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  1. These are stunning fish. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Wow you have gorgeous fish. So big too. Fun to see them.
  3. Your ranchu is soo cute. Reminds me of a walrus - ha ha. The tail on your moor is stunning!
  4. How fun, more fish! That pearl is going to be a beauty when it grows bigger.
  5. Hi Dawn, Need to post some updated photos. Lost the first round of plants. Then lost several fish to ich. Then a massive algae bloom. Now it's seems to be settling down. Still playing around with the fertilizer to keep the plants healthy and not feed the algae too much. My black moor, Prospero, is looking great. I think the UV filter was the best purchase yet. Just got a pleco. He's tiny but doing well. Had to go back to work full time so I've been swamped but starting to think about adding two more fancies again once I set up the QT properly. I posted photos when I got the second round of plants. Some have died off again and the vale melted but are just making a comeback now. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/122850-goldfish-zen-tank-round-ii/ I need to do a bit of plant maintenance this weekend. Then I'll try to take a few shots. The marimo has been doing great around the bases of the rocks. Thanks for the comments :-) I miss being on here daily and seeing everyone's fish. kathleen
  6. Well, I'm just the opposite. Of the three fish I got ONLY the black moor survived! So I'll pass on some good black moor juju. Ha ha
  7. Thank you. I was a bit bummed Celestine was so friendly and always curious. I feel sorry for Prospero. He doesn't see well and he bonded with Celestine. He followed her everywhere :-( I wish I had caught the ich sooner. I just seemed to pop up one AM and it was all over her. Once we get through this, I'll be looking at a better source for fish. After killing off my expensive plants I was wary of spending a lot on the fish since I'm a newbie. Now I get that it would have been better to find a better fish store. I've researched a couple in Seattle that have a good rep. I'll also get a GH KH test kit, just in case that was a factor. The Hamburg Matten Filter and the plants really keep the parameters down. They've always been 0 across the board since the tank cycled. I still change the water because it needs a good vacuum every week.
  8. Thanks everyone. At least I know i'm doing the right thing. Forgot to say I have an air stone going on high in the tank. This forum is fantastic for all the info and looking through past posts to find similar situations.
  9. And I'm clearly having trouble editing my own posts. That would be 2 weeks not 12 weeks.
  10. Gotta love spell check - that would be ich not icy - gallows humor
  11. Hi All, I lost Celestine today. She got icy three days ago. I searched the site and found info. Removed both her and Prospero to the quarantine tank. Increased the salt to 3% over three days and the heat to 75-78 over two days. She looked like she was doing well then went down today. I'm treating the tank with higher temps and bought a UV sterilizer. Emptied the tank almost all the way and did a intensive substrate vacuum. Propsero looks good. He never had any signs of ich but I knew I couldn't treat the tank with salt because of the plants. The tank parameters were fine. Everythging was at 0% and PH remained at 7.8. The fish did come from Petco so I'm not super surprised. I just want to make sure I'm taking care of Prospero correctly. Should I lower to salt back down to 1% since he never showed any signs of ich? I won't put him back in the big tank until 12 weeks is up because I want to make sure no ich remains in the big tank. Oh and I also do a 50% water change daily, matching the temp as close as possible.
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