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  1. Chris here... OMG!!! How awesome is this!!! Nautilus and I are great full for you votes... Thank You
  2. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Chris here... Mr Magoo is amazing!!! 💕💕💕
  3. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Chris here.... Tank was cleaned on Monday... So the stars aligned with their mood... maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket??? 🤪🤪🤪. LOL!!!
  4. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Chris here.... Took pictures... The boys were in the mood to pose for the camera, which is very rare... 🤪🤪🤪
  5. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Chris here.... I Just wanted to share what happened to my Amoonklein baby after two years of love 💕... Nautilus is a big boy now...
  6. Chris here.... Wahoooooooo!!! Thanks to all!!! Buster is gonna get a fat head with all this love....
  7. Chris here.... Congratulations!!! Such cuteness!!!
  8. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Chris here.... Buster is starting to show a white belly... He such a handsome boy... 😍
  9. Chris here.... OMG!!! Such cuteness should be illegal!!!
  10. Goldfish Of The Week Winner "Hidr"

    Chris here... What a cutie!!! I’m seeing more of this black and white coloring and thinking maybe someday??? 😀
  11. Chris here... Bravo!!! Tabbies is just to squishy cut!!!!
  12. Chris here... You can try.... but, it's soooooo not happening...
  13. Chris here... Thanks Mikayla... 😊. There is a photo section under the Goldfish topic fifth choice down... Lots and lots of pretty Fishys there... 😉
  14. Chris here... Oh!!! what a wonderful surprise... As I shared before this is Buster... He was a recent purchase from Zhao’s Goldfish Shop. He is becoming very special to me... While he was in quarantine, I experienced a devastating loss in my tank... Very sad... I won’t go into details but he is helping recover from the loss.... We (my Hubby & I) have discovered Buster has a huge tendency to get into trouble... The some time during the fist night in the tank (post Quarantine) he managed to get himself stuck between the heater and skimmer... My Hubby rescued him at o’dark thirty in the morning... Buster’s side that was in contact with the heater was very damaged... I thought I was going to loose him too... I used a topical antibiotic sealant on the injury (it worked miracles) and the injury started healing almost immediately... The very next night Buster got himself stuck in a jar that was holding down some media in the back corner of the tank... He got in but couldn’t figure out how to get out.... My Hubby again rescued him at o’dark thirty in the morning... I immediately went thru the tank to find absolutely anything that, that stinker could get in trouble with and removed it... Needless to say every morning we check the tank to make sure he doesn’t need to be rescued... So far he hasn’t found anything else to get in trouble with... The picture was taken just after his second rescue... ( his good side, at least until his scales grow back on the othe side) Thank you for asking about him and of course for honoring him with the photo award... Hugs, Chris