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  1. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    I will. He'll be dead bored after 3 weeks in the QT tank so I just feel bad for him. His tankmate has gotten over the absence of his buddy and is currently enjoying the spacious 90 gallon to himself with no one to chase around (side note, the comet has a small cyst/injury lump in his tail which I am monitoring - Would have to remove him from the tank for a picture with any detail but I can if you're curious). And to be sure I'll keep the salt at 1tsp/10g and epsom salt at 1/2tsp/10g during the spectrogram treatments unless you say otherwise. Thanks!
  2. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    Oh wow I've had media in there the whole time. I'll keep it out for the Spectrogram treatment. Maybe I'll do a dose every day for 5 days with a 100% WC instead of every other day. I just got a tiny sample so here it is on a dark background. First pic is under a bright reef tank light. https://imgur.com/a/vTgrz8W
  3. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    I tried a dark background but the sample was very clear so it was hard to see much of anything (for me at least). I'll include one next time for sure but I got rid of that sample. I'm testing water chemistry before and after the water changes. There is mature filter media (seachem matrix) in the HOB that I just lightly jiggle in tank water each WC. Ironically, given the state of my tapwater, ammonia goes down between water changes and then restarts at .5 after the WC. Prime is said to detoxify up to 1ppm ammonia for up to 48 hours so the conditions for my fish *should* remain perfectly safe.
  4. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    We've been provided with another sample. I'll spare you further pics after this unless you request: https://i.imgur.com/TuIi6di.jpg
  5. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    If a human were having undiagnosed digestive problems I would think the antibiotics messed up their gut biome and tell them to pick up a probiotic. Just my 2c. Has anyone ever had a problem after feeding Hikari food for a while and then stopping it?
  6. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    Just remembering to quote you since I know you're very busy
  7. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    Wow this came out of nowhere today: https://imgur.com/a/6ukbpwh context: I figured I would offer a few pellets and he would take one and spit it out but not eat. So I checked back a few minutes later to remove them and he had done this... Later he ate a few pellets. What do you think?
  8. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    There wasn't any available locally so I ordered some on ebay. Likely won't be here for 4 more days.
  9. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    The white poop was thicker before but now comes out in very fine whitish/clear strands that can be seen if you're looking for it. I took pictures of him pooping but it is so clear it did not show up in the photos. However it can be seen building up on the filter intake. Here's a picture of that: https://imgur.com/a/j24iEpK I should note that he does make normal poop now, though not very much of it since he is eating sparingly. Sometimes it's interspersed with the white stuff. Making a liar out of me, he let me get a picture as I was typing this: https://imgur.com/a/Xe61PZL . A strand can be seen trailing him. To be clear your recommendation is to stop metro at 10 days and continue with a different form of treatment (in this case spectrogram) until the white poop stops? The Spectrogram suggests treating every other day for 5 days (meaning 3 treatments). I'm worried that the stress of treatment (and being in the small bare QT) is perpetuating the problem we are trying to fix. But I might be just a worrywart.
  10. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    My understanding is that any chlorine/chloramines would have evaporated in 24 hours, so the ammonia reading in water that's been left out must really be coming from ammonia. I have read that a standard dose of Prime will detoxify up to 1ppm ammonia, so what I'm going to have to do is keep using Prime, not go above the standard dose, and give the Prime some time to bind to the ammonia/nitrates before adding any medicine. I'm thinking 10 minutes before adding meds.
  11. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    OK now to test my degassed water pH (tap)- 7.6 ? pH (24 hours later)- 8.0 ? GH (tap)- 16 GH (24 hours later)- 19 Nitrates (tap)- 5 Nitrates (24 hours later)- unchanged Ammonia (tap)- .5 ???? Ammonia(24 hours later)- unchanged Because reading color charts is the hardest thing to do in fishkeeping I'm uploading pictures so someone can check my work. https://imgur.com/a/wJAdQn7 . So is that good news or bad news?
  12. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    The white and stringy stuff just keeps coming. Going into days 9 and 10 of treatment. Don't have any degassed water yet but I will by tomorrow hopefully
  13. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    Spectrogram is Kanamycin Sulfate and Nitrofurazone. The oxytetracicline is $40 with shipping though :| That sort of makes sense... You're saying let it sit overnight so there is no need to add Prime as long as ammonia is reading 0 by the morning?
  14. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    Would you suggest I add Spectrogram if I have that on hand? Or is that too harsh as well? edit: also if I let the tap water sit overnight with Prime it should read 0 ammonia in the morning? I'll have two 5-gallon buckets filled to the brim and have to put him in the 4 gallon bucket during the WC. Good thing I've got all these buckets!
  15. Oranda not eating, not pooping, weak

    Here's a couple showing his eye. It actually looks better this morning than it did last night. https://imgur.com/a/cUdeeL7 video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/D79AtLgxOouMdpub2