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  1. Hi everyone! I have been away from the forum for a while due to too much things to do at work. Anyway, the other day I woke up to find the bottom of my telescopes' tank completely covered with eggs. I was prety sure both fish are female but still decided to put some in a small 1gal tank I had laying around just in case I was wrong. I tried not to keep my hopes up especially when on day 2 I discovered many of the eggs had turned white. Readinh here and there I found out this means they were not fertilized. Still so e of them looked to me rather transparent so I overcame the urge to pour it all in the toilet in disappointment and only scooped the white eggs. And yesterday to my dismay I saw something black inside the eggs I kept! I have already ordered some brine shrimp and prepared a self-made hatchery but I'm competely at a loss what to do once they hatch(if they do). I read here that the tank should be at least 5gl. Can Itransfer them to a bigger container? Should I do it now or wait till they hatch? If I keep them in the small tank when should I change the water? Is it ok if I replace some of the water with fresh one now? According to my calculations they should hatch on Monday. Please help! Any advice will be very much appreciated.
  2. No, no, would never do such thing. By the way, how long the silver bath should last? Sames salt dip, 3-5min?
  3. Thanks Koko! I appreciate your help. I just want to have it at hand and know how to use it. One of my fish, Rorie, has a deformed front fin and I've noticed that it's very succeptable to fin rot. Apparently it's his achilles foot. I did a salt dip last time following Jenny's from solidgold instructions and his fin is ok for now. The white stuff cleared off and I keep close eye on him. However, he sort of passed out when I took him back to the fresh water bow and this is considering it was tank water and I checked it was the same temperature. Fortunately, he came back to his senses (took him good 2 minutes to do so) while I was in the middle of a panic attack wondering how to do a cpr on a fish. I suppose he is more sensitive and I should avoid salt in the future and treat him with something else.
  4. begemi

    New Betta Sparky

    Congrats! He's very handsome.
  5. Oh, here's the link to the only colloidal silver available here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ionic-Silver-Solution-Colloidal-Nano-Silver-High-concentration-30-mg-l-30-ppm-/161787594245?hash=item25ab4ac605
  6. I got it! 30mg/l means 30ppm. How much should I use in a silver bath? A hole bottle?
  7. Thanks a lot, Koko! I'll check if I can get a smaller bottle somewhere know that I have the brand name
  8. Thank you, Koko. Well, then I'll have to figure the 'parts per million' in percentages.....Maths really not my cup of tea or anything. I'll see if the pharmacist can help me to figure this out.
  9. Hi! I hope Koko will read this and help me out cause I'm told she's the expert on silver here. I'm looking into colloidal silver I can get in my country for my fish first aid kit. What I found is available in two forms: liquid and powder. There's a slight possibility I may need a prescription for the later and ask at the pharmacy what the concentration is and what additives it contains. The liquid one is described on label as 30%/l solution and recommended use in mouth was and desinfenction is 1 part of silver to be disolved in 2 or 4 parts of water. It also says that 100ml can be applied to treat 5 liters (aprox. about 1,5gal if my calculations are correct.) Is this concentration any close to the 500ppm Koko recommended in another thread? Should I go for liquid or powder? I'll have to order it as they probably won't have any in the pharmacy and the delivery will take some time.
  10. The instrusctions say: 100ml (30gm/l) and that 1 part of silver solution should be disolved in 4 parts of water for mouth/wound wash and desinfection purposes.
  11. Ok. Should I send her a PM then or wait til she sees this?
  12. Hi Sharon and thank you for answering! Yes I looked it up and found several all by local brands (very suspicious in terms of how close to true is the list of ingredients listed on label) but can't figure if the concentration's the right one. Most claim to be 30%. My guess is this is about 20ppm. If I get to use it should I put more? It says on the instructions that I should disolve it 1:4.
