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  1. Bmitchell486

    Heater Recommendation for Pond

    Is it barely working in the summertime? Or barely working during the winter? What brand do you have?
  2. Bmitchell486

    New, goldfish owner to 2

    Welcome! I would love to see pics!!!
  3. Bmitchell486

    Heater Recommendation for Pond

    I am looking for a heater recommendation for my pond. Please note I plan on using these during the spring/summer/fall. I will NOT be using these once outdoor temps are lower than 60 at night, so I am not looking for a winter heater. Background Info: - I have an above ground outdoor 110 gallon stocktank pond. - I have 6 TVR's. Grew them out in there last summer, started ~1 inch, and now they range from 3in to 5in tl. - The stocktank spent the winter in my basement, and I just put it outside a few days ago. - I plan on putting three 3-4 inch east coast ranchu out there for the summer to grow them out before they will reside in their permanent home in an indoor tank. (Don't worry, I have been keeping up 10-20% daily water changes, and 50% once/twice week water changes for a year. While it is overstocked with 9 fish, I consistently test my water 1-2 times a week. The 3 ECR's have been in there with the 6 TVR's since I got them. But when I moved the stocktank outside a few days ago, I put the 3 ECR's into an indoor tank while I think through the fluctuating temp issue) I've watched several knowledgeable hobbiests, and 1 professional breeder have significant problems with their outdoor fish this spring. Therdeye_Goldies on Instagram lost 30 dandy oranda fish in his outdoor above ground stocktank pond. Kittylovestofu on Instagram lost several of her very large ryukins from KingKoi in her outdoor pond. And most notably, Jennie from SolidGold lost most of her stock, including her prized Clyde. I've heard year after year that springtime can bring about problems, for a whole variety of reasons. But this year I've noticed it more than ever. Before putting my 3 ECR's outside, I reached out to Cynthia to see what she thinks. She advised the normal prazi prevention (already done) and to consider a week of antiprotizoan food to get ahead as well. But her biggest concern is temperature fluctuations that occur in small above ground ponds. In Ohio, we're in the 80's during the day and 60's at night. Since her stock is raised in consistent 70 degree temps, she thinks a variation of more than 5-10 degrees each day (while they are acclimating to day/night temp changes) could stress them out bad enough that they could succumb to illness. I imagine temp fluctuations are greater in smaller above ground ponds than they are in natural larger ponds. I have started taking AM, Midday, and PM temps to see what the fluctuations are. Okay, I am long winded. Sorry, I get antsy when I see knowledgeable hobbiests and a professional lose their stock. I still want my ECR's to spend the summer outside. My idea is to put aquarium heaters set to 70-75 degrees, so that the water doesn't get too much cooler at night. Okay, since I anticipate fluctuations between AM and PM to be greater than 5 degrees: Any recommendations on heaters? What do you think of the idea, in general? Stupid? I am looking at these: - Two Aqueon Pro 250 Watt - OR - Two Eheim Jager 300 Watt Thanks in advance for the help/advice!
  4. Bmitchell486

    Water Chemistry Question

    Update! I decided for the last 2 months to clean out my canister filters every 4 weeks (just for funzies, not as a result of this thread). I service my filter on the same day as water change day. I tested nitrates each time 3 days after I cleaned the filters out -- Nitrates still 0. Prior to each weekly water change, the Nitrates were also 0. Common sense would tell me the denitrifiers are in my sand. I also have not "stirred" the sand (raked my fingers through it) since I made the original post in January. Everything looks/smells/tests the same. I've got a 29 with sand (that one's at 1/2 in depth though). I put the 29 on the same filter maintenance schedule, and also quit raking the sand. This tank had nitrates showing up for the first 3-4 months I had it set up (been set up for 1/1/2 years now), so I didn't mention it in the original post. But this tank also has had 0 nitrates when I test 3 days after the filter cleaning, and right before each weekly water change.
  5. Bmitchell486

    Usual fish

    awesome set-up! You've got quite the predator list. The new guy is SUPER cute!
  6. Bmitchell486

    Our Fishy Friends

    I immediately recognized the fish! It's gorgeous. And congratulations on having a baby!!! I have a light that looks just like that (came from Menards though) above my pond right now Works great, and kept my marginal plants alive all winter until I put the pond back outside.
  7. Bmitchell486

    Tank of the Month Poll

    "Type" of fish! They have some nice orange orandas!!!
  8. Bmitchell486

    Tank of the Month Poll

    I think FishTankEnthusiast has a type
  9. Bmitchell486

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Stewberry Muffin (Stewie Griffin's offspring) and Wigglet (Gary Hater's line) (Koko, the "copy and paste" URL from photobucket wasn't working.... tried to post it as a link, but it wouldn't let me paste the link into the field... hope this is okay that I attached it as a file...)
  10. I get them every water change - they are from mixing hot and cold water from your tap. This winter, I have done water changes in my pond in my basement. The water temp is cold, so to match it, I turn on only the cold water from my tap, and have never gotten the micro bubbles from the cold water. As the temperature in my basement has increased this spring, I've had to add just a little of my warm water to match the temp... and now I get the micro bubbles there too I have never noticed any ill effects of the bubbles, but don't have anything other than my experience to back that up.
  11. Bmitchell486

    Strange prey for eagles

    So awesome!
  12. Bmitchell486


    Aw I am so sorry It's very obvious that he was SO loved.
  13. Bmitchell486

    Worms, ants and veggies

    Very cool!
  14. Awesome pics! I can't believe this awesome weather we're having!!! (I'm in Ohio). I have an above ground stocktank pond. This was my first year with it (and the fish were only 6 months old in the fall) so I got nervous and brought it inside I think next year I will keep it outside for the winter.
  15. Welcome! I agree, you must post a picture!