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  1. Great, thanks so much! [emoji4]
  2. Okay, phew! Thank you! [emoji4]
  3. Do you think they just scratched themselves?
  4. My baby Ranchu and Bi-Colour Oranda have some missing scales all of a sudden! They are not acting differently in the least. My tank is still cycling, due to a cycle bump when I added the other 3 fish. But the stats are...
  5. Well..... I just popped the light on and tested the PH Now it's 8.2
  6. The GH - 150 The KH - 120 I just tested them. Should I test the ph in the tank right now too?
  7. So, because my PH climbed up yesterday, it's safe to say I should do a water change today, yes?
  8. It isn't the prime that did that. Prime detoxifies it but you will still see it in your readings. The bacteria ate the ammonia.What additives are you using in the tank right now? Is the PH between tank and tap different? I'm only using the Prime and Flourish in the tank.Yes, the tap is 7.6 and my tank ranges from 8.0-8.4
  9. Ok, so I just tested the tank... Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 0 But.... The PH is now 8.4 Looks like the Prime worked....but why is my PH higher now?
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