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  1. Tell me about it. But my issues lied with imported fish. Never had a vicious outbreak from fish I bought locally. They all come from the same farm down here that supplies all the southern mass merchandisers. But fish from sources that I don't know, I would definitely be careful and wait the extra time.
  2. So here's an update outside... I also fixed an issue with the overflow. Kosmos is gone. I strongly believe he didn't die of natural causes. I believe he was eaten or he went over the overflow during the last heavy rain. Their growing sizes make both a possibility. He was always the strongest one and vanished without a trace. I've got it secure now so we shall see. Anyway all the others are fine.
  3. Well that sucks. Sorry to hear that. I lost one recently too.
  4. As it turns out... The cats can't stand that food. Neither of them. I guess I see now why it was cheap. I would have been beyond furious if I bought that food at full price only for my cat to hate it. Today I did a clean of the mud pond. Kosmos, my favorite, is gone. All the other 6 were found doing okay. Some of them really are getting quite a bit chunky and I they were visible from the top. I did decide to net it finally properly... Was a pain but will definitely prevent any birds from hunting in there now. I'll post an update on the blog about it... But I also found something else at the bottom What a cutie pie... I want to find out what kind dude he is and see if I can care for him. He was looking quite pekid.
  5. Man that is HOT, but you guys get mild winters so there's the exchange. Your goldies should be happy and growing lol. Mine are totally annoyed. Today was 62° as high. In two days it'll be 20° at night. Crazy.
  6. Ah. I was about to say. They are wigglers. They don't swim super well but they definitely should not have SBD. If the tanks at the stores have currents, it can push them around. They do REALLY bad with currents. Try to maybe find a TEENSY TINY one and grow him up. A lot of the bigger ones for sale were grown out too quickly which really seems to be bad for them. Many young but large fish have SBD.
  7. Sounds like a plan. I can't say to nuke if the fish are showing improvement. The issues I had were all linked to imports. The fish did not show any improvements whatsoever after two weeks and I kept trying to treat even though they were worsening and many had begun to die off. In the end, there was no point and I would have wasted less time and money and less babies would have had to suffer if I had just put them all down after about a week. I went the extra precaution route with the import I got a few months ago. Quarantine way away from anybody and observe carefully. Sure enough, he begun to spit food and show signs of parasites. NONE of the other fish I have showed signs of this at ALL. I did try Praziquantel for maybe 4-5 days with no improvement. Then I switched to Flubendazole, which works better, also no improvement. Rather than tank more money and meds into a fish that I didn't know what he had and that I couldn't seem to treat with typical stuff that works, I put him down. I won't risk contamination and he wasn't getting better. I will never buy another import and hopefully I never ever have such an issue again. I'm happy the cute little one is getting better. I really like her. Hoping she makes it and can stay with you.
  8. Last night it was 24° outside. I covered my mud pond. It'll be 28° tonight and its very windy. I left the cover on. I'll take it off tomorrow. Gave Mary and her minions another 25% water change. So she's had her 50% now. Everything looks good there. Her Barbies are getting so big. It's crazy. I've done some more research and it seems like the Barbies might get 3-4", which I had no idea because when I see Barbies in videos, they're always super dinky little fish. I hope mine don't get that big. Yikes. They're already little bastards.
  9. Well she doesn't get good quality food usually. You see that giant bag of Special Kitty food that she usually eats. But our last two dogs lived to be 15+ years old and Blue there is about 20 years old. My other cat that ran away was over 10 years old. We've never really fed high quality foods because we really didn't know about it until we got my previous cat, because she had urinary issues and we had to search for different foods. Still, our pets have always seemed to do pretty well on standard foods thankfully. But I'm sure the higher quality food won't harm Blue and she's happy to have something different.
  10. Eh Ryukins all kinda have a wiggle that can look choppy and not fluid. It's just part of the variety. The more stubby the fish, the more you notice this. But they SHOULD NOT be floaty at all. Here's my little boy. The way he swims is completely normal and he won in his category. This is after multiple days in this yucky tank. This little boy has quite a large hump and a dinky little size so it's expected to swim a bit wiggly. If the way he moves bothers you, then the variety just probably isn't for you lol. They're not great swimmers. Not at all.
  11. And I also found this Instinct cat food for $2 as well. It's the Kitten formula but I'm sure 20 year old blue doesn't care XD. She wishes she was a kitten again.
  12. Oh wow. Hopefully you can check them out and maybe buy a baby. Lol I wish you liked Ryukins. How's little Maggie? She will look pretty as a nice chunky adult, as well. Her colors are so pretty.
  13. Oddly enough, Blue here only cost about $2. It's funny how cheap Shubunkin babies are here. I have several types I haven't truly owned before and so far they seem pretty tough and hardy, so with luck I'll be able to raise some types I haven't been able to raise before. A Common, both standard and London Shubunkins, and a Sarassa Comet.
  14. Gotcha. Seems that sometimes there's just a bad batch. It does happen. I'm careful now with quarantine too. I'll never get another import and I quarantine outside on the OTHER side of the house well away from my current fishies. Super careful. I figured you would like this blue baby. I hope he does well because I can imagine how pretty he would look if he were to get to the size of say... Rustic. I've never had a Shubunkin before. The only non tiny ones I've seen in person is the occasional one at the goldfish show. I'm excited to see if I can grow some Shubunkins this spring/summer. I saw all my mud babies yesterday too. Totally fine. A cold spell is coming, but they made it through the first one and I believe in them. I do have a cover this time to try and keep ice off them.
  15. None of them look very old and so it's odd that multiple of them are having dropsy issues. I've never had dropsy myself, but it's uncommon to get multiple fish to come down with it at once. Did your friend have issues with fish illness and loss before she passed these to you? Just wondering why she pulled away from the tank and fish. Might be related. I haven't had dropsy, but I had a massive outbreak of disease from a foreign (seemingly healthy) fish last winter that destroyed all my babies. No medicine could save even one of them in the end. I gave the same seller another shot but said I would never mix his fish with mine. When the new fish begun to show signs, I threw in the towel, unwilling to risk another mass outbreak. My point is, at this point, if these were my fish, I would unfortunately put them all down or seek to send them back to where they came from. It seems like something is spreading and after my nightmare, I will never take chances with the unknown. If it were ich, my decision of course wouldn't be the same but if I don't know what is causing fish illness, I won't take any chances. You truly did a lot to make me like single tails more and more and I actually am beginning to actively find some of them nice and want them. This is Blueberry, or just "blue". I got this fish thinking of nothing but you, so I figured to show you. Got her on the 6th, this was uploaded on the 7th. She's still fine thankfully. I think this girl will go into the mud with the others when she's done with quarantine, she seems strong.
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