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  1. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    Wow, I was thinking that it would just completely cover everything and attached to all my wood and plants. Now that I think about it all the videos I watched they were all small fish. My kids are big. Now I get they are just going to devour it all. That’s really good news. I’ll come up with a way to grow it on the side. I have some really nice sunny windows in my house. Thanks for all the help everybody. I’m so glad to be on this forum to help take care of the kids
  2. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    That’s great advice. I’ve been reading up on duckweed and I don’t want it to take the tank over. I’ll keep it in a separate bowl and feed it to them as you recommended. I just got a fish feeding square to float on top to hold the duck weed and keep it from spreading all over. We’ll see how that works. Ha ha.
  3. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    Koko, I appreciate your support. I ordered the duckweed immediately after you recommended it. It sounds like I should put the duckweed on top of the water and let them eat that only. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  4. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    I feel like such a dope. I was so wrapped up in transitioning to my new 80 gallon reef tank with a new stand from my 40B tank I must have started using the larger pellet scoop. I am really hoping she is just overweight and not sick. I can deal with her weight by managing the food correctly. She is acting healthy so it doesn’t seem like she has any illness.
  5. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    When I got home last night I went through the basket under the tank stand and realized I had the 1/2 tsp size scoop in the fish food container and it should have been the 1/4 tsp size. That means I was giving them around 40-50 pellets 2X a day when I thought I was giving them around 15. I new it looked like a lot too. I’ll definately pull back now.
  6. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    I ordered some duckweed so ill try that. I dont want anything to happen to her. Do you think i need to cut back on the pellets?
  7. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    Sorry, to clarify. I meant tip if nose to the end if the tail fin.
  8. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    Also, they are est. 8” long head to tail.
  9. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    I feed them omega one medium size pellets. I am using a teaspoon to drop pellets in. If i had to guess about 15-16 pellets 2X per day. She eats a lo more than he dies. I May be over feeding but they eat it all. She has been slowly getting bigger. Same body shape but bigger over time.
  10. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    I’ve had Marimo moss balls in the tank. They have been really ripping those apart. Could that be it? She is only 3 Years old.
  11. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    Ok. I’ll try duckweed.
  12. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    Thanks for responding kook. What else could be causing her scales to protrude? Could she be backed up? I give them peas every week or so to keep their digestion good.
  13. ABB63

    Is my girl pregnant?

    I have a male shubunkin and a female common. They are about 3yo. Recently my female common has gotten a really massive belly. Is she full of eggs? How do I tell? If she’s going to spawn Do I need to put anything in the tank? Or do I move the eggs out into another tank. Plus, he is chasing her and bumping her like some of the other post have mentioned for behavior.
  14. Thank you I couldn’t have done it without your help. The transition from the HOBs to the Fluval 406 and then from my 40B to this new 80g went smoothly. Now I have real wood and live plants which is so exciting. The fish have so much more space to move and they love the live greens.