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  1. Yes, she/he may indeed be. She's the only fish I purchased from a local chain pet store, marked "assorted fancy goldfish." So, who knows her origins or breeding. It will be fun to watch her develop into whatever she is. She is the smallest of my goldfish and seems to grow very slowly. Not for lack of food, though; she's the second most dominate fish in my tank (the pearlscale being the "boss").
  2. Thank you, all, very much. It has been fun to watch the young fish grow and develop. The soilent green food (breakfast) has started to turn them greenish-yellowish on faces and fins, though, especially the fantail, Candy. I know it's healthy for them so will continue to offer it, but I prefer the white color. They also eat live worms or frozen worms (lunch), and NLS or Hakari-Saki pellets (soaked in garlic water) (dinner). Arctic Mama, I can't yet post a reply to your Wonder-Shells review post, but I wanted to tell you that I ended up adding those to all three of my freshwater tanks with great results. The fish are so much more active and the water is so clear the tanks look like they don't even contain water. They seem to be dissolving very slowly, which I surmise is a good thing. I have already ordered replacements and will keep using them. Thank you for that suggestion. And, yes, I will definitely be documenting the pond build. They will be starting on that the middle of November. I spend all my free time looking at pictures of others' ponds to get ideas of finishing touches I'd like to incorporate. The pond will be for my husband's two comets (currently living in a 100-gallon outdoor tank) and for the fantail, Candy, who will be moving out to the pond this coming spring. Thank you again for the warm welcome. I will enjoy being a part of this community.
  3. Here is my tank with my young fish. They look so small in there right now but I know they will grow fast. Cupid on right. This is China, my favorite of my goldfish: [/url] Carousel: [/url] Candy: [/url] I will certainly be taking daily photos of the pond construction when it begins.
  4. I'm new here but have been reading posts here for quite a while. This seems like such a friendly place. I really have learned a lot here and I thank you all for sharing your knowledge, experience, and opinions. I'm not new to fish keeping but I am new to goldfish keeping. I developed an appreciation for them from a close friend who has kept them for years. It took me a bit to really discover which type of goldfish I wanted to keep. I acquired several and quarantined them and watched them for a while as I set up and cycled my new tank (a 60g). The final fish went into the tank a few weeks ago and are doing quite well. They are: Candy, a small white fantail with one red spot on her head, who will be going to the outdoor pond come spring; China, a panda oranda (permanent resident); Carousel, a red and white oranda (permanent resident); and Cupid, a pearlscale (permanent resident). I will link pictures as soon as I can choose a hosting site (don't currently have one). I'm in the planning stages of a new tank for the veiltail that I also want to keep someday. I'm waiting for the right fish to come along and closely watch the DOs auction page weekly. I also have a small backyard pond with two comets: Confetti and Lipstick, who are my husband's fish. We have contracted a new pond to be built starting in mid-November. So, you can see, we have fallen for goldfish pretty hard. :-) My hope is to spend a lot of time here, learning even more and sharing my pets with others with the same sense of appreciation for these special fish.
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