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  1. mjfromga

    What did you do today?

    And I also found this Instinct cat food for $2 as well. It's the Kitten formula but I'm sure 20 year old blue doesn't care XD. She wishes she was a kitten again.
  2. mjfromga

    My Golden Adventure

    Oh wow. Hopefully you can check them out and maybe buy a baby. Lol I wish you liked Ryukins. How's little Maggie? She will look pretty as a nice chunky adult, as well. Her colors are so pretty.
  3. mjfromga

    My Golden Adventure

    Oddly enough, Blue here only cost about $2. It's funny how cheap Shubunkin babies are here. I have several types I haven't truly owned before and so far they seem pretty tough and hardy, so with luck I'll be able to raise some types I haven't been able to raise before. A Common, both standard and London Shubunkins, and a Sarassa Comet.
  4. mjfromga

    My Golden Adventure

    Gotcha. Seems that sometimes there's just a bad batch. It does happen. I'm careful now with quarantine too. I'll never get another import and I quarantine outside on the OTHER side of the house well away from my current fishies. Super careful. I figured you would like this blue baby. I hope he does well because I can imagine how pretty he would look if he were to get to the size of say... Rustic. I've never had a Shubunkin before. The only non tiny ones I've seen in person is the occasional one at the goldfish show. I'm excited to see if I can grow some Shubunkins this spring/summer. I saw all my mud babies yesterday too. Totally fine. A cold spell is coming, but they made it through the first one and I believe in them. I do have a cover this time to try and keep ice off them.
  5. mjfromga

    My Golden Adventure

    None of them look very old and so it's odd that multiple of them are having dropsy issues. I've never had dropsy myself, but it's uncommon to get multiple fish to come down with it at once. Did your friend have issues with fish illness and loss before she passed these to you? Just wondering why she pulled away from the tank and fish. Might be related. I haven't had dropsy, but I had a massive outbreak of disease from a foreign (seemingly healthy) fish last winter that destroyed all my babies. No medicine could save even one of them in the end. I gave the same seller another shot but said I would never mix his fish with mine. When the new fish begun to show signs, I threw in the towel, unwilling to risk another mass outbreak. My point is, at this point, if these were my fish, I would unfortunately put them all down or seek to send them back to where they came from. It seems like something is spreading and after my nightmare, I will never take chances with the unknown. If it were ich, my decision of course wouldn't be the same but if I don't know what is causing fish illness, I won't take any chances. You truly did a lot to make me like single tails more and more and I actually am beginning to actively find some of them nice and want them. This is Blueberry, or just "blue". I got this fish thinking of nothing but you, so I figured to show you. Got her on the 6th, this was uploaded on the 7th. She's still fine thankfully. I think this girl will go into the mud with the others when she's done with quarantine, she seems strong.
  6. mjfromga

    What did you do today?

    Petco had a sale on its less popular foods that were set to expire next month. I got these 3 bags, 13 lbs of food for around $5. Pretty great deal when that bag of Blue Wilderness is usually around $26 by itself. My dog is 100 lbs so the food won't sit too long and so I'm not pressed about the nearing expiration dates on it. They're sealed bags and all is well. He's sort of a chubby man and so I don't suspect that he will have any issues as far as taste goes. I also decided to do a pH test on a bottle of water that we buy just out of curiosity, and the pH was 8.8 off the charts high... Same as my tap water. Very interesting indeed.
  7. mjfromga

    My Golden Adventure

    She's my favorite as well. Sad. Maybe she will pull through.
  8. mjfromga

    White Pimples on Tail Fin

    Don't get me wrong, I fully think that the methylene blue will be useless. I don't have any reason to believe that this is fungal... So I believe ALL antifungal approaches will be useless. I did say that. Yes the acriflavine does have much stronger fungicidal etc effects, but that's also what makes it much harsher of a med in general. The OP is free to do what she wants. I simply cannot stand behind medicating this fish with those meds in this case and so I decided to add my opinion this time. I've seen medications recommended on nearly every disease thread recently when I wasn't sure that they were needed and I decided to say something this time. If the bumps are fungal, much like most external fungal infections, they should begin to worsen/intensify fairly quickly if left untreated but are still not generally life threatening until left for quite some time. That's just how fish fungus usually works. This is why I advised to wait and see before the fish is attacked with medications. If they begin to worsen, then try the meds. If they respond, then that's great. You know what works. If Taryl stands behind this treatment and recommends it, then I say go for it. She's always been a great help to me and I trust her judgment on this issue.
  9. mjfromga

