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  1. CourtneyandThunder


    Thanks a lot, Im happy its not a comet.
  2. CourtneyandThunder


    Thanks a lot things have been really hard but its tons better. So a fantail, cool. I thought it was a sarassa, comet.
  3. CourtneyandThunder


    Thanks a lot!!!! Things are calming down.
  4. CourtneyandThunder


    I have been here before but having some personal problems. I have seven fancies and three comets. Can someone iD this fish for me. It was sold as a red cap but does not look like one.
  5. CourtneyandThunder

    Rest in peace, Suna Solar

    Aww how sad, so sorry, you did your very best!!!!
  6. CourtneyandThunder

    My Pond Gang (Pic heavy)

    I WISH I had a pond, maybe next house, very very nice fishies.
  7. CourtneyandThunder

    RIP little Dot

    Aww how sad hun, Im very sorry.
  8. Congrats. I know mice can be extremely friendly. Never had one, just hamsters and gerbils. He is very cute.
  9. CourtneyandThunder

    Aquatic photo of the month Poll

    I love frogs, had the before, any advice on how to keep them IN the tank, they always hop out.
  10. CourtneyandThunder

    Goldfish of the Week Winner

    Congrats, excellent pic, love it.
  11. I also have orandas and ranchu's together so it will be fine if you keep the water changes up and over filter the tank, you should be okay.
  12. CourtneyandThunder

    Re-Homing Telescope Goldfish (will ship)

    I would love them, especially the black one, love his eyes.
  13. CourtneyandThunder

    Special Request!

    I find using a toothbrush for the tubs work very well. I will try and get a step by step one for you. You never should go gung ho on cleaning filters, you will loose your good bacteria.
  14. CourtneyandThunder

    Finding Hikari Lionhead...size question

    I want a lionhead but I do feed 1mm lionhead food. Yes I agree post follow ups on him.
  15. CourtneyandThunder

    Lighting replacement

    No colour, it just enhances the fish's colour.