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  1. Aaand my filter stopped working. Again. I'm starting to loose hope and motivation.

  2. So last year I had tank leak. No problem I fixed it and the fish were well. This year both my filters gave up and I don't have receipts for them since I had to change my paypal. Whcih means that if changing the impellers won't work I need to get new filters. Feeling really discouraged right now :(

    1. Hidr


      Band things happen in groups. At least thats the theory.  On the bright side you get new "better" filters this time.

    2. kiro


      Thank you for encouragement Hidir, luckily the impeller change fixed the problem n_n

    3. DawnMichele


      Glad you fixed the problem!!!

  3. Long time since logging in. Things have been crazy but now it is all quieting down and I have more time to focus on goldfish again :D

    1. DawnMichele


      Welcome back!!!

  4. Happy Birthday :) 

    1. DawnMichele


      Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Cycle crashed while I was resealing the tank D: One thing after another.

    1. DawnMichele


      Sorry to hear that.


    Silicone arrived today. I will do the resealing tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.

    Thank you all for well-wishes and tips! I'm currently emptying the plants from the tank, going to stuff them into a bucket with some water and hope for the best. My filter media (some of it at least) is in another bucket with airstone to keep water moving. I Hope this will be enough to keep at least some bb alive :-/ Next I'll have to take out the sand and dirt, and hopefully somewhat separate them in two buckets. And keep up with waterchanges in goldfish emergency housing. I've watched about hundred videos of resealing the tank so far. Now I just hope scooping out the sand won't reveal crack instead of seal problem.

    Yes, the tank is empty now. Well, as far as I can get before scooping out my sand and plant substrate. That is job for tomorrow. The leak is definitely the tank, though, the filters are placed too far from where it is leaking for it to be one of them in any way. Glad to hear there is hope for resealing though.
  9. So, about ten minutes ago I realized the low front end of my 500liter (132 USG) is leaking. The trouble in most likely the seal (that is currently hidden by stand edge and sand at teh bottom of the tank). I am keeping all fingers crossed that it is not crack at the bottom. the whole front of the tank stand is dripping water. I have moved all my five goldfish (all roughly 10 grams/ 2inch in size) to temporary holding tank and am in progress of emptying the tank as fast as I can from the water, having unplugged all the electric devices. Obviously this is somewhat unpleasant surprise to me, but probably not entirely unexpected as I bought the tank second-hand bit under a year ago. My question is this: If it is seal problem, is it plausible to fix this tank by going over the seams with aquarium safe silicon? The tank is rimless, in case it has any difference and I have never in my life seamed anything. I would obviously prefer this as it would presumably be cheaper than to buy new tank of roughly same size, but if it can't be done I can dip into my emergency savings... And I'd be grateful for anyone who has any suggestions regarding the goldfish and the filters, my poor plants or any other things I might have overlooked in my considerable haste to prevent this amount of water to explode into our living room.
  10. Tank of the Month Entries

    My 500 liter/ 132 USG goldfish tank.
  11. So sorry to hear about this Phil, you seem to have bout of bad luck. I hope speedy recovery and better luck your way!
  12. Got a huge bunch of duckweed for my tank, it covers the whole top of my 132g. Goldies are stuffing themselves.

  13. Broke my fave teacup. So sad ):

  14. Goldfish of the Week Poll

    Such a hard choice this week!
  15. This morning I caught my Love feeding goldies & scraping algae off the tank sides... He's getting sucked in by their cuteness! *insert evil genius laughter here*

    1. mysterygirl


      He may already be assimilated. Lucky you!

    2. kiro


      I sure hope so. He loves watching them already, and I caught him feeding them again yesterday morning.