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  1. Ok, I get it. I just ordered some pure artemia (brine shrimp) and baby fish food. I'll see if I can borrow my dad's cooler for my next shrimp hatching attempt. Doubt it that he'll be willing to contribute to the cause using it to chill his beer and all...
  2. Just a quick report cuase I have to head for work in a bit. Moving went well. No casualties. No dead bodies in the water which was a great surprise. There's just one little guy who has a bend and looks like high voltage sing but is so vital. I didn't have the heart to give him one-way ticket to the sewer and I decided to keep him and call him Barry Allen. I'll post some pics on my blog page here later this week on my day off.
  3. Sorry for the dumb question but what's esky? I wait till tonight to see if the brine shrimp doesn't cook in the end. If naah, I'll give them some spirulina off the bottom of the jar I have as Sharon suggested.
  4. Do you mean dry daphnia? Cause I got that. I'll see what can I get delivered for tomorrow. I'll suck up what they don't it. Mess is my last problem right now. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Hello, It's me with the uptheen post this week. Sorry if I'm starting to annoy you guys with all my questions but I'm struggling here to keep my fry alive. So my latest panic attack is over a batch of brine shrimp eggs that I've been "cooking" for more than 24h already without them eggs showing any intention what so ever of turning into shrimp or any edible creature I could feed to my poor fry that, by the way, I suspect are beginning to starve. I've set a new hatchery inside a nano tank I'm getting ready for a betta, hoping that I'll be successful in bringing at least this one to life by tomorrow. The first one I set is in a plastic bottle placed in a bean's can filled with hot water I replace regularly. Just to be on the save side, I'm also running my rooms' heating full blast and I now officialy live in a self-made Turkish bath (it's15 C outside (~60F))...to no result...egg-hatching wise. So my question is. I still have some eggs left (it was a pre-mix I got). Can I feed them to the fry? Is there any type of food I can start them on before anything hatches? May be grind some Hikari or NLS goldfish pellets?
  6. I'll check if they have them listed on the official website and will post them here It cotains 50mg/g Flubendazole. I'm going to contact the company directly to find out how much I should use on fry.
  7. Thats a great idea! I'll see if I can get one from the local pharmacy. Thanks for the tip!
  8. I'll check if they have them listed on the official website and will post them here
  9. I found it on ebay and amazon.co.uk. I don't know what quantity is to be used but you're probably right that it is expensive for it is only 5gr packages. I tried to order some from amazon.com but they wouldn't ship it abroad so I'll just get this for now and wait till a friend comes back for Christmas or another holiday and brings me prazi pro. Any ideas how much I should use on the fry?
  10. She seems ok for now but I'm keeping a close eye on her.
  11. I keep putting aquarium salt every time I change the water, right?
  12. I decided to start this blog to keep a log on my accidentally spawned and hatched fry. May be if would be of help to others who go trough the same experience.
  13. I keep putting aquarium salt every time I change the water, right?
  14. Oh, don't know what I have but if it happens again next week I'll have to separate them
  15. Thank you all for the advice! I think I'll try to scoop them with a small plastic glass I have. There are only about 15 fry so I want be at it the whole day. If the glass doesn't do the job I'll try the airline trick. I'll keep you posted how the move went.
  16. Hi guys! As it all started by accident (I didn't expect my goldies to spawn and when I saw the eggs I was in a hurry to get them out before they became their mom & dad breakfast). I never expected the eggs to hatch so I just dropped the eggs I managed to fish in time in a small tank that is now covered with some grose white stuff. I want to catch the fry, clean the tank and put them back in. They are know all swimming so I guess it's good time to do the relocation procedure. I thought I could suck them out with the straw I used to remove eggs that were not fertilized but I worry that they may get hurt by the suction. May be catch them with a small plastic cup? I would very much appreciate any tips on how to do it.
  17. Hi there, Could anyone advise me on wether Wormer Plus would be sutable for fry goldfish? I read that I should start my fry anti-fluke treatment when they reach their second week. Thanks for answering!
  18. UPDATE: To my surprise all fry are still alive. LATEST NEWS: To my terror Rory ( now it is finally clear who's the female) has spawn again. I was sort of bugged this morning to find the tank all messed up with eggs considering I had done the 70% WC the day before. Don't know why I was under the impression goldies would spawn once every 6 months. Mine go for it every week...on Tuesday.
  19. Let me introduce the newbie Mum and paps: http://i963.photobucket.com/albums/ae112/mibegemi/image_zpsrtdl09if.jpeg And here is the tank where are curently have all new-born fries: http://i963.photobucket.com/albums/ae112/mibegemi/image_zpsryzyuhkr.jpeg I added some salt in the water just the night before they hatched( as always following the instructions I found here. Needless to say this forum has been of great help) but was afraid to put any methylene blue. As soon as they get "mobile" I'm planning to get them out and clean the tank. Now it's absolutely grose on the bottom because I took out the eggs that weren't going to hatch very late and some white stuff formed. I managed to clean it a bit but I guess it's not good for the fry. And here are the stars of the moment: http://i963.photobucket.com/albums/ae112/mibegemi/image_zpsfysdwvzc.jpeg This is the best I can get with my phone's cam. Would it be ok if I add some more water? You can see the water level on the picture. I want to change the air stone for the sponge filter on the pic ( http://i963.photobucket.com/albums/ae112/mibegemi/image_zpsryzyuhkr.jpeg ) because I think its better for the fry. As it all happen so fast and was absolutely unexpected, I didn't have a heater to place in the tank. I ordered one now for the time when I transfer them again to a bigger home. The temperature is 21C (~70F). Shoud I take some water out and add some warm water?
  20. A medal? I don't think I deserve one. Was on my way to flush the whole thing down the toilet when I decided to have a look with a magnifying glass just to be sure. I'll post some pics along with the questions I have.
  21. Oh, thank you guys! I hope they make it
  22. They've hatched! So tiny and still sti king to the bottom of tank. Is that normal? I saw a few sort of stending up on their tails...
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