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  1. Fry from Gen-1: one week old Fry from Gen-0: two weeks old
  2. So may be I should go back to Prime. I'll see what others have to say.
  3. I think we have a misunderstanding. The tap water is pH7. The aquarium water is usually 7.5-7.8. I had to use some ph booster and later add some corral to my hob filter. The last was most effective in getting the right pH.
  4. So you guys suggest I get Ursula and Upsala (my pleco) deal with it? I'll see how they like it and will report the result here. Thanks for the tip Dan in Aus!
  5. Hi there guys! I'm running out of water conditioner and this time I plan to go big in stocking ( buy like a 1gal of it) as it takes about 2 weeks to receive my orders and with holidays coming up it would probably take even longer. I used to use Prime as it came highly recommended by fish keepers online. I can't say it did miracles to my tap water as others claim. A few months back I was looking for some medicated water conditioner and ordered Amquel Plus by mistake. I had very little Prime left so I decided no to cancel and give it a try. At that time Rory was having a fungus of some sort on her tail that I was trying to heal unsuccessfully with salt baths and Medicagold. Also had some issues keeping pH levels up and steady. A couple of days after I treated the water with Amquel the fungus disappeared and (to touch wood) my fish look healthier. No problem with very low pH either. I'd like to "hear" about your experience with Prime and Amquel. An advice on which one to buy will be much appreciated. By the way, the pH of tap water at my place is 7.
  6. Oh, forgot to mention that I also boiled it at a point for 3 hours in case it was some bacteria or fungus.
  7. I decided to redecorate a small tank I used to keep my late betta fish and got a mangrove root from the aquatics shop I usually get all of my tank equipment. I kept it in a bucket for two weeks changing water every 2 days. The soaking didn't help much in its conditioning to be put in the tank, in the sense that after 2 weeks it was till dyeing the water brown. So I placed it in the tank with both heater and filter running, thinking the water movement and the heat would help the process. No fish in the tank at that time. It did. In another 2 weeks it stopped discoloring but then the actual problem presented itself. Happy it was finally ready to become part of a beautiful set up I took it out to clean the tank and discovered it was all covered with some white slimy stuff. Its been about 1.5 months since then and I have been regularly doing water changes (70%) and scrubbing the root clean. The white grossness reappears every time. What would you advise me to do?
  8. Turns out I started an intersting topic for discussion. All summer long fish were at room temperature as the weather is really warm here, about 105F so I had the heater off. I turned on in mid September when it got cooler and water temperature in the tank started to drop. Anyway, I lowered the temperature gradually to 73F to be on the save side. They seem to be doing fine. Hope nothing happens come Tuesday.
  9. I don't find fry annoying in any way. They are just tiny innocent creatures that require a lot of work and time I don't mind investing in. The main and, in fact, only problem is that I don't have were to "house" them. For the very same reason I only have 2 telescopes and two baby ranchus instead of 25 I would love to be able to keep. I may as well end up having that much fish considering the number of fry That came from the 2 spawnings. What is a real pain in the rear is cleaning the tank after Gogo and Rory have been getting jiggy with it.
  10. Is a shallow but long container I have prepared for them. I won't transfer them until they are old enough. For now I just raise the water level about an inch every other week.
  11. Too high? I read that 78F is the best tempperature for goldies. I have started lowering the temp in the tank about a degree every other hour so the change wouldn't be to sudden. I'm afraid to go bellow 70 as they have always been at 76F ever since I got them.
  12. Exactly what I did this time. They are having a feast now. The breeding boxes I found online are all rather small for her. I guess they are intended for fish that are not that big. Would she be ok if she stays in one for a while?
  13. Hi Kiro, Personally I'm not a fan of catching fish with bare hands. People who say you can hurt the fish are probably as you may have some soap residue on your hands or what not and there is a chance you can drop the fish as they are quite sleazy creatures. From what I've seen and read this is how most experienced goldfish keepers like Chinese breeeders go about catching goldfish. I'm absolutely against using net especially with goldfish. They get tangled and rub against the net which can cause all kinds of damage to their body no matter how careful you are. My favourite method of catching is scooping them up. Goldies readily come to the surface expecting food, at least mine do, and it's not all that hard to catch them.
  14. Thank you for answering ChelseaM! Yes, the new container will be much bigger, about 4 times in size. So I'll go ahead moving them when the get a week older.
  15. Now this is turning into a goldfish keepers nightmare. Guess what? Yes, they have spawn again as they have been doing every Tuesday for 3 weeks in a row. My female, for I can tell, is already fed up by the male who wouldn't leave her alone. I'm a bit worried that she may get sick or something as all this spawning must be bringing her to exhaustion. I'm on the virge of taking Gogo out squizing him dry of his thing as they do on that horrid video about manual breeding I found on youtube, and put in him back in. I have no spare tank ( the on I had is already taken by the fry) and I don't have a place to put it otherwise I would have separated them long ago. I thought may be lowering the temperature of the water could calm him down? I currently have it at 76F. If there's been any temperature flow it was never more than a degree or two. Please tell me what to do. Thank you!
  16. Hi guys! After my fish spawn twice in a week time now I have to schools of fish. I was wondering if would be ok if I put them together in a larger container when they are 3 and 2-weeks old? The difference in size between them, at least to me, is not that significant. Can I and should I move them to a shared space?
  17. Thanks! Me too
  18. Here's a photo of mom&dad:
  19. This is fry on day 7 of their life:
  20. Sorry to inform that Barry Allen passed away. I wound it dead yeaterday.
  21. On day 3 was time for fry's first bite. My first attempt to hatch brine shrimp failed so I grinded some NLS pellets and fed it to them. Here is a very good video on how to make a hatchery and hatch brine shrimp:
  22. So when I got it back together I put them in a small bucket [this is a photo of G-1] I took the water from a tank and added half teaspoon of aquarium salt and 2 drops of Tetra Medigold as advised to avoid fungus. On day 4 the fry began to hatch. When fry were 4 days old I fished them out using a small plastic coffee cup Then I changed the water and raised the water level just a finger. This is what the fry [G-1] looked like on day 4 of their life:
  23. One fine day I woke up to find the entire bottom of my fish tank covered with eggs. [sorry, no photos of that. To much of a shock to take pics]
  24. So here comes the story of fry generation O and I...
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