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  1. 2 fish now

    in tank... pH: 7.6 Ammonia: 0.5ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 0ppm (WHY?) Doing a large water change. Like 70% then I'll add the salt back in. Other ideas? I can't loose these guys too.
  2. 2 fish now

    Oh and I got all of this only filter and water still cloudy.
  3. 2 fish now

    Okay guys @koko wanted me to start a new thread with the fish I have now. Soxxy passed away, now I just have mae and beauty. Mae is acting like she has swim bladder now and Beauty still bottom sitting. I gave Mae some of the medicated food with metroplex. I added salt to the tank. What should I do? ?
  4. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Update: Soxxy passed away this morning. ? Now to figure out about my main tank..
  5. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Adding aquarium salt to the main tank. Now I'm worried.
  6. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Prazi again?? @koko
  7. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Mae in the main tank is looking like she wants to go butt up too!! So I gave her some of the medicated food. Do I treat the whole main tank too?? Beauty isn't floating but still bottom sitting. I'm falling apart.
  8. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Update on Soxxy: she got some of her medicine in her food earlier but will not eat this evening and is so upside down. ?
  9. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    And like, do I need a new filter?? what the heck is this?!
  10. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Even Mae is bottom sitting.
  11. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    I made it to 2 weeks and about 3 days and then stopped because I thought maybe it was the praziquantel making her act like that, but now that we've been off of it for almost a week with water changes and she's the same, I'm not sure. Should I add some of this Metroplex to the main tank? I added a little to the hospital tub and gave her some in her food as suggested.
  12. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Should I add more Prazi to the main tank or is she still pouting from before? Since she is still bottom sitting like crazy? GAH
  13. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    @koko So I did a 65% water change on my main tank and Beauty is still bottom sitting. She comes up and swims but resides back down there. Should I be concerned it's no longer because of the Prazi treatment?
  14. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Oh! I wasn't sure! Thank you!!
  15. "Zit" on Goldfish?

    Okay, I will run to the store tomorrow. Thank you friends. I appreciate your help. Poor thing is just completely upside down. I can't imagine.