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  1. What a lovely picture! I hope the gel food will help and they feel better soon.
  2. ^^This. SOOOOO much this! My goldfish journey began with a single fish my daughter won at a fair in November, and now I'm saving for a 60 inch tank and wondering if we could go 72 inches!
  3. If they're used to eating flakes at the surface, you can try gently swirling the flakes for 10 seconds or so in some tank water so that they will sink, which will get them used to eating in the middle or bottom of the water column. My guys also had trouble with pellets at first. I can't tell from the picture (thanks for that, by the way! ) how small they are, but I also crushed my pellets between 2 spoons until they grew a bit.
  4. Awesome diligence on your part! I agree with the others; keep the fish-babies you're already attached to, and don't forget to post pictures! I also have common and comet goldfish, and I love them as much or more than the fancies.
  5. Thank you for sharing! (You take such good pictures!)
  6. Hello, and welcome to Koko's! My advice is 3-fold and comes from very recent experience (I'm also new). 1. Purchase a 5 gallon bucket if you don't have one, Morton's Pickling salt (it's cheap!) and PraziPro, then read and follow the instructions here, specifically the section "For Fish Purchased from a Questionable Source." This will ensure your fish get off to a great start and will help you avoid all of the problems I had! 2. Change one 5 gallon bucket of water every day until you're able to purchase an API Freshwater Master Kit. Once you get your test kit and can check your water parameters, you may find that you're able to do larger changes less frequently to keep your ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates down until you're tank is cycled. A gravel vacuum is a tremendous help here and is only around $15 at your local fish store. 3. Pick up enough filtration to hit 10 times your tank volume per hour as soon as possible, and then a tank that's at least 48" long when you're able. As someone else said, Petco's dollar per gallon sale is very helpful for tanks up to 55 gallons. Just a note: I know that goldfish are a bit more expensive on the front end than I originally bargained for, and I hope you're not put off too much by it. I have found that expenses lessen as you get settled, and it's worth it in the end. The "feed me" dance is priceless! Your fish are lovely, and I look forward to watching them grow! Edited to add: Don't worry about getting a separate tank or tub for the quarantine procedures since all of your fish are new. Also, all of the helpers and moderators here are very kind and really know their stuff...If they tell you something that contradicts anything I've said, go with their advice!
  7. My folks live in the 'Boro, and we're about an hour south of you near Arnold AFB. Holler if you need anything! (For those who don't live in the South, that's a pretty standard goodbye. )
  8. Congratulations on the new arrival! You could also simply fill your current 25 gallon tank with only 10 gallons of water for easy medicine/salt calculations. Then you could add more water in 5 gal increments if the fish requires it. Good luck, and let us know how the new little one does!
  9. Mmmmm, stained glass pieces would also be lovely. Good luck!
  10. So sorry to hear that. I wonder if goldfish are like men, and if it's after you stop looking that you find "the one"...I wish you the best of luck!
  11. There's a down-side to all of that fun...catching up on the forum every morning takes longer!
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