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  1. Oh and also, forgot to mention the breed I'm getting. I'm planning on getting a Red Cap Oranda and if that's not there then a Pearl Scale or a Fan Tail.
  2. Hi, My name's Pixo and I've heard of this place from my friend so I decided to give it a try. So, for my Biology homework, I have to choose two organisms from different kingdoms and keep them alive inside the classroom for a month. So, I decided to use a goldfish and an aquatic plant. I know the basics such as having a big enough tank, mine is 20 gallons, and a filter to fit that tank. How many gallons per hour should my filter, well, filter? I'm also equipping my tank with some decorations that will be rinsed before put in the tank and I'm using pellets instead of flakes so they don't gulp air when they eat. Now, for my plant I'm not really sure yet. Does anyone know a common freshwater plant that can go well in a tank with goldfish? And if I need to have anything else, please tell me. Thanks, Pixo
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