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  1. Hi there ya all! This may come as very dumb question but still I have to ask. Explanation comes frist though. I want to add some more bags of crushed coral to my hob filter and already have a bag that was left when I took apart my tropical aquarium. There I used it as gravel to cover the bottom. The one that I didn't I use I have converted in filter media. So the question is: can I use the coral that has been in my tropical tank or this is a bad idea and I should by new one? Should I boil it to sterilize it and be able to reuse it?
  2. All looking great! Wonder when mi e will get that big
  3. I'll look it up but it would probably take about a month to arrive and I think I shouldn't let it wait for that long. I'm going to a bio store tomorrow and hopefully they'll have what I need. Thanks for the advice anyway.
  4. Hi guys! Thank you for your simpathy. I know it has to be done sooner or later no matter how I feel I'll have to do what's best for them. Poor Barry Allens... Clove oil was the first thing I looked in to after I had done some browsing through the wonderful articles that are available on Koko's. As it turns out the clove oil that is sold in pharmacies where I live contains everything else but clove oil, including perfum. Very naive of me to think this was what you guys use and was shocked you would recommend it. Now that I know I will check bio shops though it will most definately will be 5 times more expensive. Anyway, I do not intend to go cheap when it comes to my animal wellfair. PS Sorry for the typos. My phone's spell check isn't my friend trying to correct everything to Spanish.
  5. Clove oil containes lots of thing apart from the actual oil.
  6. I know that they are probably going to suffer or be in a constant pain due to their deformities and its an act of mercy but still... I look at their tiny twisted and curved bodies struggling for life and I don't have the heart to put an end to their misery. Today when I was changing the water I was determined to get done with it for once and for all and even got to the point of catching the two Barry Allens and then....I put them back with the others. When it comes to animals I just can't. I'd rather leave them alone and hope nature do its work. At this pace I might have to hire a professional fish assasin. How do you guys deal with it? I found a video of howto humanly euthanize your fish. Well most likely there's nothing more human than to kill and destroy everyting on your path...I guess I'm just not human enough. Sorry for the rambling. If you know a way that is not as brutal as pooring some chemical in the water and watch the fish agonize I would appreciate your sharing it with me.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply, Sharon! So I keep doing what I'm doing. Hopefully they'll turn out well.
  8. Hi! I'm in doubt wether this is the right place to post this so I appologize in advance if I've messed up. I got my pack of Warmer Plus ( flukes medicine - Flubendazole) I order for my fry as I read somewhere in this formum than fry should be treated ar least twice as soon as they are 2 -weeks old to prevent them from getting flukes.( By the way, I'm still trying to find that post/article and will be very thankful if anyone could direct me with a link) It says in the instructions that 0,5ml should be used on 30 UK gallons of water (its a medicine I buy from UK since Prazi is not available in Europe) and overdozing can kill the fish. My fry are still so tiny that I'm afraid to get the dosage wrong and terminate them all. Would it be ok if I just add some salt instead and do WC every day and not every other day as I do now till they get older, say a month or two old? The fry are currently in a plastic container that holds 6l ( ~ 1.5 gal) that I have filled with 4l of water.May be its just me, absolutely sucking at maths but I don't see a way to get the exact quantity of warmer plus for that amount of water. Thank you for your help!
  9. Hi Kate! Can you tell me how much do you put when you treat your fry? It says in the instructions 0,5ml is to be used for 30 gallons.
  10. Thanks! I saw a pic of 3 weeks-old fry posted here by a fellow forum user that looked much bigger than my babies. Should I worry? I'm not underfeeding them for sure. May be I should speed up their transfer to a larger (longer) container.
  11. Just wiping it won't do. This thing only comes off with hot water and some serious scrubbing. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow morning.
  12. Just got back from work and things seem to have cooled out. They are very busy egg hunting. Someone is not having dinner tonight. I've been meaning to ask you - should I do a water change every time after spawning or I can wait a couple of days? Next water change is due on Tuesday. My tank is slightly overstocked so I do my best to do a WC every 5 days, replacing about 80% of the water. So far I have always changed water afterwards.
  13. Thanks FishMandy! Just the time before I leave for work
  14. Done! Crazy pants is officially restrained. Looks fair to put him in the strainer so that the poor girl can have a swim in peace How long can I keep him like that? I hope little silly doesn't jump out while I'm at work.
  15. Done! Crazy pants is officially restrained. Looks fair to put him in the strainer so that the poor girl can have a swim in peace How long can I keep him like that?
  16. Oh, not AGAIN! They've spawned again and as I write the male keeps chasing the female who's dropping eggs like crazy. I think I'll have to give my female away or swap it for another male.
  17. Sharon, could you tell me how much do you put per liter or gallon? Thanks.
  18. Not exactly. I think anyone that depends on a fish to eat algae or clean up will be sorely disappointed. Otocinclus, for example, are widely regarded for their ability to devour diatoms, but I never saw mine eat them when I had an outbreak. Like most of the less aesthetically desirable things that pop up in aquaria, you'll find manual removal works best. Scrub it every other day? Me not like.
  19. Wow, that's a lot! I think I'm gonna buy the small jar first to try it out.I wonder if amazon.com would deliver to UK...
  20. Arctic Mama, isn't it difficult to measure the right quantity to disolve in water?
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