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  1. I will be there... And I believe I will bring my young man Bayana with me. Should be interesting. I'll post pictures here when I go.
  2. Shrimp and Star

    Shrimp first... Tiny Conet. October 22, December 14, January 11, and finally today... March 27. Still got the same wonky mouth and he's oddly fat body for a single tail. Star... November 25 - March 27.
  3. New Goldies w/ Problems

    Yes that should be fine. You may have to extend the treatment because of the salt impacting it, but we will wait on fish behavior and whatnot first.
  4. New Goldies w/ Problems

    Sounds good to me Taryl. I don't want to add any other medications right now anyway. She wants you to remove ALL the salt from the system. Hikari PraziPro is said to not be as effective with salt and the manufacturer advises that no salt be used with this product.
  5. Cute Blood Parrot

    Water buffered and all is well. Mary's stress spots are gone and all 6 Barbies as well as Mary are happy. I removed the Bamboo plants. They're growing and I figured they would appreciate the extra room.
  6. Cute Blood Parrot

    I've had this fish for an entire day now lol... She's super cute. I had heard they were friendly but I also heard they're usually very shy at first. This thing isn't shy at all. She will already hand feed easily and she will even let me touch her a bit. She isn't scared of my hand at all. I love this fish already. Even most of my goldfish weren't this bold with my hands... And especially not so early.
  7. Shrimp and Star

    Thanks a ton, Taryl. Couldn't have learned anything without you and the Koko crew.
  8. New Goldies w/ Problems

    Hmm. A conundrum indeed. Flukes don't tend to cause gulping and I doubt its flukes at this point anyway. Are you using liquid PraziPro? The manufacturer says not to use this product with salt. Quite a few people report that this medicine simply doesn't work. The abnormal poop is what I am trying to nix. If the Metro hasn't worked, then I'm not sure what exactly the cause may be. I'm so hesitant to suggest more medication at this point. They've had enough and with the air gulping, there's something else amiss. I shall ponder... Give me a while.
  9. Shrimp and Star

    And here are Shrimp and Star now. Some noticeable differences between July and September. Shrimp is still weirdly fat for a Comet but she's doing quite well. Star is doing well too. Beginning to look like a proper Ryukin rather than a juvenile.
  10. Atlanta Koi show

    They recommend a QT. They don't say for how long. I quarantine all the fish I got from shows properly, but disease claimed my pond anyway several months down the line. Quarantine no longer reassures me. It isn't a waste of time, but if there's something really bad, a quarantine won't stop it. This is why I shortened the QT on my Barbies. My two fish will be in the show and they appear totally healthy of course (this is required as any fish that isn't healthy will be removed) but they were exposed to something that claimed my entire pond and also claimed several fish that Taryl had. I don't believe the chances of cross contamination are worrisome or I wouldn't even take them because if they have whatever claimed my pond and pass it, a quarantine would make no difference at all.
  11. Goldfish sore on his back

    I have a small porch pond with 6 smallish fish. I net out debris once a week and try to clean their filter crud out twice a month. The filter is a 6 gallon flowerpot filter and the pump is like 400 GPH. Keep an eye on what collects at the bottom of the pond. This can be a breeding ground for nasties.
  12. Atlanta Koi show

    Ticking down now. Both Bayana and Star will be there with me. My sweet little boys. I hope to enjoy the show. I hope I don't see a fish I like because I do not have any room. I am only interested in one vendor that I trust, and he doesn't tend to have the fish I like.
  13. Open Chat :)

    Oops... That went into the WRONG thread. Haha wow. Can someone move it? If not... I can repost it there. In other news... normally my food turns out like rubbish but today it turned out great. It was shrimp alfredo. Not bland or weird tasting like usual. Was very good actually.
  14. Open Chat :)

    I lost almost 40 fish last winter to costia and a mystery disease that I suspect came from an imported fish. I got extremely discouraged and shut down the entire system and threw everything out. I had a few fish that weren't in that pond and made it through the winter fine. They gave me renewed hope in the hobby. I want a slightly larger system but not a large one like I had. I had problems all the time with indoor goldfish and I have written off trying to keep my fish indoors. Just high nitrates and issues. Rigorous and difficult water changes. Hard to keep but 2 or 3 fish because I only can fit a 55. There's no fun in 1 or 2 fish for me. And I like fancies which don't do as well in tanks. I switched to Cichlids indoors too. New to them. Haven't had any water quality issues yet. Nobody has died. I like many different types of fish and am trying my hand at other species too. My favorites are goldfish but I don't have a special one like I used to have. Looking for one. If I win, someone else can have it. Can't fit the shirts and don't too much want the figurine. I'm sure someone else would value it more than me.
  15. Buddy's Metamorphosis

    I have 4 Ryukins. All from the same spawn. The reds on two of the boys intensified and whatnot as usual. But one boy who had red lost all of it and is now totally white. He is that deep yellowish white though. And their sister, who was all white when I got her... Is still all white but doesn't have that yellow hue like her brother. So funny to me.
  16. Cute Blood Parrot

    Bettas do better at 6 pH than 9 pH. That makes sense. I could maybe try it in a small tank, but this is not realistic for a larger tank. It doesn't swing if I buffer it but it's possible to forget or not add enough and then yeah... It can swing.
  17. Cute Blood Parrot

    Yup. My water sucks butt. Many species of fish cannot live in it at all. Goldfish do okay and Blood Parrots are pretty versatile. I think it isn't great for Betta fish though. I think it harms them. I have never seen it fall below 6. And I mean maybe I could, but IDK how and it sounds like a pain in the royal... Well you get it.
  18. Cute Blood Parrot

    I saw it drop below 7 to around 6.4 in a bit over 24 hours. If left alone and not buffered, it crashes QUICK. I cannot keep any sensitive species of fish. They would die instantly. It comes from the tap at nearly 8.8 or sometimes off the charts.
  19. Open Chat :)

    Yup it sucked royal. I shall not be getting anymore Bettas. I wonder what else I can do in a 10 gallon that I can access. I like Guppies.
  20. Cute Blood Parrot

    Yup. She does try to eat them every now and then but her mouth is too small to eat them. Mary had some extra stress spots. I had a crappy pH swing. Gosh I hate my tap water. Her tank is at 8 pH and of course the tap is near 9. I have to buffer more. Crappy tap water sucks.
  21. Open Chat :)

    I cleaned my betta tank today. The intake doesn't have the strain on it but it's securely sealed with a pre filter sponge... except I forgot to put it back on when I cleaned it. The filter sucked up and killed Verdistis. Epic fail. Bleh. Always something. I really don't want another crowntail. They just don't swim well and they're hard to enjoy. The tank runs empty whilst I figure out something else to put in it. I may just shut it down.
  22. Open Chat :)

    Lol... Well my red afro has gotten huge as crap. Crazy looking now.
  23. Fish Bottom Sitting Since Last Night :(

    I've never had this problem either. I don't feed exclusively pellets and my fish live outside so it's different, but I've never had this issue. Soaking them doesn't help IMO. It just leaches important water soluble vitamins and minerals before the fish can get them.
  24. The Barbies

    They will QT here. If there are any aggression issues, I can move Verdistis. So far all is well. They'll only be here for a month or so and this tank is cycled and all should be fine. After that, they're destined for Mary's tank. They said schooling fish should work better for aggressive Mary since there are so many of them. And these fish are too big to be eaten and too fast to be bashed into things. She and other Cichlids DID NOT get along and I had to take them back.
  25. The Barbies

    Callisto won that custom designed fish bowl at the Atlanta Koi show 2016. I don't have another. That little dude was just a ???????? lol