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  1. Cutest little face [emoji22]
  2. This is he at tank setup as of now. Both fish were brought to LFS in same bag so as of right now separating them is pointless as it would only infect other tanks/fish. Understanding that if we had a spare tank then yes we would but these fish have been together for atleast a week.
  3. Hello all. I am the other half of SageBear. We recently found Nagosi in a LFS and he is honestly one of the first gold fish to actually catch my eye. Sage has wanted a GF for quite awhile but we haven't had a spare tank and honestly I'm not big on them, plus she keeps talking herself out of them by coming home with other animals lol. Anyways I had not really told her about wanting Nagosi so she had mentioned to someone about him and the next morning when I had secretly planned on going to get him. He was purchased and brought home by this nice Young lady that didn't even have him 12 hours. Long story short I messaged her after she said she was willing to part with him so that night I took Sage for a drive without telling her what or where we were going. We walked in and she was like "oh sweet we get to see him" that's when I handed over the cash for him and she realized we were buying him and taking him home. [emoji173]️ (big brownie points [emoji7]) Nagosi had an eventful few days, surrendered to LFS and then 2 moves in one day. He is adapting well and looking healthy as can be. https://vimeo.com/124972383 Excuse the crappy vid. He is in a 20g holding tank until I get our 30long re siliconed and spray painted. Hopefully have him in it tomorrow or the next day.
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