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  1. Okay. The fish were just re-homed. DieselPlower just picked them up. Thanks to everyone on the forum. So glad I tried here. Now to go drink myself to sleep :'(
  2. Oh I am so glad. He is actually on his way. Hard not knowing anything about people and just taking a chance. This post made me feel better thanks!!
  3. I have tomorrow off from work. Maybe we can work something out? Aaah so sorry I missed your message! How much would you be willing to pay for the fish? I was selling them at $280 for all Given the 5 hour round trip drive time and current time of day I could do $100 if I had to do all the driving. If we could meet somewhere in the middle I could do more. Like $160. I totally understand if that is not enough. I won't be offended if it doesn't work for you. Hey DieselPower, how to I take this to a private messaging? I cant figure it out...
  4. Hey AquaAurora! I thought it was you but wasn't 100% sure! Yes, this is the very same tank that I setup on another forum. What a bummer It's been the easiest tank I have ever owned though, turned out great. Even with messy goldfish it's just been a breeze.
  5. I have tomorrow off from work. Maybe we can work something out? Honestly if it's a good fish keeper and looks like you definitely have the experience and a nice person I will negotiate no problem. Their future safety comes first for me Thats why I was hoping someone on this forum would like them.
  6. I have tomorrow off from work. Maybe we can work something out? Aaah so sorry I missed your message! How much would you be willing to pay for the fish? I was selling them at $280 for all
  7. Haha I like the way you look at this. And you are spot on. I get very passionate talking about my fish and people just don't get it >.< I do currently have 5 goldfish. Unfortunately I have a bit of a problem atm and need to re-home them as I am leaving the country It's times like this that make me realize how much is involved in fish-keeping. I just hope all goes well, but it's going to be years until I can settle down enough again to get goldfish Going to be a long road sigh...
  8. 15 years thats about the time this site started.... Have you done Salt water ? I agree most ppl give me the glazed eye look when I tell them what I do I haven't done salt water. I've been a little scared to be honest but it actually comes down to planted tanks. I just love growing plants! I'm sure I will try salt water someday too. Just love this hobby
  9. They are amazing. I have never had such friendly, energetic goldfish before. I really love these guys and just don't want to see them go to someone who can't properly look after them Lets hope I can figure something out. I might reach out to my local fish store. They are family owned and awesome. Maybe they can point me in the right direction also
  10. Hi everyone, I have been looking around on this forum for a while and decided to join. It is so exciting to see a forum so loving and knowledgeable about goldfish. I have been keeping goldfish for 15+ years and eventually branched into tropical planted tanks as well, but my heart will always be with the goldfish. I was drawn to this forum because the view that most people seem to have towards goldies gets old fast. I get tired of constantly trying to explain to people how beautiful they are, how long they live, how big they get and how smart they can be. The pattern is always the same. I find a fellow fish keeper, they ask what fish I keep. And when I say "goldfish" I can literally see the light fade from their eyes haha. So after that mini rant, I just wanted to say how great it is to see people so excited about these amazing fish. Glad to be here!
  11. Thanks for the replies everyone! I will post some pics. Unfortunately they are just with my phone. Fish are so hard to photograph. I will make an intro post also and see if I can get 25 posts and put a sell ad up. Thanks. @fantailfan1 - I am in Detroit/ Royal Oak
  12. Hi there. I am not sure if this is even in the wright section but came to this forum to get some help from fish keepers with some experience. Due to some circumstances I will be leaving the country in 2 months and am trying to find a home for some fancy goldfish I purchased from Raingarden goldfish in Hawaii. These fish are absolutely stunning and amazing. I did not see a place to sell on this forum so am asking what the right way to go about this would be? I also saw some listings on the site for local clubs by state. I am in Michigan. Is it worth reaching out to the pond and koi clubs to re-home my fish? Any advice welcome. The fish were super expensive and ideally would like to sell them but if I can't manage that, safe re-homing is my priority. I care for them a lot. I have: 1 Ryukin. Female. 6+inches 1 Veiltail (pure, no tail split) Male. 4+inches 1 Ribbontail. Male. 4+inches 1 Fantail. Stunning black and White. Male. 3+ inches 1 petsmart rescue. also needs a home. had her for 6 years. pure white. sweet obviously not the same quality as others. 3 golden dojos. need home too. about 4-5 inches. only fish I would keep with goldies. These guys are a blast. so much fun. 1 nerite snail if you'll have him. He is like 3+ years old. Didn't even know they lived that long... They are currently in a 120g tank with sump. I am trying to get the whole system sold too. Looking for advice on how to proceed. Thanks for your patience with this rushed post. I really like this forum and hope I can find a good direction to go in with my problem.
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