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  1. Lovely Judas

    Chris here... My Ranchu, Mr. Potato Head loves to be pet... And he loves to flirt with people... Most of our friend can’t believe that a fish could have soooooo much character... His picture is part of my signature...
  2. Open Raffle for all

    Chris here... wonderful prizes!!!
  3. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    But he likes the butt shot better...
  4. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Chris here... A little Hindenburg cuteness... 😃
  5. Yearly Medals

    Chris here... Hi Koko.... I think I need a year medal 🏅...
  6. Chris here... oh!!!how cut is that???
  7. Hi all, Chris here... I would love, love a how to or what to do protect our fishys in a emergency situation.... I live in the current mandatory evacuation are cor the Canyon Fire in Corona, Ca.... our cars are packed and ready to if conditions threaten our safety... But my fish??? How do I move them safely if I have to get out??? Last night it was touch and go for a few hours... I had just completed my tank maintenance earlier in the day prior to the possibility of an evacuation, then things changed rapidly... I had no idea how to protect my fishys... So I fed them... Turned of their heater off, closed the lid and covered the tank with a heavy towel... We were not force to leave and the fire conditions have improved greatly... So, Better late than never... Can "we" build an emergency guide for all that can be used by all, when the need arises??? Weather, fire, natural disaster... What do you think???
  8. White dots on Oranda wen and pearlscale side.

    Hi, Chris here... I would continue testing your water daily until your sure that your cycle is stable with your water change schedule... I also run a small sponge filter in the tank rather than an air stone, that also adds to the good beneficial bacteria... In the beginning I struggled for months to establish a strong tank, but with the awesome expertise here in KOKO's I was able to get there... As for Safe or Stability use... use what ever is working for your water... I live in Corona, CA and our water is krazy hard municipal water... There are soooo many products out there, again benefiting from the groups experts will get you there... definitely check out the great resource materials here on the site as well... There is sooooo much to be learned ... I learned something new almost every day my first year... Best wishes...
  9. Chris here... LOL!!! Congratulations on a very cute photo!!!
  10. White dots on Oranda wen and pearlscale side.

    Hi, Chris here... my Ranchu gets this same white dots... I agree that they look like wen growth... They usually go away within a day of me seeing them... As for your filter, I have Aqua Clear on my 40 gallon tank... I run 2 AC70's on mine, but I am over stocked in my tank... I do 100% water changes every Monday and alternate cleaning 1 of the filters each week... I also have .25 Ammonia in my tap water... I find that Prime and Stabilty keep my cycle balanced with the weekly maintenance... Best of luck with you fish... They are very nice looking water babies...
  11. Eating a Snail

    Chris here... OMG!!! Holly crap!!! I'm as astonished as you are Mothercrow... I'm beginning to think these little stinkers live to freak us out in new ways...
  12. Tank of the Month Winner "fantailfan1"

    Chris here.... Wow!!! Stunning tank!!! I have been thinking about doing my tank black... Seeing yours, I think I will do it...
  13. Chris here!!! Congratulations!!!
  14. Round things

    Chris here... Awesome little fatties!!!!
  15. Subscribers Raffle Give-Away!

    Chris here... very nice!!!