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  1. They have been really great to work with. And this little girl they sent up is just beautiful. I also have them sending me some of their food, Aquatic Nutrition brand. I’m excited to start using it.
  2. I got the name of this place from a local Koi pond supplier. That is where they buy their fish from. Since it is getting very cold in Massachusetts so all the fish/koi suppliers don’t have much stock. I was very lucky that they would help me find a replacement fish at this time of the season.
  3. She is doing really well. Working on a little bit of an ammonia spike. But i am on top of it so it’s all good. I’ve been talking to Blackwater Creek Koi Farms in FL where I got her and they have been really helpful. They do a lot of treatment on their fish to keep them healthy and they do a quarantine on them before they ship them, so she came to me really very healthy.
  4. I got an email back from Hikari Customer Service. They say... “As long as the product did not freeze, it should be fine. If it did freeze, you will notice white clumps and some stringiness to the product.”
  5. I have a new shubunkin in QT with. Few weeks to go. Do I treat my current 80 tank containing my large shabunkin with PraziPro or salt to provide the new fish less exposure to anything in my main tank?
  6. I ordered PraziPro And it was delivered to my mailbox tonight. It’ll be about 35° tonight and I’m not going to get home until Sunday. Will the Prezi pro ruined by the cold temps?
  7. I used your quarantine instructions. 1 tsp per gallon. 3X , 12 hours apart. I didn’t realize I need to heat the water. It’s pretty cold here in Massachusetts so I can dig out my heater. I have a filter on the 20 gallon QT tank and I am doing a 5 gallon water change every other day. Adding the salt back in when I do the change. She looks really healthy but I’ll look into getting the Prazi from my LFS.
  8. Question. New 5” shubunkin in a 20 gallon tank. As of yesterday I’ve got her up to 3% salt. How do you decide how long to leave the salt in before you start the water changes to remove the salt?
  9. I have my 3 applications of salt in the QT added 12 hours apart. The new shubunkin is about 5”. She is eating like a champ and really active. So all great signs. Question. How do you decide how long to leave the salt in before you start the water changes to remove the salt?
  10. I just realized I need to quarantine this new fish. Will get my 20 gallon set up for her arrival.
  11. I decided not to wait and I was able to connect with a fish breeder to get another large goldfish. Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting 8 to 10 inch female tricolored shubunkin to go with my male shubunkin. I’m really super excited. And I’m also really super nervous About putting a new fish into the tank with him. I’m assuming that I have to let the bag with the new fish float in the water on the top for about half an hour to acclimate the water to the right temperature. Do I need to be aware of anything else to introduce the new fish into my tank?
  12. I have been able to find a dealer that can get me a large shubunkin for my tank. my current shubunkin is a male can i get another male? Or do i need a female? The one i lost was female.
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