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  1. It's been a long time since my last update. Work has been crazy busy, and I recently decided to further my education, so back to school I go, on-line anyway. Too much time hitting the books and none of it involves fish. It's really cut down on my quality, zone out, and relax fish time. Anyways, A quick update on Jasper, Gretta, and Merv. Yes, They are still alive and doing fine. Merv is the largest - weighing in at a whopping 34 g. (weighed today) at 5 months. Not sure if it's good, bad, or indifferent, but he's turning into a very nice fish. There hasn't been any issues with Merv since the Anchor worm incident. He's always hungry and constantly sifts through the sand. The Crypt plant in the in the picture is about 3.5" tall. I estimate Merv to be about the same. http:// Gretta and Jasper each weigh 18 g. each. Not as large as Merv, but hold their own at feeding time. They seem very happy with no known health issues. http:// I'm still feeding Repashy almost exclusively. I've developed a stick feeding method to target feed each fish. I find it easier to control portion size and rate of consumption. I've also stopped feeding them peas, I guess I didn't see the need to continue peas since I never saw any signs of constipation. Same with the 1 day a week fasting, It kinda fell by the wayside too. Occasionally I will pre-soak some Omega One sinking pellets when I want to watch them bounce up and down like pogo sticks on the bottom. It does make me laugh and they do enjoy sifting sand. I really need to post a full tank shot. In the meantime here's a few more fish pics. waiting patiently for Jasper's Wen to grow. He's filled out a lot since he first arrived. His tail fin is starting to get long and flowing. http:// Jasper loves exploring every nook and cranny. Here he is between a rock and a soft plant. http:// Merv's favorite past time. I should have called him Billy because his mouth is huge. http:// This shot really brings out the eye globes on Jasper. http://
  2. Nice, my eyes are drawn to the flowing chocolate tail on Seaking. Very cool!
  3. The quarantine process has been a bit unnerving, not knowing how how they will respond to the meds. Reading the D&D and Blog forums have been an eye opener on the complications that can arise. I'm feeling pretty lucky in the process. I'll be glad when it's over. QandD - Read your blog from first to last. Love it! I'll have to mosey over again - soon.
  4. Thanks! I'm really enjoying the little rascals. They are so much more interactive than tropical fish. Hopefully Jasper will stay bronze, but I doubt it.
  5. I've been working out of town a lot the past few weeks, so not much has been done the tank. Merv arrived with an Anchor Worm. I looked back through my pictures and there was NO indication of anything. Reference picture is in post #1. Manual extraction with tweezers, a swab of HP, two rounds of Dimilin-X (2 X 0.5 ml) and a week at 0.3% salinity at 78 F. Merv is now 100% healed. Jasper and Greta are clean. Merv - Can't tell where the little bugger was. Glad it's gone! [/url]">http:// Now to continue on with the rest of the quarantine procedure. Removed most of the salt and started Prazi tonight. Up until then I have not seen anyone flash - within 5 minutes of adding the Prazi - both Jasper and Greta flashed a few times on the sandy bottom. Interesting! I'll take that as a good sign. Just a few more pics of Jasper and Merv. Jasper has filled out a bit. He gained a whole gram since he arrived. That's 16% in three weeks. Woo!Hoo! Rapeshy 2-3 times a day, peas Fri night and Sat morn, fast Sat night. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// Can't wait to finish the Prazi. Want to get started on the Pothos, background, and moss rocks. The dog is starting to growl at me. Time for bed.
  6. Nice to see Lemon out of surgery. May Lemon have a speedy recovery!
  7. Not quite the update I wanted to give! Just got back from a 3 day work trip to confirm Merv has Anchor Worms! The wife texted me yesterday saying "something forked and stringy was protruding from behind Merv's dorsal fin." I just happened to be cruising Kokos at the time reading about goldfish diseases. what a coincidence. Yup! It's an Anchor Worm! Darn!!! You gonna get it now! Anchor Worms were the last thing I expected. We'll see how it goes over the next few weeks. I may do a brain trust D & D if I fail in my attempt to eradicate the little beasties. [/url]">http:// The unwanted guest has been extracted, the wound dabbed with HP, back into the tank to wait for the Dimlin. Ordered from Amazon about an hour ago, already received shipping confirmation from UPS. Only saw one, but there has to be more. Onward to prep for the battle. On the brighter side. Merv is cruising around and still eating well. Jasper is filling out, his swimming style is cool and collective. Gretta is a diva! Look at me, I'm all spotted and stuff!
  8. Simple - Elegant - Calming! Better than TV
  9. Following. Did i miss it ? What are we testing? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you! Only the second day but we're enjoying the little rascals. Looks like Jasper's back end has filled out a little. Time will tell. Kokos has been a valuable resource. Lots of pre-reading before plans were implemented. I hope the trend continues, but problems are expected. D & D form procedures has been researched.
  11. Ooops! Messed up the first multi-quote. The wife's favorite too! They are So! So! tiny. Grow! Grow! Grow! Only had them 1 day and their personalities are starting to show through. Thanks! Only 30 pics to get these six. I'm hooked.
  12. Omen's finnage (is that a word) getting long and flowy. Nice!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks! I wanted small ones so I could watch them grow!
  14. My first try at goldfish husbandry. The good, bad, and ugly all right here in a neat little package for all the world to see. Never blogged before, but i'll give it a whack. To be fair I've kept tropical tanks for many years and 2 years ago started a 55 gallon planted tank. The planted tank has now been broken down, cleaned, and a fishless cycle was initiated on August 21. The nitrate cycle completed last week with the help from a saved starter colony. (No known pathogens - never had to medicate the tank.) fingers crossed. FISH ARRIVED TODAY!!! 90% water change last night. This morning 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 nitrate. the fish arrived in excellent condition!!! Fins erect, no apparent physical damage, can't wait to get out of the bag. Greta - calico ryukin - 6 grams [/url]">http:// Jasper - chocolate orando - 6 grams [/url]">http:// Merv - red/white ryukin - 7 grams [/url]">http:// Pre-ordered some Repashy Soilent Green. What pigs, the tiny bits didn't make it to the bottom. Sorry guys - no more till morning. Prazi-pro on hand. Need to decide if and when to administer. All fish arrived in the same bag and there isn't any other fish in the 55. If treatment progresses, that's where it will happen. Just a few more pics. The new crew! We're HUNGRY! [/url]">http:// What a ride we had? Huh? [/url]">http:// I'm not really grumpy. [/url]">http:// Oh! My! [/url]">http:// Hope you enjoyed. I hear pics are appreciated. More to follow as the tank develops. Take care and thanks for looking!
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