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  1. Hey everyone, I was just curious if I could get some input from people that have raised fry. If you were to bred a pair of goldfish what size of tanks/tubs/ponds do you guys use to grow out the fry? Basically what is your set up now and what do you wish you did from the start? Feel free to post some pics if you have them, this will be fun to learn from. Thanks!
  2. 40 gallon breeder. I usually do 80-90% a week.
  3. Okay everyone, I went into different LFS around my area and ask about the water. I was told the water here has a ton of different things in it (ammonia and nitrite) that are NEVER constant. That being said they told me I shouldn't do my water changes with a hook up to the faucet. I should always let the water sit and dechlorinate for a minute of 20 minutes before it goes into the tank. Aka no dosing prime then adding right from the tap. He said he has had tons of people come in saying all their fish died right after a water change. The guy also told me that if you dechlorinate the tap water the pH goes down almost 2 full point. Hence why my pH is going from 9.5 to 7.4. Does this make sense to anyone?? I tested his theory and tested the tap then put that water in a bucket and added prime. After 30 minutes the pH was 7.4. This is so crazy! And a touch annoying because now I have to have use buckets or a big tub (where the heck am I going to put these?). Oh boy. Any thoughts on this would be lovely.
  4. Okay I just called the city and they told me the average pH is 9.5-9.6! And the kH is about 100 and the total hardness is from 100-108.
  5. I can call the water company tomorrow. I'm sure I won't get an answer at 7 at night. Anyway, I just tested again and this is what I got. Tap pH= 8.8 or above kH= 5 drops gH= 7 drops Tank pH=7.4 kH= 6 drops gH= 7 drops So the only thing that changed was the gH of my tank went down one drop.
  6. Wait just a minute....when I did my water change before I added the baking soda I had dosed with Prazipro because of the fins. Does Prazipro change the pH? Other than that nothing is different.
  7. I'm not sure if these pictures will help. The first picture is the high range pH of my tap. The scecond picture is the pH of my tank and the third picture is the high range pH of my tank.
  8. Tank kH=6 (107.4) gh=8 (143.2) Tap kH=5 (89.5) gH=7 (125.3)
  9. I also assumed they were drifting because of the change to but I can't get a different reading. This is so confusing.
  10. Okay I just tested the pH again for both tap and tank. And I tested pH before and after the water change. It's like my pH of my tank can't change. Ha! As of a few minutes ago I got TAP pH=8.8 or above (it turns the darkest purple after the first drop) TANK pH=7.5 (the pH test was the color of 7.6 and the high pH test was a little lighter than 7.4).
  11. Okay I tested my tank water this morning. I got kH of 6 drops (107.4) PH of 7.4 Ammonia=0 Nitrite=0 Nitrate=5 So the baking soda did raise my kH but did not change my pH. Is this okay? Does this mean I need to do smaller more frequent water changes vs. larger water changes so I. Don't shock them? Just when I thought I was getting the hang of goldfish...haha. Moving was way harder than I thought;)
  12. Thank you fantailfan1. I added the baking soda according to the chart you guys gave me last night. My fish were acting sluggish for awhile. They were just drifting around with water flow but this morning they are acting normal. I will test my water again today just to make sure.
  13. Perfect. Now I'm up to speed. One more question, how fast can you raise kH and pH? Thanks again Jared.
  14. Okay so I'm trying to get my facts correct. Adding baking soda will raise my kH to be closer to my tap but what do I do about the huge pH difference? My tank is at 7.4 but my tap water reads well over the highest pH range. I may be confusing myself with all this so I just want to get it right. What exactly do I need to do with water changes to not shock my fish? Thanks everyone. My apologies for my confusion.
  15. Does my kH change anything? Drift wood still the best option?
  16. I sure do. My tap water reads kH=5 drops (89.5) and gH=7 drops (125.3)
  17. Well I'm having an "oh crap" moment.... My husband moved before me so he tested the tap water before I came with the fish. He got pH= 8.2 A= 0.5 N= 0 NA= 0 My old tap water had a pH of 7.5 so I thought its no big deal, I'll do a drip acclimation and it will be good. I did the drip acclimation and have tested my water. My TANK water as of right now reads pH=7.5 A=0 N=0 NA=5 BUT I retested my tap water to double check and now the pH of my tap is reading 8.8 or above! As of now my tank pH is great but how do I control this since my tap is really high?
  18. Will do! Thanks for your time Jared. You are very helpful and I really appreciate it:)
  19. Quick note: The very tip of my blue orandas tail is healing from awhile ago when it got stuck in the intake tube. So, that is not new, its just the splits everywehere else. Of course I don't want to treat if I dont have to, I just found it odd that even after I put them in the tank and had it all set up their tails kept spliting. When I put them in the tank my Red and White Orandas tail only had one split on the bottom lobe of her tail and now as you can see she has a lot on the top lobe. There is no behavior changes either. Thank you!
  20. Hi Jared, Sorry for the delay, I just got my computer up and going so I can get you some pictures now. I treated for flukes about 5 months ago. Here are the pictures I took last night. My apologies for the pictures, it's harder than it looks taking pictures of fins. Haha.
  21. Hey everyone, So I just finished my 3.5 move a couple days ago and my 3 orandas did okay. But I did notice 2 of them had split their tails. I didn't really think much of it but now there are a lot more. They are acting the same and eating very well. Could this be flukes from stress? Is extra clean water the key or do I need to treat? Thanks everyone!
  22. Asking local shops for water parameters is a great idea! Thanks everyone.
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