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  1. Hey Guys! Haven't been here in a while so I thought I would post pictures of Jubi! He or she is SO fat! Too Fat? I wonder if anyone can tell me what sex he or she is? Also I have forgotten how to post pictures:(
  2. Hey Guys! Jubi was doing so well! The tank cycled and he is getting so fat! But a couple of days ago he started bottom sitting a few times during the day. I am treating him with salt for a few spots of ick I saw, but they have since dropped off and he has been scratching him self on things. So....he could have flukes, something else. I am going to continue the salt treatment for 10 days. I am on day 6. I didn't want to try anything stronger at first. I just got home and he was bottom sitting again, and looked a little labored in his breathing. So I tested my water param and there are: Ammonia .25 pH 7.6 Nitrites 0 Nitrates either 10 or 20, it is hard to tell! How can my tank uncycle? I have been neglectful in wc, I will admit. 20 gallon tank, one fish. He has been eating three light meals a day of all the good foods I bought from the suggestions on here. He loves them! So ~ Should I continue with the salt treatment if my tank is now, not cycled? I added some prime just now and he is swimming around. I hope I answered everything! I could not find that form to fill out on fish problems!
  3. Thank you Niki! I don't contibute anything ~ so don't worry!
  4. She has to get better! I'm praying, mikey!
  5. This topic is debateable. A filter performs many functions. The main three are water circulation, mechanical filtration, and biological filtration. The mechanical filtration traps the solid debris and holds it in the filter where it is broken down by the water flow and then the bacteria in the biological media process the ammonia down to nitrite. Once nitrite gets to a certain level, you need to do a water change. Now here is something to think about... Do you want to collect poop in the filter for two months and let it all break down and become nitrate in the tank or would you rather open the filter every couple weeks, rinse all the pool out, and not have as much there to be broken down into nitrate? People with large fancy koi ponds have nice fancy systems where they can easily rinse the poop out every day. This keeps ammonia and nitrate etc pretty low all the time, since there isn't as much pollution to break down. So the choiceis yours... Leave the poop in the tank.and do more water changes or get rid of the poop more regularly for a generally cleaner system and less water changes. Interesting. I had to read this a few times. So....basically you are saying to clean the filter more often?
  6. . I personally rinse my sponges and floss under the tap, and just barely swish the ceramic in some old tank water. Then I dump out the canister of all water, put the baskets back, and hook it back up to the tank. Is this just for canisters? Or HOB too?
  7. I know that I shouldn't, but this really made me laugh. Chelsea gave you a very descriptive post about poop. If you're still unsure, post you crappiest pics, and we'll help you figure it out! Any poop talk is worth a giggle, Tammy. Just ask young boys! Very true! We recently had new cement poured and kids scrawled "poop" boobies and Family Jewels...all over!
  8. This is hilarious! ^^ Thanks for all the descriptions, chelsea and the time, but I read that already ~ I thought pictures would be better, but perhaps most do not take pictures of poo poo!! Lol!
  9. I need pictures. And if someone has a picture of a constipated poo poo and also a parasite poo poo. Strange thread I Know. Not sure if I posted this in the right section. Feel free to move it!
  10. Yes Sir! I just did ~ ( knew you were going to say that ) pH is 7.6 and Nitrite is 0.
  11. Jubi is just sitting on this plant. Didn't eat. She is swimming now, though. .25 ammonia and 10 Nitrates. Everything else is the same. I added prime. Did a wc this past Sunday. Hope nothing is rearing its ugly head ~ I have had her a week and two days. Thoughts?
  12. Hi Dan! She is doing great, thanks for asking. She had her first wc yesterday. They so love fresh new water!
  13. They are big, Chelsea! Did you give in and feed Banner? They are beautiful!
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