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  1. Winter Fun reveal thread!

    Helen was my winter fun exchange partner - she sent this fantastic box full of fun & useful items! I loved the card; the lemon/ginger tea smells great (I'm going to try some out later this evening), there's a big life size bar of goldfish soap (with a lovely orange scent), a sledding snowman decoration, a goldfish pencil sharpener, goldfish necklace, metal goldfish ornament, an amazing goldfish key chain with light up eyes (!), goldfish bath confetti (how neat!), & an algae clip for the real goldies I am amazed & thrilled with all of the goldfish things - thank you very much, Helen!
  2. Thanks, Helen! I received my gifts from you late yesterday evening - just took photos this morning, & will post to the reveal thread shortly. I love everything you sent - both fun & useful items!
  3. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    A new pic of Ghost, 4 year old comet. Ghost14Nov814
  4. Tank of the Month Entries January 2018

    75 gal. planted tank with 2 goldfish 75gal14Nov800
  5. Winter fun Exchange!

    I sent mine last week!
  6. Is Feesh??

    I wish I had the space!
  7. Planted 75 Gallon with 4 Fish

    Updating this thread, since Photobucket ate all of my pics... Currently have just 2 fish, as Clownie inexplicably died a little over a couple of months ago. Probably just as well I only have 2 now though, as Ghost & Rainbow are real substantial fish now, despite being slow growers - slow but steady, I guess. A recap - my original setup with 4 fish in June of 2015 August, 2015 Oct., 2015 Dec., 2015 March 2016 May 2017 - now 3 fish Nov. 2017 - down to 2 fish
  8. Is Feesh??

    Those are some lovely fish
  9. Goldfish of the Week Entries

    A recent pic of Ghost, who's getting pretty large now. Ghost24Oct703
  10. Winter fun Exchange!

    1. Post here things you like or don't like (even things you are allergic to ) I like things that are themed with chickens or goldfish; flower seeds, chocolate (no nuts), tea, old recipes, & things that smell like roses. 2. Post if you would like a USA buddy or in your country and I will do my best to match. Can ship anywhere.
  11. Open Raffle for all

    I'd be interested in a holiday gift exchange
  12. 8 today!!

    Happy birthday, Googles! It's great to see him
  13. AquaAurora's Goldfish MTS Chronicles

    Your new fish is splendid! And I love that planted tank
  14. Chase and Dash

    Our family has always had dogs - until July 2nd, 2016, when our old Anatolian Shepherd, Ruh, passed away. I wasn't sure I was ready for another dog, as it was really hard losing him - but our kids really missed our old fellow too, & hoped we'd get dogs again. We'd been looking into a smaller breed for the kids for a couple of years, & a friend messaged me in late June about a couple of that breed who were available - long story short, we brought the 2 Silken Windhound boys home on July 1st. Chase (the dark brindle) turned 1 year old in August, & is very outgoing, & not quite over the "chewy" stage - don't leave flip flop sandals outside the back door! Dash (black & white) is 2 years old, likes our kids (but thinks other peoples' kids are scary) & tends to follow me around like a little shadow. They came from the same home, a breeder who is re-homing some of her dogs after she had a hospital stay & some health issues earlier this summer. The dogs are both used to cats & get along fine with our cat, & have the basics of manners, housebroken, leash trained, etc. Silkens have been around as a breed since 1985, & were developed from whippets and borzoi - so they are sort of like a very small (Dash is 39 lbs & Chase, 44 lbs) borzoi. Both dogs are real sweethearts, & we're so happy to have added them to our family!
  15. LabraDoodle

    He looks like a sweet dog! I had a dog who was kept on a chain for a while before I got him, & he was always wanting to get out & run after that - hopefully your boy will calm down a bit since he's getting regular walks now. We just got a couple of new dogs this summer, & they were real early risers for a bout the 1st month before they settled in & started sleeping longer. Hang in there!