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  1. Open Chat :)

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of Junior
  2. Hi Koko! I have the fish back outside in the stock tub in our yard in CA, while I'm trying to sell their glass tank (too expensive to ship, we're taking the stand & accessories, will look for a used tank upon arrival) - moving truck comes next Monday, & we leave a week from tomorrow
  3. OK that is very useful info on acclimating to temp - I was remembering goldfish I had outside in a watering trough that would get ice on it in the winter, but wasn't thinking of the long acclimation process. Hmmn... I was hoping to put the fish in something bigger (already own the 100 gal tub, the fish lived in it in my garden their 1st two years, & the outside temps were in the 40s in the winter) right away, then set up their tank after a while & check for leaks, but I may need to rinse out a couple of totes & do frequent water changes for a while if they're going in the house. I don't think that the garage of the house we're looking at is heated.
  4. I haven't been posting much for a while, but still have Ghost & Rainbow, both pretty big fish now. We are planning to relocate this winter to another state, and will probably be on the road for 3 days and 2 nights. I was planning on bringing our goldies in separate 5 gal buckets, with battery powered bubblers, & bringing them in the motel room at night. Should I be doing daily partial water changes with Prime along the way? I was thinking we could set them up in a 100 gal stock tub in the garage until we can test their tank & get it set up (using the filters in the tub) - do I need to heat the tub as long as it doesn't freeze over? I'm guessing I should fast the fish a week before the trip, if they're going into a winter climate?
  5. 29 cent FEEDER Comets

    They're lovely fish - comets are some of my favorites, & the one on the left reminds me of our fellow, Ghost.
  6. Open Chat :)

    Thanks! The little lizard is a Fence Lizard http://www.californiaherps.com/lizards/pages/s.o.longipes.html
  7. Open Chat :)

    Fishymandy, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Daniel, I hope you are recovering well! Mjfromga, I like the little bit longer, fluffier hair too I've been doing some gardening, & have more flower pics:
  8. My gorgeous Comets

    Beautiful fish & tank! Your new shubunkin is especially gorgeous
  9. Open Chat :)

    Hi! My oldest daughter is turning 12 next month My younger daughter will be 11 in July! Wow, time does pass quickly.... Lots of flowers here -
  10. Open Chat :)

    Good to see some folks posting! I agree, forums are much better for information sharing - I'm on a few Facebook groups, but really prefer forums. I'm not always good at starting conversations, though, so if there's not much traffic, I don't have much to say & tend to not check as often. Plus, like a lot of folks, loads going on around here - we just got done renovating both bathrooms, & will start in on the kitchen floor in another week or so. Had a garage door opener repairman out this morning, a part needed replacing. Still teaching our kids, and have both dogs enrolled in a local obed. class (clicker training) - I'm training one, my older daughter, the other - and my car's off getting repaired as it's 20 years old & won't pass the CA smog test unless it gets a new catalytic converter - blah. Both of our daughters got braces last month. A major Girl Scout field trip is coming up the end of April. Been doing extra water changes on the goldies, as Ghost has had a fin rot issue - seems to be finally cleared up now, & he looks fine. One of the dogs is on daily doses of Claritin as he seems to have an allergy to something growing outside, since we've had the winter rains. Fabulous snow fort & lights display, & love the cute bulldog!
  11. Thanks! It's been quite the journey with these fish, & our family sure enjoys them
  12. Open Chat :)

    Lots of hummingbirds here! We have had some frost this week, though. And I need to fix one of my little apple trees with some plant tape, the dogs ran into it & snapped it off - it still has a little strip of bark on one side attached, so I wedged it upright with pots around it. A neighbor says she was able to save one like that, so I have hope.
  13. Open Chat :)

    Thanks! I do already feel a bit better. They found out it was an acute asthma flare-up caused by the congestion from my cold - they did this inhalation treatment thing, & sent me home with an inhaler & meds.
  14. Open Chat :)

    I'm going in to urgent care when it opens in an hour - couldn't get any sleep last night, as I couldn't breathe & kept coughing every time I tried to lie down. I hate being sick.
  15. My 100g planted tank

    Lovely fish & set up! I especially like your calico veiltail