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  1. What is up with my Goldfish?

    It would be wise to test KH at this point. I am neigh certain it isn't where it should be.
  2. Hi Daniel. That was me. I'm sorry it wasn't wrapped and stuff, I was running late with this and just wanted it to get there on time. I plan to send a card and something Christmasy looking as well. Just wanted the main gift to arrive on time!
  3. New Fish!

    So cute. I got some feeder fish late October to do an experiment with. I actually became quite attached to this little one. His name is Shrimp. He's grown in the month or so I've had him. I think I will keep him. I think he's got something wonky with him because he's always been too fat for a little Comet.
  4. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    As you can see by the ruler behind him, he's actually a shrimp. He's about 3" and 45 grams. He's a Ryukin so he's not supposed to be long but still. The closeup does make him seem big though lol. Macho shrimp.
  5. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Lol he isn't sure if this is a compliment or insult. XD
  6. I've dealt with painful recurring health issues this year. Kidney infections that wouldn't go away and then a horrible tooth issue. Need oral surgery to remove the tooth. It seemed so bad and I felt like it was way worse for me than anybody else, felt like it wasn't fair, but then I went to the hospital... A homeless man had been bitten by multiple recluse spiders on his arms and legs, and had no way to pay for any treatment. They were wrapped in like makeshift bandages. He was standing outside the facility. Had no other place to sleep except on the ground. He showed me the bites. He asked me if they would help him. He said he needed pain meds. He needed antibiotics. I told him they would help him. They will help him, even if he can't pay. They won't just let him suffer. He wasn't sure. He gave me a small backstory. Lived with his girlfriend and her mother and they threw him out leaving him with nothing. Anyway, upon leaving to go inside, he told me he was very sorry for disturbing me and just wanted that information. He was a very nice and polite man. I had spent so much to be whining and complaining that I lost perspective. Things could always be a ton worse. It actually helped me to be hit with reality like that. I am not saying it will help everyone and that people going through things don't need sympathy, but for me I really stood up much straighter after that and realized my pain and suffering could be worse, and I was thankful.
  7. Is Feesh??

    While it is under 50° in their water, I do not feed. They haven't had food for probably over a week now in there. Barely 45° out there now so still no food. And they can easily go another week without anything so there's no trouble.
  8. Is Feesh??

    Gotcha. Sounds good. I don't think I will be able to get the new bags before tomorrow but I will try.
  9. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    I iz small. I is cute. I iz Ulliri.
  10. Is Feesh??

    Totally okay and I understand. I thought you did too. Then I went to the PM you sent and it wasn't there. Should have checked BEFORE I bagged them. My fault. No biggie. I shall get more bags and try again.
  11. Is Feesh??

    I went ahead and put them back. I don't have a way to the P.O. And I figured it makes more sense to just ship them once I have the address. Not a big deal. I'll go back to PetSmart and get more bags. Hopefully they'll be fine. They didn't like that lol
  12. Matt and Tweedledee

    In the cold water. Hanging right in like tiny champs. Both "pinky matte" type fish. Weather has been insanely cold so far, so I'm not sure how all will fare but so far these two have been total champs.
  13. Is Feesh??

    I've PMed her already. The boys are sitting in the bags. If she doesn't respond soon, I will put them back and try again later. The mail lady isn't here yet and once she leaves, nothing moves. Unfortunate oversight on my part.
  14. Is Feesh??

    Lol I bagged them and stuff only to realize I don't have Taryl's physical address and thus cannot ship them. They can wait an hour or so but after that, I will have to place their bags back into the pond to get temp acclimated and try again some other time. I don't have anymore bags and whatnot.
  15. Is Feesh??

    Yeah the water here sucks major... Wonder shells cost too much to be helpful. The fish are all outside now and there's no way. I have to work around it. Okay so tomorrow is the big day! I just checked the pond. Very cold but all the fish are alive and doing decently. A few of the girls have mild buoyancy issues which is typical of fish not used to such cold but nothing severe. Your boys are all totally fine. They're pretty tough boys. I haven't given them Prazi in a bit as I had run out and had some medical stuff that came first and now I can't do it in the cold water so I do suggest giving them a QT and Prazi. Some of the Orandas have that white crap on their heads and this usually means it's Prazi time. I have a Priority Mail Large box that I should be able to use for two day. Will cost whatever the two day costs now... Which IDK exactly off the top of my head since I never use that service. The fish haven't been fed anything in ages since its been cold and I doubt they've been eating anything out there (algae etc) much either. Shouldn't be much waste. I see some huge turds in there but those are no doubt Asteroid or maybe another big smelly fish, not your smallish boys. I kinda have my packaging strategy and I know it's roughly 1/3 water and 2/3 air. We shall see. Kinda sad to see them all slow and mopey. It isn't usually this cold here, especially not this early. NASTY.