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  1. Everytime it seems that I put mushed up shelled peas in my goldfish tank, my Charley and Summers go crazy eating them up. Especially Charley who gets excited when I put my hand over the water. What is so great about mushed up, shelled peas? My goldies love them! Also why do I need to she'll the peas? I mush them up so it is in smaller pieces, is that a good idea?
  2. Is the aquarium my tank or belongs to the goldfish in it?
  3. Summers is cooperating now. Phone battery is getting low so I need to charge it up ASAP.
  4. Summers is doing much better. Now I got a three gallon tank. I was going to use it to quarantine Summers, but Summers is doing well now. I might be able to get something for the three gallon tank this fall when I am allowed to go shopping with my mother at a pets store. Any ideas?
  5. I asked my mum to bring over my 3 gallon tank to quarantine Summers to hopefully help him feel better. My mum just brought it over but Summers doesn't need to be quarantined any more.
  6. Summers seems to be swimming better. Not sure what I did other than water changes and some shelled peas. My current complaint is Summers is not cooperating with me taking pictures of that fish.
  7. Do peas help with more than just constipation? Can it help with swim bladder issues? My Summers was having swim bladder issues. I started a shelled pea diet yesterday I think. Or maybe the day before. I fed them 7 peas for breakfast today. I did 13 for lunch. Summers is now swimming instead of laying in the corner. I am thinking of waiting a bit to see if a night snack of shelled peas might help more.
  8. More pics to help. One to show how much water was drained.
  9. I noticed yesterday that my Moore Summers is having a hard time swimming. I forgot to write down the results of last night's tests and doing a water change now. It is a twenty gallon tank with two goldfish. I had an Aqueon filter running but lost a tiny piece during a routine cleaning of the filter. I know I need to change the filter cartridge but I have no extra funds. My workplace closed down in March and has yet to reopen. I know the ammonia is high. Later tonight after I finish the water change I will recheck the water. I also saw pH was low and I only have pH down. My other fish Charley has something on top of his head. Also either Charley is not cooperating or I do not know how to use my phone's camera.
  10. I was browsing on my phone and almost forgot to keep an eye on the bucket I am using to do a water change. I stopped it before it got to overflowing stage. It is about a five gallon bucket, but has four or so gallons in it. I don't want it so heavy I can pick it up. Oops I need to get rid of the water in the bucket but got to get off phone first.
  11. I need to get some water for my goldfish. I have a superstition that I think I cannot get water from the bathtub right away after someone takes a shower.
  12. I am sorry about your loss, Koko. It is sad when a friend (even ones with fur or scales) passes away. I like looking at my fish swim and do what ever fish do during the day. I think they are generally looking at the pebbles for food.
  13. I was watching my goldfish this afternoon and a thought came to me. Where do pet store goldfish come from? I know pet stores do not make fish in their back room, but where are they from? I know that one fish is from petsmart but the other fish was from a pet store that was at a mall. I do not know where my fish were before they were at the pet store.
  14. I am thinking of getting into feeding my goldies frozen veggies and fruit. I know they can eat peas. I am thinking of trying carrots, broccoli and green beans. I can get the frozen kind at the local grocery store. How about any frozen fruit that would be good for my goldies? I thought of trying some banana pieces but bananas go bad so fast. Wonder if I can only buy one banana instead of a bunch of bananas? Right now looking up YouTube videos on food for goldfish. Would frozen spinach be great for goldfish?
  15. I forgot about this thread. Right now watching YouTube video about broccoli and goldfish. Wonder if this will work with frozen broccoli and microwave use for goldfish. Wait that is not a goldfish but a fresh water angelfish. Wonder if goldfish can eat broccoli and like it. My goldies love the peas I just gave them. I did not stay and watch them eat but it looks like all the shelled peas that I put in the tank are gone.
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