Ramshorn pearl snails

    Thanks Daniel! I used to visit the applesnail site when I had Pomacea bridgesii years before, they never did as well as our friends with hard water. Shells were always a little scratchy looking even with calcium supplementation. Maybe not a good balance of magnesium/calcium? Anyways, I do have buffers like crushed coral for the tanks that could use it, for most of my tanks fish prefer softer, acidic water so the ramshorns will just have to suffer! lol.
  11. Ramshorn pearl snails

    These are so nice! It's the Irish water! Curious if you know off hand what your regular water parameters are ie. pH, GH/tds or KH out of the tap? No worries if you don't know off the top of your head. We have very soft water here, so unless I'm supplementing to bring up water hardness, the ramshorn shells get a little whitish (not in a good way).
  12. I had the same thing growing from spider wood too, seems perfectly normal. My shrimp took care of that in no time, it will likely leach out on it's own over time. Hot water will keep it in check if it bugs you, I used hydrogen peroxide to treat black brush algae and that works too.
  13. This is good to know, I never heard of high nitrite levels slowing down the fishless cycling process but I don't doubt it. But likely my fishless cycling days are over. My last 2 setups have been with fish-in cycling.
  14. Daniel, I believe Caretta Rose is doing a fishless cycle, so a nitrite spike is expected and normal - nothing to kill. I get a very deep, dark purple nitrite reading in a fishless cycle so you're likely close to 2 weeks away from being fully cycled. Increasing nitrate readings shows that you're on the right track. Cloudy water is likely a bacteria bloom - all good when establishing your bio-filters. All that after 2 weeks of fishless cycling? Did you already have matured filter media to start?
  15. Open Chat :)

    Yeah, they would love the depth! It's not very common to find a 5 foot tank - I tried for a couple of years and gave up. If you do get to go see it, make sure it has all the glass tops and that they fit well. Good luck!