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  1. Im adopting 4 goldfish who are in a terrible situation. The roomate left behind his tank and fish. Its a 40 gallon with 4 commons "living" in there. I'm picking them up tomorrow. I dont want to shock them, they have been living in (very little) nasty water. The homeowner is feeding them but has no idea what else to do. There is no filter or heater. Spam me. I cant afford the best filter ever, or the best heater, etc. But anything will be better, so please be nice. How do I transport them? What do I do when I get them home? They will be in the same tank as I cannot immediately afford to upgrade, so in the meantime what can I do to make them comfortable? Thanks everyone!
  2. Its been something like 10 years since I've had goldfish. I've decided I would like to set up a small tank. Since I last had goldfish things have changed. I want to set up a 20 gallon for my little guys (I plan on getting 3-4), then upgrading in about 6 months. When I did this years ago I used rubbermaids (yup, and it was fantastic), but this time I want a pretty aquarium. I'm not sure where to go for fish once the tank is up and running. I'm a bit scared of going to my local stores as the fish dont look the greatest. I want to get Ryukins. If anyone wants to give me tips or advice, feel free. I will be reading and doing my research, but I appreciate tidbits of advice as well.
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