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  1. I won a commet goldfish about 4 years ago. I believe I was only 9-10 so I didn't know what to do I put him in 1 one gallon tank and when I reasearched online I found the sad truth. I quickly bought a 10 gallon tank and all the needed supplies with my own money that I had earned. He grew to be about 4 inches in that tank at only 1 year old. I gave him to my neighbors with a pond he is still there! I actually just saw him 2 days ago and he is 10 inches long and 4 years old and still very healthy I hope he lives alot longer.
  2. Yesterday was a really busy day for me. Me and my family went to down to the mall and went Christmas shopping. I got some new clothes and makeup. Of course being myself we stopped by a petsmart and I came home with 2 new bettas a big plastic plant for the goldfish tank and some frozen bloodworms. the two new fish are both veiltail bettas one male the other female. If any body has any names for these little guys I would LOVE to hear them! I'm not sure if any of your guys enjoy watching youtube videos. But I really enjoy watching a goldfish channel called solid gold. I got the plastic plant because I love how simple and easy her tanks look. The plastic plant was only 6$ and is about 6 inches long and suctions to the side of the tank. It is just a normal green plant though. everybody is doing really well and today is water change day for the goldfish. I ordered the repashy gel food of amazon it should get here in about a week. I'll get some pictures later today.
  3. Amazon also carries Repashy products--I'd check there, too. Your fish are gorgeous! alright, I'll check there! Thank you!
  4. My quick search suggests it is. alright I'll order it right now!
  5. aw, thank you so much! I got her at my LFS for only 15$, she was mine really quickly LOL
  6. so that is the unnamed calico ryukin here is another picture of her!
  7. Is dandy orandas the best place to get the gel food? I will get some pictures this morning! No my profile is not my black moor, I couldn't get a picture of him to save my life!
  8. What is the best pellet food you guys recommend? I have some saki hakiri and my fish don't really care much for it! What do you feed your fish?
  9. awsome! What part did you visit?
  10. I agree, how do I post pics?
  11. Hi guys! It's been awhile since I have been on here! I just have not had the time I got really sick and school kept me busy! Here is a little about myself. -I own TWO goldfish now! -I have plenty of other aquariums but this is my first goldfish tank! -I am 14 years old and a girl -I love music and play the flute -I have a 40 gallon tank with two large fancy goldfish my black moor, who is around 7 inches, and my calico ryukin who is 8-9 inches. -I actually enjoy doing water changes... weird right??? So here is what has happened since I last logged on As some of you know I started out with my black moor in a 20 gallon long with a 45 gallon filter. I found him at a LFS (local fish store) for only 7 dollars. He must have outgrown somebody's tank. And now I have him. Only 3 weeks into the hobby and I fell in love and bought a 40 gallon tank, a 80 gallon filter and my ryukin. My ryukin is huge about 8 inches. She is so big I took her home in a bucket from the LFS! Still no name for her and I am looking for names! I would love to post pictures I just can't figure out how! Hope you guys enjoy my blogy thingy! <3
  12. I have an algea problem to! I added 2 zebra nerites in my 40 gallon. They did help alot but did not solve the whole problem. What works the best for me is to scrub off the algea daily for only 3-5 minutes. Make sure to keep up with water changes to!
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