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  1. 210 Oranda

    Lump on side ???

    Thank you shakaho.. but Im not looking for a treatment.. just wonder if someone knows what this could be just by it's looks
  2. 210 Oranda

    Lump on side ???

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if someone knows what this lump on the side could be?? It appeared after she spawned and grew for a few days last night something white came out of there and now is not as big Thanks for the feedback
  3. 210 Oranda

    HydroPlex... QT Holygrail?

    k.. Thx for the feedback
  4. Hello everyone.. I haven't been here in several months so I don't know if this has been discussed already I went to buy some worms earlier and came across Ruby Reef Hydroplex http://www.rubyreef.net/ The store owner says that Hydroplex is the best thing out there for new arrivals, avoiding the long QT process... Has anyone use this product ?? I purchased some for this weekend purchase but I thought of asking here first before using it Thank y'all
  5. 210 Oranda

    Koko's Kritters of the Week Entries

    .. just like to dance!
  6. 210 Oranda

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Yeah.. finding out in a very unique way.. (Koko, sorry if derailing the thread)
  7. 210 Oranda

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    You can have them!!!... I dont know when was the last time any of you had "2 MALE" boxers in the same house but this guys had already broken bones and all because their "friendliness".. Not counting they eat anything they find then throw up all over the house!!!.. (but I still love them!)
  8. 210 Oranda

    Koko's Kritters of the Week Entries

    Mr Max showing his humongous paws!..
  9. 210 Oranda

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    I have two!.. Max & Bullseye (6 months) Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
  10. 210 Oranda

    Goldfish of the Week Entries

    Thank you Mr Chaplin for being with me the past two years!!
  11. Ya.. she was DO.. same shipment as yours She was perfectly fine during QT and the first 3 weeks in main.. I don't know if they're just sensitive to higher nitrates or to the hard water or just some bug in the actual tank is killing the fish Im having a really hard time to keep the ones from China.. the ones from Thailand just love it.. I guess it makes sense why LS's don't sell nice GF.. main product in town are cichlids..
  12. I guess she didn't like to be alone.. She has passed during the night Thank you all for your help
  13. I just did a small water change, moved the tancho to the hospital and added epsom.. I've seen this fish daily the last couple of months so I can tell that the wen is different.. it is not as full/rich than a week ago She has already some pinecone at the bottom of belly and the eyes do stick out I lost another fish to similar symptoms but Im willing to try anything you guys suggest to save her.. Thank you!!
  14. Thank you both.. I will do another small WC this evening (and daily, when possible) to keep nitrates at a low level I'll also move the fish to a hospital tonight and add the epsom I do believe the eyes protrude but will take a picture later to confirm.. Her belly looks bigger today that before