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  1. GoldNess

    Ness, Sam and Dean and other fish things

    Thank you!!! Thank you. I love your quote in your signature. “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” -- The Doctor -- The 9th is my fave! Thank you!!!
  2. GoldNess

    Ness, Sam and Dean and other fish things

    Actually no, I load my video in Sony Vegas and then find the loops I want then load them into Photoshop and make my gif there. Its a long process but I love the challenge.
  3. GoldNess

    Ness, Sam and Dean and other fish things

    Here is another Gif I made of the two enjoying Peas...
  4. GoldNess

    Ness, Sam and Dean and other fish things

  5. So going to give this Blog thing a try. About a week ago my Sam and Dean were living in closed quarters in a 29 Gallon tank... They just didn't seem happy. Yes I did have the tank overstocked with deco and they also were sharing the tank with two fantails. I decided to move them to a 55 gallon tank so they would be happy. I did my first water test after a week of cycling and everything turned out wonderful. Amonia, Ph, Nitrate, Nitrate all perfect! Debating on when to make a water change. Maybe Saturday. We shall see. I also started feeding my babies peas and god Dean is SUCH a PIG. He could not get enough of them and poor Sam was trying so hard to get one. The whole time and even after the feast Dean had a green mustache. Sam- "C'mon let me have a bite." Finally Dean decided to share. Two Peas in a Pod...
  6. GoldNess

    Hello from Ness, Sam and Dean

    . The Tampa Bay area. About an Hour south of Disney World
  7. GoldNess

    How fish eat

    Nice video.
  8. GoldNess

    Hello from Jordan

    Hi Jordon!!!
  9. GoldNess

    Hi! Meet us!

    Hello! Beautiful babies.
  10. GoldNess

    Hi I am Miss Bad Wolf

    I am fairly new. Hello.
  11. GoldNess


    Fairly new myself. HELLO! Love your fish!
  12. GoldNess

    Hello from Ness, Sam and Dean

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I am happy to be here! Thank you!!! They do love it! Thank you!
  13. GoldNess

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Deans sexy profile http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b97/djbabylove/6d4cb7cd-3b90-4b53-aae7-facfa253b49e_zpspghsbfio.png