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  1. Ree

    Open Raffle for all

    Thankyou Dawn! I went with an abstract lighthouse. Painkillers muddle brain so should be very abstract 😂
  2. Ree

    Open Raffle for all

    Stuck in bed with back pain today. Think i might do some drawing! 🤔 Question is abstract or realism? How much brainpower can i muster with these painkillers? 😂
  3. Ree

    Open Raffle for all

    My sisterinlaw made some snickerdoodle soap once! It was devine! All buttery and cinnamony (is that a word? 😂)
  4. Ree

    Open Raffle for all

    Awe Koko im sorry Justines struggling so much. I have bad anxiety and some days even as an adult theres no why, its just there for no reason. Im so impressed you are helping Justine so much. So many kiddles dont get the help they need and live tourtured lives. Its so lovely your little Justine isnt one of them! <3 Daniel, your packman made me giggle! 😂
  5. Ree

    Open Raffle for all

    Awe, Im so sorry Koko! That kind of nastyness does destroy already fragile trust for little people in strangers. Sending you and Justine a big hug each!
  6. Ree

    The Tank Trio...

    Hi everyone! Im still alive! I think? Things got a little down and i lost some more of my babies. Im not sure yet whats going on, but im thinking i have some resistant bug in the system. Ive decided im not buying any new goldfish untill these guys are all gone, then ill disinfect and restart from scratch. I havent lost anyone for around 3 months now so i think i have stabalised everything for the moment. Louie and p0dge, my two original babies, are still chugging along, though both have health problems. Louies eye tumour has progressed and split her iris again, it doesnt seem to be affecting her behaviour at the moment though, so im just monitoring. P0dge had a blister appear in his tail, which weakened his tail and caused it to break along the joint of the two lobles about 2cm from his butski. He now is having a terrible time swimming. No rudder at all equals round ball fish bouncing around the tank in random directions. I have modified the filtration in the 200L so the current is really slow, and his only tankmate is Mrs Magoo the butterfly telescope who was struggling in the 400L tank. Im thinking of adding Guss the mystry snail in to help with algea control. The other 400L contains Louie, my 5 remaining inside butterfly telescopes Spot, Mrs Rubbles, Grumpfish, Candy and Purdy. They all seem to be doing ok, though Purdy bottom sits alot of the time. Im thinking its because her fins are soooo looong she has an effort swimming. Her tail is streaky at the end where it drags along the tank floor too. Im keeping a close eye on her though. In other news i have now 5 other tanks. 2 betta tanks with ramshorns and cherry shrimp, Bertie and Ichybod are both good boys who dont harass their tank mates. Plumbo the dumbo betta though takes great delight in diligently and ruthlessly ridding his tank of any other living creature, so he is in solitary confinement. My 4th tank is a planted red cherry shrimp tank. The last is my new planted cory tank, and i must say i am loving these guys! They are albino longfin corys and such characters. So thats it i guess for the moment. Ill try toget you some updated pictures soon! 😀
  7. Ree

    Open Raffle for all

    Hello! Thats so horrible for lil Justine! Was she badly hurt?
  8. Ree

    Wiggles Eggbert the lone fry!

    Thanks Lisa! Yes hopefully!
  9. Ree

    Goldfish Of The Week Winner "Ree"

    Hi! Thankyou everyone!
  10. Ree

    Wiggles Eggbert the lone fry!

    Thankyou mikroll! I might just do that! Thanks Koko. If they spawn again ill let you know.
  11. Ree

    Wiggles Eggbert the lone fry!

    Thankyou Anorea. I still have his little tank all set up. I cant bring myself to put it away yet.
  12. Ree

    Goldfish Of The Week Winner "Ree"

    Wow! Thankyou! He was a cute little grump! ❤
  13. Ree

    Wiggles Eggbert the lone fry!

    Yes. Its sad. Thankyou Taryl. He was a sweet baby. Thankyou Dawn. Isnt it funny how attached we get in such a short time!
  14. Ree

    Wiggles Eggbert the lone fry!

    Hi, just wanted to let everyone know little Wiggles didnt make it. About 4 days ago i noticed he was starting to have trouble swimming. His little spine was getting kinked. Then day before yesterday i noticed his little mouth was stuck open. He had no food in his tummy and was struggling to even try to eat. Poor baby. We put him to sleep last night.