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  1. How much of it do you have? Keep the main portion in a bucket and try a sacrificial piece and see how its responded after a few days. That's really the only way you'll be 100% certain.
  2. Jim_D

    Have I lost it?

    Cracked me up.......licking a goldfish from head to tail to cure whitespot. I wonder if you get a buzz like licking some toads? Next cops will be pulling people over in their cars who are carrying goldfish
  3. Jim_D

    New fish

    It's one the lottery coming from the pet mart to your house !
  4. That must have been a shock to see that happen so fast Mandy. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovering for that beauty.
  5. Jim_D

    Goldfish in a Viewing Dome

    Those domes are pretty cool aren't they !
  6. Jim_D

    Am I the only one...

    Love it!
  7. Jim_D

    Pork Chop, re-created by Chelsea

    Wonderfully clever!
  8. You can always pee in your tank ........ seriously.
  9. Jim_D

    Dye Goldfish

    Dyed fish ....... die. It should be condemned and banned.
  10. My Purigen was about 6 - 7 years old and I replaced it. 24 hours later, I have forgotten just how clear Purigen can make a tank look. Looking lengthways through 4 foot of water it looks like there is no water in the tank and the fish are literally flying.
  11. Jim_D


    They're certainly porkers!
  12. Cheers and hope you have/had a great day
  13. Its going on to 1.00am over there isn't it? 5.45pm here on a chilly Wednesday evening.
  14. Thanks for that, I was confused over the 'bright yellow' mentioned in the instructions. Thanks again