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  1. I was so close!

    Congrats!! They’re lovely
  2. Terry the new Tele

    Hi Dawn All ok I think. They've all had their first week course of Fluke Solve (currently on their rest week before starting again at the weekend) and today is day 10 of Metro food. So far so good. Everyone seems happy.
  3. Terry the new Tele

    Okey doke - I'm on it
  4. Terry the new Tele

    Ok, so dose full amount of meds to 1 cube of bloodworm for each meal. At the minute I’m splitting 1 cube between the two QT tanks (2 fish in each) - thawing & dosing the meds before splitting, so basically half a scoop of metro per tank. That ok? They've has their first FS dose tonight.
  5. Terry the new Tele

    Just so I understand, do I thaw a cube of bloodworm & dose with metro & focus for each meal (ie a full dose of meds with each meal) or do I make a batch up with a single dose & that’ll keep for so many days/meals? I don’t want to overdose them. Can I shake things up occasionally with med-soaked pellets instead of bloodworm? 14 days of non stop bloodworms seems boring I’m currently feeding twice a day. Sorry if silly questions.
  6. Terry the new Tele

    Thanks Mandy I think you mean Piggy - he had a blood blister for some time which I (eventually) consulted with a vet about. He believes it is a melanoma or pigment tumor which may return. When the vet took a scrape, he said that the blister was basically dead scales & beneath it was clean skin. Pics before & after the vet scraped the blister. There is another thread about it in D&D. Prior to that, I lost my 12 year old fantail to dropsy in March and Winston my oranda in June to a persistent bacterial infection which finally resulted in dropsy. Piggy is the only one left of my original 3. I’ve recently nuked & re-cycled my tank, which has only completed in the last month or so. If this is indeed linked, please let me know what I should do/steps I should take to ensure the health of everyone moving forward.
  7. Terry the new Tele

    Sorry Taryl. Basically my new telescope died today - possible bacterial cyst/infection. It happened very quickly. He had been housed at one point with all other new fish. Koko has suggested I treat all remaining new fish with metroplex (in food) as well as Fluke Solve every other WC. You suggested redosing full FS with every WC (100% bucket-to-bucket daily) for one week on, one week off for 3 rounds (6 weeks total). Just wanted to confirm which I should follow. @koko - if I missed something vital can you chime in please. Thanks.
  8. Terry the new Tele

    @Arctic Mama Thanks for your post in my other thread. Wasn’t sure if you’d seen this & if that changes your recommendation?
  9. Terry the new Tele

    His belly was quite mushy, but only round the vent area & along the underside. Everywhere else was quite firm. All fish came from the same seller, but not from the same tanks. Hector, No Name & Clint we’re together & Pip was in another tank. None of them were with Terry until I bought them (he was in another tank). I now have Hector & No Name in one QT (which Terry was originally in) and Clint & Pip in another. They were all together in one big bag when I bought them however, and for a short time while I decided how to split them (wanted to monitor their behaviour with one another first, that’s when Clint & Pip became aggressive little you know what’s). Do you want me to run metro & fluke solve together at the same time? If so, how should I go about it with bucket-to-bucket? What about salt? Hope I have enough metro! Could a bacterial infection cause the blackening?
  10. Terry the new Tele

    Thanks Dawn. Ever get the feeling that the Gods are trying to tell you something
  11. I've been shopping!

    With everything going downhill with Terry, I’d put this off, but want to get started now. Can someone clarify the above for me please ref. salt, dosing & rest days (doing 100% WC everyday)?
  12. Terry the new Tele

    He’s gone SIP little one. Any ideas what caused this? Is it something I did? Want to ensure my other newbies don’t go the same way.
  13. Terry the new Tele

    Here he is this morning. He doesn’t look good. Rapid breathing, bottom sitting & not eating. The area that started pineconing first is bleeding & now the scales on the whole right side are raised. There’s a lumpy patch to base of his tail & the blackness to face/chin/belly has gotten worse. There are a few white spots on the top of his head. He’s currently in a 40 litre container with 1 scoop of metroplex. I have meth blue, should I swab or add salt to 0.1%? you time zones!!!!!
  14. Terry the new Tele

    Ok, but will the bloodworm keep once thawed? How long for? Will the meds stay active if added but not fed for a few days, or should I add fresh meds for every feeding? Do I need to add any water to help the bloodworms thaw or let them thaw naturally before adding the meds? Terry is tiny, so he’s not going to eat a whole cube in one sitting.
  15. Terry the new Tele

    I do. How should I prepare them? Is this instead of dosing the water?