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  1. i want to use it that salt Epsom on a betta fish that has bladder desease , but in the tank i have live plants , i was thinking take out the plants while use the salt , i take out the fish one time and put some salt in a container but i think it can be stressed for the fish being taking out of the tank
  2. Beautiful Fish ! Love the coloration plus his conformation , look like a fantail
  3. elpinacate

    My New Betta!

    i like the colours of your betta ! i have one in a 10 gallons tank with anubias .... i guess you need to buy a tank of at least 5 gallons good luck , take care oh him
  4. Hi Everyone , am selling a Lamp for a UV filter , is brand new , is actually for the filter 24 watts that was for sale in goldfishconnection with Rick , as some people know Rick shut down the website but i still keep that lamp in case somebody needed
  5. hi , i have a brand new lamp for the 24 watt UV Filter i bought it from goldfishconnection but never use it it cost me like 60 dlls, but am asking 40 plus free shipping
  6. HI , i think if you can Buy a 50 or 60 gallon tank it would be better for them , good Luck
  7. beautiful fish ! i use to ahve a white oranda but hes wen turns yellow too , good luck
  8. i have mamboos and my tank is a little bit covered from algae , fish eat it plus personally i like aquariums with algae , of curse controled
  9. Thanks ! it would be great to recieve some but am from texas :D
  10. pretty fish ! altough you tank would look more good with Live plants
  11. Woww , you have a lot of pretty goldfish ! i wish i had some like yours ,
  12. Good pictures ! those calicos have a shine colours , congratulations
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