    White Pimples on Tail Fin

    I don't think your maintenance is the issue here but if you find that your filter pads are extremely dirty each time, upping maintenance won't hurt. A prefilter sponge also isn't a bad idea if you notice food being sucked into the filter. I have them for my tropical tank and it really helps food from going into the filters. I don't think this is fungal. I mean I could be wrong but there's nothing here that supports that this is a fungal infection. It doesn't even look fungal to me. The streaks are very mild and they make sense alongside these bumps. To me it's not a concern either. With methylene blue, you MUST NOT dose the tank with it. It'll stain everything a dark blue color and ruin the inside of the tank. You mix the solution in a bowl and you dip the fish in it for a few seconds and then you put the fish back in the tank. This can be done daily for a while to see if it helps. And unlike Acriflavine, methylene blue is very very gentle. Now - I don't expect it to help because though methylene blue is extremely effective on fungus, I don't think this is fungus. If the issue is stemming from your filter, and you seek to kill whatever is in your filter, understand that by treating your main tank, you may very well kill the good with the bad. Acriflavine put on my fish in a paste completely crashed her cycle almost instantly. I cannot recommend trying to use it in your main tank. No way. I've never used Pimafix myself and haven't seen success with it on goldfish, only tropicals. You said the fish appears to be behaving normally and so I definitely cannot and do not recommend hitting him with any meds or placing him in hospital. If anything, I would simply observe for a while and do nothing unless I see any change in behavior or the bumps get much worse.
  10. mjfromga

    White Pimples on Tail Fin

    This user does not claim to feed gel foods. Even so, many feed gel foods and never have these issues. They definitely don't do 100% water changes after each feeding. That's pure insanity. I don't think those bumps are fungal either. I agree with Taryl in that the bumps are likely viral. I think we are much too quick to use medication these days. I don't want people to think the answer to everything is meds. If they are fungal, why not start with something more gentle such as methylene blue dips? Acriflavine is a harsh medication and Bi-Furan probably isn't much gentler. Even if the meds DO help the issue, if the cause is what the person who recommended that thinks it is, the issue is likely to return again and again. The OP hasn't had the tank for long, it isn't heavily stocked, and the water parameters don't spell poor maintenance. I don't post in this section much anymore, but I can't agree with this medication route. To me it's excessive to start with and IMO it isn't a true solution anyway. I doubt the bumps will respond to those meds. The bumps may go away on their own, but it will take quite a while and if they are viral in nature, they will return... And so will any secondary issues that go with them. The streaking that I see is extremely mild and in a fish with that coloring, doesn't indicate any issues to me. I would wait and monitor the fish and see if the issues resolve themselves. At most I would do gentle dips, I definitely would not hit the fish with Acriflavine yet. I can't agree that multiple weeks of the recommended medication can't cause any harm. The fish might be fine, but making a habit of this and just being quick to use medications in general is why they are working less and less.
  11. mjfromga

    That clementine was NOT seedless...

    I am all for feeding them certain kinds of veggies. Of course I agree with fresh fish and shrimp sometimes as well. It's fruits that I am on the fence about. Citrus and just fruit in general seems so unnatural when I look at their natural habitat and diet. Pellets are dry and somewhat unnatural but the ones with solid ingredients are fine as they contain much of what the fish would eat in a natural pond. Gel food is good, I feed it as well. And I feed bloodworms, shrimp, etc. Anything fishy or "seafood" smelling, they go for instantly. Some veggies they aren't thrilled about. So I guess to some extent, they like some foods better than others, but they're not picky eaters. My goldfish all live outside and I wouldn't ever attempt a planted tank with them (lesson learned). I don't have a large enough indoor tank for goldfish (also lesson learned) and they get tons of algae outside so I don't feed many veggies anymore. They do enjoy seaweed though.
  12. mjfromga

    That clementine was NOT seedless...

    I think she will be fine. I don't feed my fish things like oranges or anything with large seeds. It just sorta seems like it would be bad for them. Not because of the seeds, but just I can't see fruit doing a goldfish any good. I think she can digest the seed if she was able to swallow it. I think she will be fine.
  13. mjfromga

    What does this say?

    I thought I saw a TINY bit of green as well. Not sure why it's there but I've always had issues with my cycle not holding well and not being stable and so it doesn't surprise me. This is after probably 11 days with only a 5 gallon water change. It's a good thing this tank doesn't hold goldfish. My word.
  14. mjfromga

    What does this say?

    Thanks ladies. Mary is likely reacting to a pH change or perhaps something else. I didn't think there should be ammonia but knowing me, I wasn't sure. Water quality seems fine then.
  15. Mary, my sweet Blood Parrot showed a few tiny black spots this morning. She's done this a few times before. Black bits mean stress in the Blood Parrot. She's late on a water change because it's been cold lately and admittedly, I hate going out and dealing with water during a cold spell. I did a took out a 5 gallon bucket of tank water to clean the filter media and got it on the floor and then said... "Hell no, not doing this." and quit. I essentially did a 5 gallon water change lol. I didn't actually clean the filter media. I decided to wait a few days and do a proper change. Maybe clean the media tomorrow or something. The black specks were this morning. There are pH issues. This is low for this tank. It's usually a deep purple color. Also, I can't tell if that ammonia is registering anything. It looks like it might be trace... With a 7 month old tank which doesn't usually have any issues. Nitrites were clearly 0. I added the nitrate test just to compare with the ammonia test. I decided to Prime her up for the next few days until a change as well as buffer up the water a tad and see if that makes a difference. I suspect the pH issues stem from me adding the 5 gallons but not adding any buffer. Didn't think it would make a difference but perhaps. I also suspect Mary's stress spots are from this... But cannot be sure.