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  1. Thank you all, she is okay, as am I! I hope it doesn't occur to anyone else or myself, again!
  2. I didn't ever want to be posting here but, here we go.. So late last night, I decided to go ahead and do a head count on all my fish before bed, like usual. Everything was going fine, until I couldn't see one of my Angelfish. So I leaned in a bit more; The second I saw him I lost my footing and accidentally bumped into my smallest Goldfish's tank. Oh god, kill me now. The water, flushed all out and DIRECTLY on to the power plugs to ALL my tank's, then the power went off. I went for my phone to turn on the flashlight application to find the switches and to turn them off at the wall. After turning them off, I realized, to my horror, that the fish that was in the tank I knocked, was no longer in the tank. I proceeded to pull out EVERY single tank and check all around the floor and could not find my poor baby telescope. After what felt like a good 10-20 minutes, I found my poor baby in a nook filled with a tiny amount of water, motion-less. I scooped her up and placed her back into the water; Thankfully, she was okay. My next concern was cleaning up the drenched power plugs and extensions. Which all went well, no one died, or got electrocuted. It took me altogether a good hour or so to get everything back in order, but it did give my heart a nice workout without actually physically exercising. I just hope I will not be as clumsy again.. I hope my poor telescope forgive's me too..
  3. Kara Murray

    Big Boy!

    He's beautiful, Dawn... I actually ended up becoming inspired to get a little one.
  4. That, to me, look's like a little chubby fantail, with a tad amount of Ryukin, haha.
  5. Kara Murray

    Thinking Tropical

    I currently have 2 tropical tanks. One is a divided 10 gallon with a female Siamese fighting fish, as she can't get along with anyone; Guppies on the other side. They get 20-30% water changes twice a week. I have an Angelfish tank too, it is a 30 gallon with two Angelfish. They receive 20-30% water changes twice a week too. I find them to be just the same as the goldfish tank to maintain and keep healthy, my only issue is if one of my heaters break, haha.
  6. Kara Murray

    Big Boy Video!

    He is a real stunner!
  7. Kara Murray

    Finally. Now..who do I choose?

    Thank you Heidio30, Marbles sends her thank's!
  8. Kara Murray

    Back to tropical!

    You have a very bright and colourful tank, I love it!
  9. I finally got my Angelfish dream, now for my next one, and probably the last one for a while. Clownfish. Anyone who has one/multiple ones or may not have one, please feed me all the information you have on them! Thank you!
  10. Kara Murray

    Finally. Now..who do I choose?

    Thank you all for the lovely words, and thank you for the advice too! However, I have another question that has risen. My friend has requested the 40 gallon back.. I couldn't decline, it was for his son who is suffering pretty badly right now from injury and he just loves fish, so I lent it to him. My current Angelfish, Marbles, is now in a 30 gallon tub, which she seems pretty happy in. Now, I have been notified above, but could there be an exception formed? And would it work. Here is my question. I was wondering if I could put one more Angelfish in with Marbles. She is a female Angelfish, around 2 inches tall, she has been on her own for about a week or two now. Could I put another Angelfish in with her? She isn't exactly a hostile fish, while I watched her in the tiny LFS tank alongside 6 or so other Angelfish, she wasn't attacking anyone, she just swam around. I don't exactly know if I should get a male or female or one at all. I heard female's get very territorial during spawning, but she would probably pair with a male. Can I have other people's opinion's? Please and thank you!
  11. This is my butterfly-tail, apologies for the blurry images, her friend's and her would not stay still, they were all begging for food, haha. She is the brown one, I believe this is her baby colour, I think she will change colour. Anyone else have one?
  12. Kara Murray

    Finally. Now..who do I choose?

    I purchased one! She is a female I think...She is a Koi Angelfish and her name is Marbles! The tank is not completed yet, you cannot see it yet!
  13. Kara Murray

    Help: Sick Little Fantail

    Update on her too, she is fully healed up and has quite a large appetite, haha. She is fine now. Thank you all for the assistance!
  14. Kara Murray

    Help: Frantic Goldfish?

    Just in case this is taking up space on the forums or anything in relation, these two fantails are doing brilliant now. Thank you all for the assistance!