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  1. Doing their weekly water changes and found this the perfect opportunity to take photos of Jippii and Femi ???? Jippii is from Solid Gold Femi is from Coast Gem USA
  2. Believe me I went looking for white bowls that were 40cm and over all over locally and even went to San Francisco and China Town and a warehouse that specializes in bowls and pots and stuff like that. I could only find ceramic ones and plastic ones that were 20-30cm. The ones that were plastic weren't made to hold large volumes of water and so would eventually bow from the water volume and they were about $30-50. That's why I just ended up having my relatives get one from a factory that make these for shops in Japan that specializes in Top viewing ranchu, butterfly tail, tosakin..etc for my butterfly telescope.
  3. Jippii normally lives in a 55gallon tank you can check it out here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/122969-finished-fluidized-bed-filter-lids-projects/ this bowl is for presentation and check ups only ^____^
  4. I have been looking for large enameled goldfish bowls however it was difficult to obtain one domestically and it was way too heavy and expensive to be shipped internationally. So I ended up turning to FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Bowls which recently have been more popular in Asia due to being lighter and less likely to chip or be broken during shipment. My relatives found a wholesale factory based in Shanghai that ships large quantities of FRP bowls to Fancy Goldfish stores in Japan. I asked them to purchase one for me since they live in Shanghai and ship it to me. I recently just got it and I love it! I think the total cost of this 40cm FRP bowl was $50. They told me that the factory also had these bowls in: 20, 30, 30 (shallow fry culling tray), 40, 45, 50, 60 and 65cm. Since Jippii is still relatively small I only got a 40cm.
  5. Thank you everyone! While I was waiting for trick or treaters to come by, I just took out my phone and took some random photos of Jippii but this was the only one that wasn't blurry since she moves around and it's pretty dark except for the LED lights.
  6. Happy Halloween everyone! Here's a snapshot of Jippii's gorgeous tail~!
  7. I do try to turn it off after I sucked up all the stool at the bottom but it's very very slow and eventually it will stop. Unfortunately, all my window have screens so I can't put it out the window and other rooms/places are too far for my hose x.x
  8. Thank you for everyone's compliments <3 Here's a snapshot for the day! Every time I give spinach to Jippii, she acts like she has no idea what it is and dart away from it. She will inch closer and closer and after realizing what it is, will glomp it and rip it out of the clip LOL
  9. Wow Spice is huge in comparison with the others! I also love the coloring!!! I'm currently trying to find a similar coloring for a telescope butterfly however it's hard to find. Anyways thanks for sharing the pics!
  10. XD haha of course! That's the reason why I named her so! She has a habit of zipping back and fourth especially when I want to take pictures. Then they all come out blurry =___= lol
  11. California is having such a dry spell/drought and it has been so darn HoT. I've been feeling really bad about just using my aqueon w/c so today I finally looked up this website and I was pleasantly surprised I have three of these stores all within a half hour from where I live. I called one of the local numbers and told the gentleman what I was interested in and he is going to email me OR mail me a 20% coupon. (I'm assuming for anything to purchase) So, I'll be buying one of these Harbor Freight pumps sometime soon. (A year later from your thread though. Better late than not at all. hehehe) I just found this thread and am thinking of the same thing! I am still using my Python to do water changes but I feel terrible every time I do since I'm basically using double water to do the water changes when we have a drought in California currently. This is a great idea that I might look and invest into! like 40+ minutes to fill and about 20-30 minutes to drain. I just want it to be quicker because I am always busy and want it done as quick as possible lol I'm kind of thinking now, again, to go for the 620gph. I'll have to ask the employee if it's too much/fast if I'll be able to exchange for the 320 then. Did you end up using the 620? Hopefully you found the tubing for it. I would love to see how it worked out for you since I might be thinking of doing this method of water changes as well!
  12. I'm sorry for your lost :/ I've just read everything up until now. Has there been any improvements for the B&W Butterfly?
  13. Thank you~! I've always been neutral in terms of goldfish and mostly just stuck with betta and neon tetra and such but ever since I started watching Solid Gold's videos on her telescopes I've just simply been in love with them! I love their telescope eyes since it makes them look really cute to me XD
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