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  1. Fish drawings

    Hey all, I am traveling on business at the moment but had the chance to speak to a professional artist friend to get advice on estimated pricing, hours per drawing and the shipping requirements. The example I posted are 8x10 pastel drawings. Being pastel they will need to be shipped carefully. They will be originals that I was planning on Shipping finished 8x10 size so they could be put into a standard frame that you could purchase based on your personal preference (from places like Micheals or frame shops). Now that I know there is interest let me get the answers to your questions pulled together.
  2. Fish drawings

    Thanks for such nice comments. If any of you have some great photos of your fish I'd love to see them. It would be nice to have more photos to draw from. I have not been able to get good photos of my own fish to go bye. I'll have to mess with my camera on a tripod
  3. Fish drawings

    Thanks koko. It helps that I love how beautiful fish are. I've been blessed to be trained as an artist so now I can use it To draw things I love. Here is my first cat named Mandy that I lost last year at 16 y/o. I cried my way through this one ... lol
  4. Fish drawings

    I love my kids, Coco and Cheetos. I was like many others who bought 1" goldfish not understand their future size and their care. This forum has made me a good mom for these two.
  5. Fish drawings

    Thank you. The color makes them so much fun to draw. And, you get to capture their personality.
  6. I was just watching a show that our local fish supplier puts on TV and they recommended putting salt in the water for the goldfish for nitrites. When do you decide that you need that? my fish seem to be fine so I don't want to mess with it. Ann
  7. Fish drawings

    Hey all, I've been drawing fish recently and would love to do commission work if you'd like a drawing of yours. These are the three drawings I have hanging over my tank. Ann
  8. You are right. It would cycle I was mistaken. He said I was throwing away some of the good bacteria. It was the sea shell that has the changed the loss of PH. I looked it up on the forum and it recommends to go get same type of shell material and place it in a bag in the fIlter. The shell seems to be doing the same thing. I was doing 100% water change to get rid of their waste and the remains of food they have eaten.
  9. Hi Shakaho, I have been traveling business so I am just getting back on the forum. I'll check the numbers last week but will do it again this weekend. I went to my local pet place with the awesome fish people. They also asked why I am changing 100% and recommended that I do a 50% water change because the 100% was making the tank cycle. He also said that I'd have less of an issue if put a smal,see shell in the tank to help adjust the water so I got one of those shells they sell for the crabs and dropped it into my fIlter. I just did a 50% water change and will check the number tonight and tomorrow to see where they are. Since I put the shell in the fIlter the ph has not been dropping. Will let you know more as the next couple of days go.
  10. I have read that it may be my water is hard and that I may need crushed coral in the fIlter. I believe I can get that locally as well.
  11. Ok I'll order a Kh kit. They also have them at the pet center here in town which is a really great fish place. If the kh is low is there something I can do? at first i was changing water but waiting too long and not realizing that I needed to clean the sponge more. It was after the first time the water leaked out. Then. Figured out what was going on. So now I clean it every time And no longer longer floats up. At the time I just took the charcoal out until I figured it out. So I don't have the charcoal anymore.
  12. Hi Lisa, thanks for helping me. My fIlter is an aquaclear,110 gpm fIlter with a filter sponge and the biomass ceramic pieces. When I clean the fIlter I take it apart in a plastic bin in my tub that is being continually filled with the water I am pumping out of the tank. I squish the sponge in the tank water then dump it and I keep doing that until mostly all the reddish particles are gone. I use the tank water to rinse off the ceramic biomass as well. Then i rinse the fIlter body and then put it back together and hang it back on the tank for refill. I am not sure if ph is the same as kh. The ph of the water from the tap is 7.6 but by the end of the week it is down to 6. When I do add backing soda I use 1/4 teaspoon diluted in water. That brings it up a bit. If it still low after some time I add another 1/4 tsp to get it toward 6-7. They seam to be fine within a minute after the going Into the new water. I have them isolated in a foot pale inside the tank in their old water while I am pumping out the old water. Then l release them into the new water when it is high enough.
  13. I have a shabunkin and a common, both 7" or so in a 40breeder tank. I do a complete water change every 7 days or so. By the of the week the ph level drops really dramatically low. I adjust the ph to get it higher using baking sofa every so often. I was having trouble with the sponge in the fIlter rising up inside the fIlter that hangs off the back of the tank (100 gpm). I took the charcoal pack out a long time ago. I am not sure what difference the charcoal makes and if I should get a new carbon pack. I love my fish and I don't want them to suffer with low ph or go through a dramatic ph change each time I change the water. Any advise pls.
  14. 40B to 55 gallon tank

    Hey everyone, this is awesome feedback. I once again looked at the 55 gallon on my way home. It looks so narrow. My guys are happy with the 40g and they do meander which wouldn't be as easy in the narrow tank. They are thick bodied too. Found out the Tetra 55g is narrower than the Aqueon 55g. Still, both 55g tanks are very tall. I had them in 20g when I first got them and the 20" height was a pain. I do like the look of the 40B. Maybe that's why I have looked at the bigger tanks a couple of times this past weekend and again tonight and walked out without buying one. My gut is saying no and you guys have confirmed its a good idea sticking with the 40B. I guess I'll see if they get any bigger before I think about going to a bigger tank. Thanks everyone. I really love these fish. I Had no idea what I was in for when I bought them and now I just can't stop watching them.
  15. Hey all, I am debating whether to upgrade from a 40G breeder to a 55 Aqueon during the $1gallons sale. I have a Shabunkin and a common and they re getting quite large. Their bodies, not including tail, are between 5" and 6" long. The 40 G breeder tank is 18" wide and only 16" tall whereas the 55 gallon is 48 long and 20" tall but it reduces the width of the tank to 15" fro 18". The upside is that it gives them an extra 12" more length across the tank. They seem fine right now but I wonder if they need more length to swim which the larger tank would give them. Wold love to hear your opinions.