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  1. Small (stunted?) black goldfish

    Black isn't really a color for a standard goldfish. I'm with Sharon. Perhaps they aren't goldfish at all.
  2. 55 Gallon Cichlid Tank

    I am fully stocked now too in my 55. For my last fish, I decided to add a Convict Cichlid. I will QT him shortly same as my Firemouth... And then I'll be done.
  3. Rustic

    November 14, January 11, March 2. I have very little fishy joy these days since almost everyone I've had for so long has died from the disaster, but I will still try and care for any I have left. This guy is doing well so far. Cool color change.
  4. Rustic

    Rustic is getting to be a big fella. I have to spread my fingers out wider to hold him like this lol. He's the king. Tough boy. Fast too. Still the hardest to catch though the biggest.
  5. Open Chat :)

    Koko I have no idea what type of birds they are. They're like Finches or something. I do miss seeing the cute things each day. I haven't even thrown out their nest yet.
  6. Ohanyu

    I went ahead and moved him this morning. I'll keep an eye on them both. So far... Everything is okay. Mary is only a little bit mean.
  7. Ohanyu

    So I keep getting told that much like goldfish, it's usually a good idea to keep Cichlids in pairs... I decided I will TRY it out. Mary was a bossy little girl around the other Blood Parrots and so I decided not to get another Blood Parrot. This is Ohanyu. He is a Firemouth. They don't need huge tanks and don't grow huge. They're said to be only semi aggressive same as Blood Parrots, as well. I REALLY wanted a Jack Dempsey but they get too big and aren't as compatible so this one worked. Not from Walmart and so not sure whether he and Mary came from the same distributors and so I decided to quarantine him. He will be outside and as it's July in Atlanta, same as Mary... He doesn't need a heater or anything. He's only 3 grams. Very SHRIMP. Once he passes quarantine, I will put him with Mary. If it doesn't work, I will return him. If it does work, I have TWO pretty Cichlids. His personality is clearly very different than Mary's. He is skittish. He looks healthy though. He wasn't aggressive towards any others in the tank. I watched for a long time before I picked one. I didn't want an aggressive one because I don't think that would be best knowing Mary. Perhaps this will work. He is faster and more agile than Mary... so hopefully he doesn't turn aggressive.
  8. Little green pond

    Thanks. The regular goldfish are out growing the fancies... Typical lol
  9. Little green pond

    And the goldies hoping for more food lol
  10. Ohanyu

    He seems okay. He has begun to eat. Never when it's offered but the food is always gone now rather than sitting in the tub. He swims a tiny bit but not much. Apparently my QT isn't appropriate. He isn't like a goldfish. He's terrified sitting out there on the back porch. There's no where for him to hide and he's just super stressed. Firemouths are apparently very very timid and shy. He's more likely to stress and get sick or die out there so I will shorten QT. I will leave him a few more days and then move him.
  11. Little green pond

    I've had the green water all summer. And as usual... It always clears up on its own. It's not totally clear but it's begun to clear up. The fish don't truly care one way or the other lol
  12. Open Chat :)

    Turns out they were waiting for their mother to take them. She returned and they all left. They were too big for that nest and I think she moved them. Though they were quite large so maybe they flew off on their own. Either way they're gone now. I enjoyed them while they stayed actually. Cute little things.
  13. Open Chat :)

    Hopefully you don't die of cuteness... I almost did. These are some SILLY birds. They're getting too scrunched in their nest and so they have decided to use the entire planter as a nest.
  14. We lost all our four year old fish. Snails to blame?

    I lost all my fish and there was definitely not a water quality issue. I always kept tabs on it and even when all the fish were dying, there were no issues detected. Losing all the fish after a long time of them being healthy doesn't always equal a water quality issue.
  15. Ohanyu

    I tried to put him under a bit of shade since I know these fish like to hide. Hasn't had any effect. He still won't touch food and will barely move. This has happened before and almost always results in death. I believe it's a pH issue because healthy looking and normally behaving fish go immediately to lethargic and refuse food. Sucks. I really liked this fish and wanted him to do well.
  16. Little green pond

    I don't like the green water but it doesn't harm the fish at all and I don't want to mess with it. They seem to love the green water. Thank you for the video advice though.
  17. Open Chat :)

    And 10 days after hatching, they actually look like proper birds. Pretty cute. Turns out there are 4 of them and not 3. I look from time to time but don't linger and I never ever touch them, feed them, or reach towards them. I just look. Their mom seems to be doing a great job and there is no need for my intervention.
  18. Ohanyu

    I was careful with temp acclimation but he doesn't seem to have adjusted well. He won't really swim anymore and I offered a pellet and he would not touch it. I've had this happen a few times with goldfish and the outcome is usually not good. It might be a pH difference because it's never happened with a Walmart fish but has happened a few times with Petco and PetSmart fish as well as two fish I got online. I hope he comes around.
  19. Open Chat :)

    That's weird. I too have never heard of them being notorious jumpers. I've heard of Bettas jumping but mine can barely even swim and so I am not too worried about that. I wonder if Blood Parrots jump. I don't think so. I have lids but I keep them open since the tank runs very warm it helps with the oxygen exchange.
  20. Open Chat :)

    I've heard of swim bladder issues in Betta fish over and over. It's annoying for sure. I am going to keep trying.
  21. Open Chat :)

    I've had a Betta in a ten gallon since last September. He has developed some sort of swim bladder issue I believe. I've been trying to treat him for three weeks, but he isn't getting better. He eats still but he can't swim properly. He either floats at the surface or sinks to the bottom. He seems to struggle to get up and down as well. I am thinking about trying a different tank for him. He's a junk quality crowntail.
  22. Ryan's 75G Goldfish

    This user has posted on multiple sites and been warned multiple times about this odd mix of species. The fish all need different environments as well. There are Guppies, Angelfish, a lone Discus (really not appropriate to keep this species alone and he is clearly very stressed), and fancy goldfish all in an empty looking tank. Telling him anything is an unfortunate waste of time.
  23. Cute Blood Parrot

    Finally got a size on this thing. She is 9 grams. Quite the shrimp. She's getting some color though.
  24. Cute Blood Parrot

    I've had this fish for an entire day now lol... She's super cute. I had heard they were friendly but I also heard they're usually very shy at first. This thing isn't shy at all. She will already hand feed easily and she will even let me touch her a bit. She isn't scared of my hand at all. I love this fish already. Even most of my goldfish weren't this bold with my hands... And especially not so early.
  25. Open Chat :)

    Nevermind! The eggs actually hatched TODAY. There are already baby birds in the nest. Awww.... ewwww... idk which one to say omg...