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  1. Distaff

    So close, but not close enough (yet)

    Maybe Prime makes it taste better?
  2. Distaff


    Thanks. Hopefully it won't be such a mess that it can't be put to good use. Damage in shipping and holes that required re-drilling because they were spaced incorrectly for assembly were the most numerous complaints. Those can usually be fixed, but other purchasers mentioned trays that simply never could be made to fit, broken welds, and rust showing up early on. I thought I had a lead on two perfect male budgies to adopt, but the seller (Craigslist contact) is looking increasingly sketchy. My first impression was of an owner looking to re-home, now he is looking like a small time dealer. Maybe I can get a better lead from the parrot rescues...they could do a home visit, and pick up the donated cage at the same time.
  3. Distaff


    We lost one of our two budgies a few months ago. Esther has been sad ever since, and hanging out all day on top of the canary's cage isn't doing much for her. I got together some money for a new cage big enough for her and a couple of new companions, and ordered a big flight from one of the better known pet companies. Later that night, I'm searching on Amazon, and realizing this particular cage has horrible reviews. So, after trying to cancel and substitute a better cage with the pet company I ordered it from, comms seemed to break down between them and the mfr. and the following week, they still weren't giving me any definitive answers (did the mfr. ship already? do I get a refund? what??). This evening, I threw a bit of an impatient hissy fit on-line, and fifteen minutes later get a phone call from the company. Customer Service is refunding my PayPal, the cage was already sent, but the rep. said to just Give it Away to a school, or bird shelter! This is a BIG cage, and I know that their customer friendly return policy will cost them significant money in return shipping. Yikes...the closest shelter for birds is at a considerable distance, in Albuquerque. Almost no one keeps pet birds around here. I not even found a certified avian vet in the area. Anyway, now I need to do the right thing with this cage.
  4. Distaff

    Couple of questions

    I prefer the versatility of goldfish. I can keep them in a pond outside. My sponge filters are on solar, so no electricity use. Tropicals are tempting, but then, I'd have the stress of tanks in the house (which could leak), and another addition to the electricity bill. The house is already crowded enough with vivs and bird cages - all of which require supplemental special spectrum lights, and/or supplemental heat. Outdoor goldfish are pretty much low-maintenance. Unscrew the plug at the base of the stock tank, and water the grass. Turn on the hose, and drop in a measured amount of Prime. I net out the gunk from the bottom to feed the potted plants. If we had more space and disposable income, I'd probably have a few 200 gal tanks in the house - one with goldfish, one with discus, and an oscar tank. Oscars are one of those animals that are so ugly, they are beautiful (like hairless rats).
  5. Distaff

    Meet Oreo!

    She is pretty! Always glad to encounter another snake keeper. Very nice looking viv. Never heard of those before.
  6. Distaff

    Warning... rookie mistake!

    Algae is a plant. Don't feel bad. I lost two separate batches of silk worms this spring after treating our dogs for flees.
  7. Distaff

    Another dead fish

    RIP Hanako. Found her floating this morning. I filled a new tub (100 gal) and moved everyone over to the other side of the yard. There is no shade, but one theory I have is that anything from the pecan trees that falls into the water might make the water toxic. I had a full tarp over it, but of course, the recent hail storm blew that off. I skimmed the debris out that evening, and they had a big water change the next day, but perhaps the damage (if that was even the cause) was done. Second unexpected death this spring. Just don't know. She was big, cheerful, vigorous fish from Dandy Orandas, purchased last summer. The remaining five are NOT happy stuck in the smaller tub. I'll drain the big tub this afternoon, and move it tomorrow for them.
  8. Distaff

    Ugh lousy day for the fish

    Strange. It WAS merged on my monitor after I posted it...double checked. Oh well, all is good. I find computers to be bit of a mystery.
  9. Distaff

    Ugh lousy day for the fish

    Dawn, I don't know how my post merged with yours. Still getting used to the new format on a few of the icons. Koko, do you know what I did wrong? Thanks.
  10. Distaff

    Ugh lousy day for the fish

    Thanks. I'm sure it was rather unpleasant for them. I gave them a water change, and they seem to have come through it fine. After that one unexpected death a few weeks ago, however, I don't take anything for granted.
  11. Distaff

    bronze moors?

    I always thought the term, moor (spell?) meant that the fish remained a stable black. Jenny of Solid Gold had a recent update of her moors from the breeder Amy Shanka (spell?). I thought the fish were simply gorgeous, but they weren't black. Does this happen to all moors? I liked how Jenny set them up in the aquarium just for filming - very pretty. I want those fish, and that tank (although as a permanent home, it might have been a little overstocked). Wish I had more space....
  12. We had a nasty hail storm today. Hail the size of regular marbles mixed with big marbles. Intermittent heavy winds and hard rain at the same time. It crushed the roof in one of the out buildings, and of course, the tarp on the big tub was no real barrier. Both out door tubs basically had the equivalent of chests of ice dumped in with the fish. After that, a bunch of leaves and what-not blew in over the top. We had a bad roof leak in one of the bathrooms. As soon as it was safe to go out, my first priority was just to clear out and deal with the gutters. They weren't draining, as they were jammed with the piled up hail. I was afraid the weight might tear them down. (I think ice weighs nearly about as much as water.) Climbed on the slippery metal house roof to look for the leak, and found two holes, and smeared a bunch of roof tar over that (which didn't really want to stick, even though the label is wet/dry). So, with all that, the fish seem to be ok. I didn't feed them tonight - too much junk in the water as it is. I'll give them a nearly entire water change tomorrow. I HOPE we get decent weather for it. This afternoon was just still too crazy windy to make it worthwhile.
  13. Distaff

    My old Man Joey

    Just saw this thread. Love parrots. He is gorgeous. You two can grow old together. My next bird/s will be a pair of Society finches. Someday....a parrot!
  14. Distaff


    Well, this doesn't fit under any category, but I'll tuck them here. Purchased 400 silkworm eggs (Bombyx mori) this morning. They will take another week and a half to hatch after arriving in the mail. Our mulberry leaves are fully out for feeding them. If anything, it may be late in the season - the silkworms must complete their cycle and cocoon before the corn tassels. There are no commercial corn growers near us, but of course it is a popular garden crop, and almost all corn is GMO contaminated due to wind pollination. I raised these successfully for three years in a row several years ago, and then lost the very young hatchlings to something the fourth year. Thought I'd try again, risking some heart break. There is something of a Charlotte's Web sadness to it every year anyway....saying good by to the beloved worms as they cocoon, and again to the dying adult moths after they have mated and layed their eggs. Eggs get collected in a small jar and placed in the 'fridge until next spring. I have several jars of old cocoons from the previous years. Not sure if they are still good for spinning (the gums may deteriorate the fiber - don't know), but they are treasured. Silk spinning is a very specialized technique with it's own set of tools, that I've yet to learn. I can spin (but not prepare) flax and cotton. I have prepared and spun lots of fine yarn from raw wool fleece. I also included some hemp in the same order, so we'll see how that spins.