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  1. I've got my eyes on a local-ish goldfish and koi breeder as well. I didn't know about him a couple years ago, but he's about 2 hrs from me. He's in peak koi season right now but he does get some beautiful goldies in often as well. I'm more excited about getting set up and properly cycled than to rush into getting fish!
  2. I bought it. It's lovely. The man I bought it from almost had second thoughts about selling it... but I managed to convince him that it was the right choice. He said to send him pictures when I have it all set up Honestly, the stand that it comes with is what sold it for me! We are going to look at some house-jacks this weekend. I'm going to take my time getting my filtration and accessories, to make sure I get the right stuff. This is the largest aquarium that I've had - I'm thinking a canister filter might be my best option? I've only had HOB filters in the past. Any advice in that respect would be great. I'm envisioning a bare-bottom tank with some natural wood and Anubias. Any recommendations on keeping the plants flourishing and healthy would be great as well. I've got lots of time to get set up and will be doing a fish-less cycle once we are prepped.
  3. Thanks! I'm going to see the aquarium today... and bringing the truck (just in case)
  4. Hi Guys! It's been a long time and quite a bit has happened in my life between last January (has it really been that long?) I have since lost both my goldie and my precious Betta. My goldie did not acclimate well after a move and my beautiful grey Betta made it to a ripe old age... he is sleeping now both eternally and peacefully! Well - I have since moved three more times, however the last time it was due to a new man in my life. We moved in to a home together last December and we have gradually been making it more 'homey'. Goldfish and ponds have come up in conversation quite a bit. We have a relatively large backyard (larger than I'm accustomed to, having only rented rooms and bachelor apartments prior to this relationship) that could use a raised pond - but not to get too ahead of ourselves in terms of work and planning, a compromise was made for an aquarium! I still have my 5.5 gallon Fluval Betta tank, however I was thinking about a planted shrimp tank for this one. I have yet to come across a Betta as beautiful as my late one, and would now prefer to have small crustaceans in a tank that size. As fate would have it, I came across a gorgeous 75-gallon aquarium in the classifieds on an oak stand at a reasonable price. I immediately sent it to my partner saying, "Uhm, I might jump on this...", and he was for it! (We might have to secure some beams downstairs with some house jacks - but lucky me to have found a handy man!!) So ladies and gents of Koko's.... it looks like goldfish might be on the nearish horizon for me, assuming all goes well with this aquarium. I am seeing it on Saturday and bringing the pickup truck just in case I already have grand plans for a planted bare-bottom tank with at least one or two goldies. It has been so long for me.
  5. Copepod under microscope!

    I brought a sample of my betta aquarium water in to the lab today just to see what I could find. Thought this was pretty neat! A little copepod. Took a bit of Protoslo to slow him down. Hope you guys enjoy!
  6. A little video I made.

    To help with the stress of this holiday season
  7. My New Betta

    Wow! He's beautiful! Awesome find.
  8. Looking 'betta' already :)

    Thanks, guys!
  9. My little fella's fins are growing back in nicely... and he's in a good mood!
  10. Your goldies are beautiful! And I'm loving your username.
  11. Emergency!

    Just chiming in here because I thought this was a weird coincidence. Do you think this has anything to do with it? https://weather.com/news/news/mosaic-sinkhole-florida-wastewater-contaminated-plant-fertilizer
  12. Self-harming Betta :(

    The acrylic sheet idea is pretty neat! My living situation is temporary (I went back to school), so I'm hoping this all passes at some point. He did just fine all weekend alone with the lights off! I did leave a little LED nightlight on for him so it wasn't pitch dark. No signs of additional nipping, either. Just wanted to mention that this is the first instance of nipping that I've seen with him. It was very surprising seeing him react so much when I did the light 'experiment' - I've never seen him even flare up prior to that. Today was water change day and he seems to be healing up nicely. We'll be back to half-moon status in no time!
  13. Self-harming Betta :(

    Hi all, I'm so upset! I moved recently into a basement apartment, my beautiful Betta did quite well with the move (my plants, not so much...) despite how worried I was about the whole process. Everything was going well, until I left him for a weekend alone. The apartment is quite dark and doesn't get a whole lot of natural lighting. I left his light timer on as usual.. however, since I was gone the ambient room light was off the whole time and I'm thinking his reflection was super visible with the aquarium lights on, thus stressing him out, and he started self-harming his tail. The top half of his tail fin was shredded and there was a giant bubble nest. He's always been a relatively calm fish, I've never seen him flare his gills until after moving. I did a little experiment and turned the room lights on and off just to see his reaction. Every time I turned them off, he went crazy - flaring and darting around. I haven't seen him nip, but judging on the location of the shreds, it looks very much like it. Problem is, I am leaving again this weekend. I'm wondering if I should just turn all his lights off for the two days I am gone? I know this won't bother the fish, I don't want him to get stressed to the point he starts nipping again. It looks like he's starting to heal. However, I do have live plants and worry about them just as much. I have some anubias, crypts, scarlet temple, some moneywort plants (that are struggling), as well as pothos that are rooted in and overhang the aquarium. I've considered replacing the lighting on the aquarium, too since they are relatively bright LEDs but the funds are just non-existent at the moment.
  14. My Planted Red Eared Slider Aquarium

    Cleanest turtle aquarium I've ever seen! Great job.
  15. Unboxing Video of my Dandy Oranda Kirin Tele

    Dolly is beautiful!!!! Congrats Good luck with the QT.