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  1. I'll let you know! So far it has been in the filter for less than a day and can't say if it does the job or not.
  2. It says on the box it provides biological and mechanical filtration. The ammoex I still haven't read the instructions of but folks on the tropical forum say it almost does miracles. The ammonia is usually 0,5 when I check before WC. I think I'm a bit overstocked and will upgrate after New year's. Till then I'm doing more frequent water changes and will see how the ammoex works. Probably will add another filter.
  3. I've been looking up different filter media that would help me mantain good water quality and help sort out a problem I've been having lately with ammonia levels in my tropical tank. I read some reviews that spoke highly of lava filter media. It's supposed to keep water cristal clear and remove smells. It may as well be a decent substitute for carbon ( for regular use, not after medicating) So I bought these two: Have you guys tried them? Any impressions to share?
  4. Fingers crossed it works out for you and Sketter! This curse stuff...you just hadn't find the right fish. Post some pics. I love teles and want to get a moor myself when I get a bigger tank.
  5. oh, I love your ranchu! the other two are also very cute...but I envy you for your ranchu
  6. Hi! AN experert moderator will probably be along to help you soon. So I'll just share my own personal experience and observations if this is of any help to you. I used to have gravel in my tank the first time I had goldies quite a long time ago. Goldies are little swimming piggies that qould try to eat anything they come across in the tank. Mine ate gravel and died. Rather large gravel or sand is the way to go in with goldfish if you beleive some bottom is a must. My goldfish tank is bare bottom because a lot of poop gets stuck in the gravel as well as food and this makes keeping good quality water very chalanging with this type of fish. Plants are beautiful but goldies eat most of them. Anubias and microsorum (just can't remember what the laic name of this plant is, sorry) appear not to be much of their liking. I keep my plants in small glasses, slightly larger than the ones for shots. Anubias and the other plant I mentioned can only be tied to a root or stone and do not require substrate. They also do well at low temperatures. This is a link to two youtube chanels that have helped me great deal in learning how to keep goldfish properly. There's also loads of info here on Koko's awesome site you should read.
  7. Your fish are adorable! Let me join you fish/pets fanatics club! My parents with whom I currently live with while I wait for my apartment building to be build next block are firmly opposing my incesant attempts to turn their home into an aquapark and a zoo. I only have 2 dachshunds and 5 small tanks. Abroad I had a water turtle that I didn't want to put through the misery of a flight without water and gave to a friend. I badly want to get a new one and a hamster, and may be a chinchila. When I finally get to move out again I'll own a garage my parents think I'll keep my car in (I don't know where they get these ideas from, wheels belong in the street) but I'm so turning into a fish room.
  8. Good for you and congrats on your new fish! Can't wait to see the pics!
  9. Thanks Lisa! I don't think it came with a measuring spoon but I'll dig in to check. Thanks Arctic Mama! I'll do the same if there's no scoop in the bottle.
  10. So my long expected little pot of Seachem Safe finally arrived the other day. Water change is due tomorrow and I'm at a loss with the amount of product I should use for my 20gal tank. It's a 50ml bottle I got to try it. It says in the instructions that I put a scoop per 100l. How much is a scoop? No clue. I found some formula online explaining how to calculate the equivalence of a scoop given the total amount of substance it is taken out of but I have never been good at maths. I figure a scoop is probably 1ml. Can anybody tell me how much Safe I'm supposed to use? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks! I very much hope so. So far they are good. An upgrade on their tank is due next week.
  12. The fry I have are the result of my pair lf teles spawning in two consecutive weeks so I'm very green in goldfish breeding and trying to learn as much as I can on the go to keep the little fishies alive and healthy. I've got the European version of Prazi, Warmer plus, but was advised by Sharon aka Shikaho not to treat them. I trust her and was worried about the efect the drug my have on them being so tiny. I do 100%wc daily. Do not ask what it's like to have to scoop them out day every single day. Just can wait for them to get big enough so I can use a syphon to clean the tank. You can check out their progress so far in my blog here.
  13. Interesting. I think I'll separate them for a month and see if they show any improvement. Apart from the growth issue they are very lively and have no aparent deformations. I hope it's for the best.
  14. Hi! My fry are now a month old (gen-0) and soon to be one month (gen-1) and most of them look like this: http://youtu.be/6I5gIF25fT0 But there are others that seem to be in some sort of arrested development and are still looking like that: I've observed that with each they it is more difficult for them to get food and that bigger fry are sort of bulling them. Is there a chance for them to grow to normal size and develop correctly if I put them in another tank or would it be just an act of mercy thatvwouldn't make any differance? What do you guys think? I'm curious to read about your experience (culling aside).
  15. Gen-0 is one-month old today! Happy birthday to my little fighters! Here is a top-view picture of them and their siblings from Gen-1 during water change.
  16. Could you tell me what brand of baking soda you use? I see you live in Uk so this info can help me in sellec ting when I place my order.
  17. I have the same problem with Gh and can't wait to read what answer you'll get. My guess is I should add the booster each time.
  18. These plecos are one serious bunch of poop machines. I used to have ten of them that soon became about 100 and there was no filter that could keep with them doing potty all the time even when they were a shorter number. Whoever thinks goldfish make a mess should check these guys out.
  19. This is what I call an awesome present! Enjoy they all look great!
  20. This is the last time I buy anything that is not equipment made in China from here. From what I've read in your comments this can also happen abroad. Ufortunately, here it has become a common practice. Complaining won't help as there's no way for me to prove what they did. It's clear to me that the thing does nothing to the water because after one time of using it and no change in my WC shedule Gogo got a fungus on his tail. Hopefully the Seachem I bought from Uk will arrive soon enough.
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