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  1. Also, the tank is pretty bare. I would just sit around bored too if my home looked that way. There's very little to do. 2 or 3 marbles isn't really sufficient mental stimulation if you ask me. Goldfish love to forage and they like plants. It is my opinion that really bare tanks aren't appropriate. I keep lots of things on the bottom for my fish to move around and forage through even though I don't have substrate yet. I also have artificial plants scattered all around and bubbles that they like to swim through.
  2. Here's the tank currently @swimswim I did put the third one back home where she belongs. There's just the two others now. They aren't super big and they won't get super big. They're just cheap and tiny Walmart fish. The bigger one is about 2 years old now and the smaller one is a year old. Water quality is good since I was able to jump the cycle with some really nicely cycled media and there's a good amount of filtration. The issues last time I ran this tank were nightmarish. Extremely high nitrates and just a mess. I've learned a lot since then. There definitely isn't "white water" though there is a bit of current. The filters are HOB (not canisters with strong spray bars) which are both fitted with pre filters to slow flow a tad bit and also so their food doesn't get sucked in. It definitely isn't that bad.
  3. Shrimp and Star

    And miss Shrimp today. She's doing just fine. She's my favorite of the two regular goldfish. She's come a long way from that tiny fish last year.
  4. Rustic

    And here is Mr. Rustic today. Hardly RUSTIC anymore, but he's a lovely regular goldfish.
  5. What did you do for your goldfish today ?

    Shembje jelly bean and Tangelo truly don't too much like Tercey. They push her around when food comes and sometimes the big Jelly Bean just randomly goes after her. She's also sorta small and the current does seem to annoy her a bit. All the fish have been exposed to the same things ever since winter and so I'm going to just put Tercey back. If the bad chasing issue recurs, I will remove Rustic the Comet instead.
  6. A big 55 gallon tank with just one fish just doesn't allow most people to truly enjoy the hobby. I ideally want two in my 55 but right now there are three. Two are quite small. One is medium. I can manage this with like 1000 GPH of filtration plus sponge filters and regular water changes. Definitely no more. Goldfish seem to do better with a companion, I wouldn't keep one alone for that reason itself. Stunting as far as size isn't a big deal. The fish can still love a normal lifespan. Huge fish are more likely to die soon than small ones. Keep their water as clean as possible and ensure they have enough room to swim and they're good to go. I prefer ponds but I don't have the resources to manage a large one right now so I have to make do.
  7. I lost almost everyone this winter to Costia and disease. I've only been in the hobby since October 2015. My oldest fish now is a female calico fantail. I got her August 2016 as a tiny baby. She's one of the two survivors of the disease. I'm not sure how long she will live but she's my favorite. Around 2 years old now. I haven't weighed her lately but she's probably about 80-90 grams now and 4-5". She isn't huge but she DWARFS my other two.
  8. Tank Girls

    Forgot one.
  9. Tank Girls

    Shembje (calico fantail). Tangelo (orange Ryukin). Tercey (white Ryukin). Tercey has breeding stars but is female as she was being battered by multiple boys outside. She's inside until she gets a bit bigger and can handle them better. She's very SHRIMP. She's sorta scared of aggressive Shembje, but she's fitting in just fine. Second photo... Lol totally my favorite.
  10. I had a fish like him named Callisto. He did confuse some people but in the end, he was labelled a fantail despite his odd body and short tail. Some tried to call him a Wakin, but he's calico (not a true color for the Wakin) and his shape just isn't right. He even won a few awards at a show. Loved him until I lost him and all my other nice fish this winter to horrid disease.
  11. Rustic

    He can't be TOO old as I got him as a tiny WILD COLOR fish from Walmart last winter and he's already loaded with breeding stars and chasing the girls insane. Very annoying dude to have in my pond but there's nothing else I can do with him and he's a lovely regular goldfish and so he can stay.
  12. Shrimp and Star

    Shrimp and Star yesterday. Was netting algae crap and jist snapped a few pics. Shrimp is really coming along from that super tiny fish she once was.
  13. Rustic

    And here is Mr. Rustic yesterday. Note the terrible green water.
  14. Which do you like better?

    I am female. I am not "he". I was asked by Koko to refrain from further expanding on my comments or explaining them which I was going to do.... But I will respect her and remove myself from this thread.
  15. Which do you like better?

    Seeing as how those images are old (and stolen) images from Google and you're trying to act like you have access to these actual fish and know about them... and also how not even the most hardy Oranda could live anywhere NEAR 30 years, I don't know what your motives are here. What I DO know is that answering this thread... totally pointless. In addition, I am not sure how you are seeing a BLACK fish in the second photo. He's not black. He's bronze, gray, brownish etc. He isn't a BLACK Oranda. This little boy that I lost over the winter is a BLACK Oranda.