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  1. I also ordered chemi pure blue and added it to my filters, i dont think thats doing a good job either. i wonder if those gems are making the water quality bad, help im stumped
  2. my tank is constantly cloudy ever since i did a 80 percent water change its been like this also i dont know how good these wisper filters are they dont seem to be working right, doing another water change tonight ...been doing bout 50 percent water change every night, i skipped last night though. all my perameters are good, and i add the prime to it after the water change. what am i doing wrong?
  3. I couldnt find the piece so I asked my brother in law to look for one. last night i used the python and let me tell you I....LOVE it, no more buckets....instead of working on it for over three hours walking back and forth with a small plastic container over 50 times, i just stood back watched it empty then watched it fill, it was great! it saves my arms, i have tendenitis in one shoulder and bursa in the other.
  4. ok so I got the new brass fitting today and....it wont fit ( heres what i bought... http://www.amazon.com/Python-Products-PY06995-Brass-Adapter/dp/B00UNJLBO2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00 heres pics of my faucet if anyone could help me out. i took off the outer casing
  5. yes speckles, I looked all over the net finally found a brass fitting that fits small sink faucets, ill try that see if it works if not I will keep searching, lol it says works with python spill and fill so hopefully it works
  6. whats better a sponge filter or reg filter that hangs on back of tank?
  7. now that they are transparent eggs should i put airstone in with them? or wait till they hatch
  8. i want to setup my tank in the garage but need to know if i use fresh water from the tap or tank water from my tank and what temp does it need to be
  9. ok so I found eggs in my plants, I moved the plants and put them in a plastic container and water to cover the plants, checked on them today and they are a see thru clear white like bubbles.. what do i do next?
  10. ok....right now I have the plants in tank water, in a large plastic tub enough water to cover plants. is this good? what do i do just check on them everyday? do i need to anything special?
  11. I have a 29 gallon tank i am not using, I can put them in that...oh shoot I dont have extra pump....wait have an idea, I have 2 curtain bubble the one i can reduce to a small flow....set container up by the tank. do i put the bubbles in before or after they hatch (if they hatch)
  12. omg im so excited!! they may not hatch but still excited lol
  13. k I have a large plastic container will that do? do i need to to anything else?
  14. really?! what do I do next? im newish to goldfish keeping and definately new at fish eggs
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