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    Who is going to be watching the MF Aquatics auction on Facebook , Thursday (1st December) ? It's great that the UK is following suit and we're getting more fancies!
  2. Saki Hikari Purple Bag

    I have 2 unopened bags of purple and green, both expiry June 2017 so I'm not gonna get through them either haha let me know if you wanted some

    It's lovely but about time for an upgrade! Thank you, I'm hoping it will go soon but no interest so far
  4. COLLECTION WALES, UK ONLY £230 ONO - PLEASE READ BELOW: Comes with: Fluval Roma 200L black and white tank Fluval Roma black and white cabinet Fluval U4 internal filter 2x Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 2x Sun-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 I have taken off the white paper from the bottom of the tank and also painted the back with Krylon matte black spray paint but it is easy to remove. One of the brackets in the light hood doesn't work unless you wedge the bulb in the correct position. Other than that the cabinet has 2 screws in the back panel where I have mounted an extension cable to provide a drip loop. The cabinet and tank are in mint condition. Aquarium Measurements: 100 x 41 x 61 cm Cabinet Measurements: 100.6cm long, 41cm wide, 72.8cm high PICTURES WILL BE AVAILABLE OF THE TANK EMPTY ONCE FISH ARE SOLD PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS
  5. Apple/Mystery Snail Breeders UK?

    Just for anyone who visits this post I have found a seller on Ebay called Watergirluk, she has blues and ivory for definite as these are what I'm purchasing however I'm sure she has other snails and other colours as well!!
  6. New oranda has wen problems

    Do you have a link to the one you bought?
  7. Substrate

    Amazing! Thanks everyone!
  8. Substrate

    Haha thats alright! Seems quite hard to get the other Caribsea sand in UK I'll have to look around
  9. Substrate

    Never even thought of that, do you know the pros and cons?
  10. Apple/Mystery Snail Breeders UK?

    Does anyone know of someone who breeds or might have some snails for sale in the UK? I'm looking for blue and purple preferably as they're quite rare and really hard to find online/in shops since the import ban. Any help appreciated!
  11. Substrate

    Anyone got any good recommendations for sand substrate that is similar to Caribsea Crystal River?
  12. Can not wait to get my indoor pond set up

  13. 2 ryukin for sale

  14. 2 ryukin for sale

    So I have to rehome Luna and Albus somewhere in the UK obviously, so I thought I'd mention it here. Please check the buy/sell page I've posted more info.
  15. My first spawn

    Good luck! Keep the pictures coming