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  1. I need to get some water for my goldfish. I have a superstition that I think I cannot get water from the bathtub right away after someone takes a shower.
  2. I am sorry about your loss, Koko. It is sad when a friend (even ones with fur or scales) passes away. I like looking at my fish swim and do what ever fish do during the day. I think they are generally looking at the pebbles for food.
  3. I was watching my goldfish this afternoon and a thought came to me. Where do pet store goldfish come from? I know pet stores do not make fish in their back room, but where are they from? I know that one fish is from petsmart but the other fish was from a pet store that was at a mall. I do not know where my fish were before they were at the pet store.
  4. I am thinking of getting into feeding my goldies frozen veggies and fruit. I know they can eat peas. I am thinking of trying carrots, broccoli and green beans. I can get the frozen kind at the local grocery store. How about any frozen fruit that would be good for my goldies? I thought of trying some banana pieces but bananas go bad so fast. Wonder if I can only buy one banana instead of a bunch of bananas? Right now looking up YouTube videos on food for goldfish. Would frozen spinach be great for goldfish?
  5. I forgot about this thread. Right now watching YouTube video about broccoli and goldfish. Wonder if this will work with frozen broccoli and microwave use for goldfish. Wait that is not a goldfish but a fresh water angelfish. Wonder if goldfish can eat broccoli and like it. My goldies love the peas I just gave them. I did not stay and watch them eat but it looks like all the shelled peas that I put in the tank are gone.
  6. I was wondering about frozen peas and goldfish, but do not want to start a new topic over it. I only need a max of half a dozen peas to feed my two goldfish. I have bought a bag of frozen peas but it is too much for me to eat in one sitting and to also give my goldfish. What do I do with the excess peas? Also how often should I feed the peas to the fish? Just looked at the bag and it suggests that one bag is 4 servings (for a human). Also what other frozen veggies are good for my goldies? I do have a mixed bag of peas and carrots, but I know I can separate the peas from the carrots as I prepare each pea individually. I got these peas at walmart but I can get frozen veggies at dollar tree or food lion too.
  7. Almost every weekend I do an over night visit to my Mum’s. If I am gone two or more nights, I ask one of my housemates to feed the fish at least once per day I am gone. Of course, they still look hungry by time I get back home. I know Charley always tried to look hungry but somehow she can always look more hungry than usual.
  8. I have an interesting problem with my two Goldie friends. Charley is fast becoming a chubby egg shaped orange and white goldfish, while Summers is staying a slim black moor. I know that Summers is eating some as he is still alive, but I know for sure that Charley is eating too much. I am concerned that Charley is over weight by an ounce or so (or maybe a fraction of an ounce as I have no way to weigh a Goldie). I am afraid that Summers is not getting enough to eat. I am getting iCloud errors so unable to upload pictures of the two goldies. Probably will be able to upload them when I get back home or at least take new pictures. Is there any humane way to make sure Summers eats more but Charley eats less. I could take the net which is at the bottom of the aquarium (yet again) and net Charley until I see Summers eat some but then Charley might think it is animal cruelty.
  9. My fish are doing okay. They are liking their aquarium. One is chubbier than the other. Wish I could show pictures but soon I can. I think Charley is a she and Summer is actually Mr. Summers.
  10. I just realized I forgot to get into the habbit of water changes. I just did a water change this evening. I took about a third to a fourth of the water out and put fresh water back into the tank. When should I do the next water change? How much water should I remove? Also I lost my water test kit somehow in my closet, and not sure where it is now. I am on a budget so what water test kits do I really need for my goldies? Wait I have a spare water test kit but slight issue is that I lost the guide to tell me what the tests mean.
  11. Went on an overnight visit to mum’s but back again. . Here is one of my happy goldfish. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Oh I forgot to say I am back home. My goldfish are fine. Their water is still clear. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I got an old hood for my “new” tank. It holds not halogen bulbs but the other type. I am trying to decide if I am going to just get new bulbs for it or buy a new hood. That is the type of light bulb it uses. If I get new light bulbs, what type should I get? Can I get them on Amazon? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I am going on a trip out of town starting tonight. I asked a housemate to feed my two goldfish while I am away every night. I normally feed them 2 to 3 times a day, but I was wondering if asking my housemate to feed them just once per day would be enough. Or should I ask them to feed my precious Goldies every morning and night? I want to make sure they are okay when I come back by next weekend. I have two brands of food. Omega one and aqueon. They are both pellets. I try to alternate between the two to keep it fun for the fish (hopefully). I do go to work in an hour but will be back home in afternoon to finish getting ready for my trip. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. They seem to be happy, but they tend to rest together in the same corner of the tank sometimes. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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