  13. Hi there! Sorry if this is not the right place to start this thread, though it seems to me it should be. I'm a bit of a control freak and like to be prepared for what comes so I'm making myself a fish first aid kit with all medicine I may ever need. Where I live the good stuff is hard to obtain as tend to be expensive and pet shops rarely sell them as having them on stock means 0 profit due to low demand which also results in the common practice of "extending" indefinately expiration dates on the packages of products. Already happened to me several times that I would buy something online and the good till stamp would be modified to a more convenient date by some forgery artist wannabe. In store itself ain't much of a different story. When asked why they sell expired goods, the shop person readily explains that this med or whatever is practically eternal in its effectiveness and never looses its healing or nutritive properties. This has made me resort to ordering online almost everything for my pets from UK. Hence the question in this section of the forum. I want to buy some colloidal silver for my fish stash but all I could find when searching the net is 20ppm and from what I read in a post by this forum's founder and reknown expert in c.silver, Koko, the concentration should be from 500ppm up to 1000ppm. If any of you British fellow goldfish keepers could advise me on where I can order it, I would very, very much appreciate it. Oh, and one more thing! I found this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Colloidal-Pets-Silver-250-ml/dp/B0063FWTTG/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1441175174&sr=8-9&keywords=colloidal+silver Do you know if it would do for fish too? Thank you in advance for all your help, M
  14. I'm planning on moving the old filter aka "the hell raiser" to another tank where I need more filtration and that is why changing the media was not an option and I looked for your advice. I decided that I'll keep them both running for at least 3 weeks. It's a very small tank where are have them now, about 10gl, so I guess 3 weeks will be enough. Shakaho, the new filter is A20 and the old one is, according to specifications given by the manufacturer, something more or less equivalent to AC50. I finished cycling the tank ( and that was fishless cycling by the way) last week so the media is not that old or crazy dirty either.
  15. Thank you FishiMandy and ChelseaM for clearing this out! I wish It could be done faster. I guess ear plugs are the only solution for the time being.
  16. Hi guys, I just got in the mail a new AC filter to replace my old Chinese and extremely noise hob filter. The tank I'm going to place it in is fully cycled and water change isn't due until 4 days from now. My question is: can I just change the old filter for the new one (not switching the filter media) without having them both run for a few days? I tought I could do that and start adding some Seachem Stabilty to help the filter accumulate beneficial bacteria. M
  17. Oh, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out. So what else can I do apart from feeding them quality food and making sure the aquarium water is always clean and fish safe?
  18. Hi there! As a newbie one of my greatest concerns is my precious goldfish would get sick. Reading here and there I learned that aquarium salt can be used as a form of treatment for fungus infections. What I read and also saw on Youtube was about giving fish salt dips or baths to help them restore and reinforce their bodies' natural defense. I was wondering, and here goes my question, could I add a teaspoon or two of marine salt to my 20g tank once a month as a prevention measure?I don't have any live plants so I only worry if the salt would mess with the water values or hurt the fish instead of keeping them healthy. Thank you in advance for your answers! M
  19. Hi! I registered over the weekend and decided today is good day to join in with a quick introduction of myself. My name is Maria and I'm from the capital of Bulgaria which is not Bucarest but Sofia. I'm a newbie to serious hobbist goldfish keeping. I'm also a proud owner of two butterfly telescopes (I will try to upload some pics of them at some point) named Rory and Goggles. I've had them for about 3 months now, doing my best to keep them alive and provide the best conditions in terms of water quality and food so that they would live a long and happy life. I hope my membership will help me to accomplish that. So don't be surprised by the avalanche of posts with questions I'll be throwing your way once I've got the hang of it and found my way around the forum. I like almost all breeds of goldfish though telescopes and ranchus are probably my favourite. Not really a fan of way too genetically- modified goldies with pompons and wierd appendiges growing on their heads...anyway...To me goldfish are creatures of extraordinary beauty and character. So, I guess this would do for a proper introduction Looking forward to learning many new things and interacting with you guys!
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