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  1. Rustic

    He's a Comet I had left from an experiment late last year. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them and so they stayed. Him and another tiny Comet named Shrimp I still have left. I've also still got all 5 baby Ryukins in the front pond. So far, it is still healthy and unaffected.
  2. Rustic

    November 14, January 11, March 2. I have very little fishy joy these days since almost everyone I've had for so long has died from the disaster, but I will still try and care for any I have left. This guy is doing well so far. Cool color change.
  3. Costia

    Yes the first thing I tried was that. Very expensive, too. It did not work. Fish kept dying. I then tried salt treatment. Still did not work. Fish kept dying. I realized that I was going to lose everyone so I pulled the last ditch. Potassium permaganate. Fish began dying at a slower rate. A few began to look better. I pulled the remaining ones and slammed their pond with a totally lethal dose of PP, let it dry out, scrubbed it down, and put it back up. I put the remaining fish back and kept a strong salt solution in there. So far, half of them look much better and will even eat. Two now look perfectly healthy in every way. The other half I'm not sure about yet. Their fins and stuff are all healing now but there's no way to be sure who exactly will pull through. One has nasty pop eye and won't eat, I have pulled him from the salt and into and epsom and metro. Maybe he will recover. No way to know yet. Taryl I am so sorry the boys I sent had this. I had zero idea and everyone looked totally healthy until all of a sudden. I didn't mean to risk your fish and I hope none of them die. It's easier to contain Costia in a tank but still, I'm so sorry. In a way I am happy you have them though because in retrospect, they likely would all be dead if I still had them. Still, I apologize so much.
  4. Costia

    Yup. Totally sucks. Thanks Mandy.
  5. Costia

    There was probably an infected fish added somewhere along the lines somehow. It may have been Judas but there's absolutely no way to be sure. Solid Gold blamed the loss of all her fish on two fish she got from Southwest Koi, and my fish loss is very similar and I got one from there as well. The parasite lay dormant until the terrible weather gave it a chance, then I guess it took over. I am down to single digits now but I will not give up. I will fight for the ones that are still fighting. There is one that seems to have recovered totally. There are a few that seem to be recovering fairly well, and then there are a few that are just hanging on and I have little hope for. If I can save even one, my efforts will have been worth it.
  6. Costia

    The ONLY good news is that the front pond is still unaffected. Patiska was exposed to the back pond and was in there. He wasn't thriving and I put him down some time ago. But I am watching closely. If I catch it quickly, in that system which I can heat well... I can get rid of it before it claims any babies. I have been ultra careful to not cross contaminate but like I said, there was a fish who would have possibly been exposed sharing that pond anyway so it is merely important I keep an eye out.
  7. Costia

    All my fish looked absolutely healthy when I sent them to you Taryl. I would NEVER EVER send anybody sick fish on purpose. I mean I had no issues out of any of these fish for like a year and I don't shorten or skip QT ever and this happened all of a sudden. Koko, I am down from 27 to 13 with several more at deaths door. It looks like it will be a total loss unfortunately. It has claimed all of my calico Ryukin already EXCEPT Ulliri, which I am the most upset about. Everyone is very sick, covered in slime tufts, fungus, and bloody patches. Their fins have melted and there's nothing else I can do anymore. Callisto and some of the tougher ones are still soldiering on, but I don't expect anybody to survive.
  8. Costia

    I think so. I've already lost more than half of them and what is left is very sorry looking.
  9. Costia

    Thanks everyone BTW. Totally sucks to lose all my fish I've worked so hard raising and love so much.
  10. Costia

    Haven't added new fish in many months. Have never added non quarantined fish. Costia can be lurking for ages in a system and not affect healthy fish, but suddenly just get an opportunity to attack. Once it finds a host, stopping it can be impossible. I hope your boys are okay Taryl. This all happened within a few days. All the fish looked totally fine and dandy and then the massacre began. I suspect everyone will be lost sadly.
  11. Costia

    I recently had a horrible case of salt resistant Costia. I couldn't see anything initially on scrapes and by the time I was able to see the Costia, it truly was too late I guess. It took only a few days for my fish to go from healthy looking and normal (except two Orandas who never truly recovered after the freeze) to many fish dying left and right covered in slime and blood. Callisto, the absolute strongest fish I have and the king of the pond, has rallied the troops and the ones that are left are trying to fight so I will fight with them and see what happens. He is sick as well, which lets me know truly how bad this is. I may very well lose everyone but I haven't given up yet because a few are still fighting. I've been trying so hard to help them that I haven't been able to do much else here. There's no point in posting the losses, rather I will post who is left after another week or two. Truly a horror story.
  12. My gosh that thing is ugly...
  13. Ranchu is fatter on one side of his body

    I did mention epsom salt in a previous post, but didn't directly recommend it. I don't believe it'll help but worth a try. As long as the fish seems okay, I would wait things out. And whoever sold you this fish as specifically male fouled this up pretty badly lol
  14. Ranchu is fatter on one side of his body

    With the way this fish looks and the suspected cause along with passing red, I don't think I would bother to medicate either now unfortunately. Very bad sign with the red from the vent. I think she's totally egg bound and a ticking time bomb. If she doesn't appear to be suffering, I would just keep water clean and let her live out her days. But that swelling looks uncomfortable and she's already floaty and not well so I don't think she will seem somewhat normal for long. Poor little booshka. She's a very pretty fish, too. I know this sounds morbid but could you bring yourself to open up the fish if you euthanize it. I really wanted to try and confirm egg binding. If you can't do it, I understand.
  15. Ranchu is fatter on one side of his body

    If the fish is badly floating and seems as if it has no normal quality of life, then it may be best to euthanize her. In the case that we are wrong about the eggs and this is infection and that's fluid buildup, we wanted you to try medicating the fish first. Metronidazole is where I would start.