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  1. Thanks for your help and guidance. Have to wait on pics until son can help. As far as levels go, i do not know exactly - just compare the test strips to the color charts provided and as long as they are the correct color for ideal fish environments I don't worry. When colors change to undesirable I do a water change, but mostly I change water pretty much as I've said before. I just don't want any of my fish to die because I was negligent as to capacity. I didn't realize what comedians goldfish are. They practically eat out of my hand and they all have names.
  2. State is Louisiana - not sure what kind of filter I have but I clean it every other day because of algae. 50% water change every 4 days and 80% every week. No predators - backyard is completely fenced. Nitrate, Nitrite,Ammonia and PH are all within safe levels. Since heat index today was 105 degrees, water temp is higher than I like, but did 80% water change today so fish are cool today and I shield them from direct sun during hottest part of day. Will have to get my son to help with a photo, but water is crystal clear, bottom of sugar kettle has aquarium rocks and artificial plants. Fish are fat and happy but sure do want to keep them that way.
  3. An authentic sugar kettle is cast iron but mine is fiberglass - very popular in the deep south and used in landscaping frequently. They are fish safe. My fish are about 3 inches long and seem quite happy but I know I can't keep 7 in there indefinitely. I want them to be healthy and have gotten quite attached to them. So how soon will I have to separate them and will 3 be safe in the sugar kettle permanently?
  4. Thanks for the feedback but i see that I should have been more specific. My fish are in a 30 gallon sugar kettle outside with 1 airpump and 1 filter going 24/7. They seem to be OK (there are 7 of them). They are getting bigger and I know I have to move some of them, but wondering how much longer I can maintain. I do a 50% water change every 4 days and and 80% at least twice a month.
  5. How many goldfish can I keep in a 30 gallon tank? Thanks in advance.
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