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  1. None of the ornaments are hollow but thank you for bringing that up for me to keep in mind if I get future one's! Ok, since I have to pick up prazi, I'll have them test the water at the aquatic store and later I'll test with my strips to see if they match. I haven't touched these strips in close to a year. What partial and how much would you suggest? I would assume 50% but I'm not sure when/how often. I used to do about 1/3 once a week with my old girl. Thanks again for all the advice!
  2. http://www.instagram.com/p/BJ5g6xkjhdh/ Here's a link to a video I just now took. I suppose I should've just done this from the beginning. But you can see they are hardly clampy.
  3. I do have test strips left, but I haven't even had them quite 48 hours yet. Test now? I did mention that I took the pics when they were resting last night. The light had previously been turned off but I turned it on and some were clampy looking but slowly moving about enough to where I could take clear pics. I tried taking pics now first thing this morning while they're fully awake and all over the place, not clamping at all...but all I get is blur from them not sitting still long enough!
  4. Thank you all for the welcoming and advice! I put a wide, tall fake plant in front of the filter but otherwise, I'm not going to worry because I'm definitely seeing the surfing that you all described. Last night, I caught them in their suspended/sleep mode and the whole bunch were right there by the filter when they could've chosen to be on the other side of the tank or at the bottom! My old girl would sleep in the java fern. I couldn't get my old one used to eating greens but I'm glad that was suggested to remind me! Maybe if I can get them used to it at this age, they'll come to like the greens. I wound up feeding them 4 times yesterday and every time I looked at them, they were pooping, lol. I swear they seem like they've grown a little already. I think I'll test the water and do a partial in another 3 days (which will be 5 days). Do you think that sounds ok or should I do one sooner? I will definitely be trying keep an eye out for when that tank sale comes around again. Group pic, the first day here My little dolphin This shows his black gold coloring The double tail beauty This shows her tails better The white one The white one is the most independent and adventurous but he definitely and obviously seeks out the double tailed and the other orange and white. Makes me wonder if they could be related? The other orange and white. He has the prettiest fins and tail of the bunch but when I tried getting pics of them earlier, they were all blurry pics. Got this clear pic of him last night while resting but it only shows half of how pretty he really is. This is the itty bit. She was so cute...trying to figure out which one of these plants was the fake and real one. She found out quick enough!
  5. Two weeks ago, we lost our beloved comet goldfish who was a carnival prize a couple of years ago. I was heart broken, she was a huge presence...the happiest little thing. I literally cried every day for a week after she passed and even though I had developed quite a beautiful setup in her tank, I kept telling myself I'm not getting more fish...losing this one made a mess of me. But I had many live plants in there, including one baby plant I got around the time I got her, which is now huge and has reproduced many times over. So I still kept the tank running. Then I had to get food for the other animals and wandered into the fish dept and looked at the feeder fish. I thought maybe I could get a couple of them, not get attached, let them enjoy a good life for a little while. Well, I brought home 5 of tiniest comets ever. I specifically asked for no typical gold ones that would remind me of my old baby...can you believe I was fighting back tears right there at the pet store? But so much for not getting attached! Good God these little babies are tiny, bold, beautiful and precious! It's nice to see life and happiness back in the tank again although I can't lie...I wish it was my little angel face still there. I'm crying now just thinking about her Anyway, 2 of the babies are just about an inch in length. My son and I both think this one is the prettiest, orange and white with black on her fins and tail. The other real tiny one is really beautiful, cutest little face always looking at you, and swims a little differently because it has 2 tails and is orange and white. But she holds her own and seems fine. They all seem like a relatively healthy bunch! The rest are about an inch and a half. One is black gold but looks grey, he always slants up looking at the top for food and reminds me of a dolphin. A white one, a big solid bruiser type. And another orange and white. Has the look that reminds me of my old girl, with the long flowing tail. Finally to my questions I am fully aware of the goldfish's insatiable appetite but these little babies seem to burn off their food fast. Do babies get fed more often? How often? I hadn't even had them quite 24 hours. But yesterday, I fed them a little after they seemed settled in the tank, then 3 hours later, their bellies weren't even rounded anymore and as soon as they saw my hand at the top they were right there wanting food again so I fed them again. The other question, 2 parts...I'm kind of under the assumption that I won't be as lucky this time around with the same kind of longevity that I got with my old girl. These babies are in her 30 gallon tank with a 50 gal filter. I am fully aware that if by some miracle they all survived, this tank can only properly hold 1, possibly 2 if I partial often. But for right now...the filter is very strong for them. At first, they would swim by and get suspended in motion...and give me a good chuckle! By the end of the day, they already seemed to master it and strangely enough...now I catch them swimming up into the waterfall part deliberately, as if they like it? Is the filter bad or is it ok? If all 5 survived...when will I know the time has come to get them out of this tank or start splitting them up? About what size would they be? I have a fear of a huge tank exploding in my house so I'm not going to get any big huge tank. In the future, I might get a 40 gal or 2 but that's it. Another question, I would always treat my old girl to live brine shrimp and bloodworms twice a month. I don't think I'd try the bloodworms yet but could these tiny babies do brine shrimp now?
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