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  1. I guess you're right, I just wondered if there would be any 'kits' or anything like that to see if there are traces of lead in the water supply. It's good to hear that the fish will be fine if it is just a case of hard water. Thank you
  2. Hello all, I first decided to keep goldfish almost a year ago and progress has been slow, meaning that I still have no water piggies to call my own But in the next couple of months that is going to change as my parents have very kindly decided that they will purchase me some fish before Christmas....(I have expensive fish taste *ahem*) So I have started to cycle my tank in preparation. Anyway, I let my tank sit for a few days with an airstone and tested the PH, which was just under 9. I also tested my tap water for any discrepancies and it was off the chart of my test kit? So I looked up the stats of my local water and the PH from the tap should have been low enough to register on the test kit. I'm a little bit concerned that my house might still have lead pipes, would this result in this mysteriously high ph reading? I live in a flat in an old converted office building, probably circa 1970 and when my boyfriend and I moved in we noticed that the water tasted different to our old place which was only a few streets away. We also get a bronze coloured sort of sediment under our taps occasionally, is it possible this is rust? If anyone has any experience in this who knows how we can verify (without calling someone out and spending money) if it is a piping issue, or has any other ideas, it'd be great to know. I assume traces of lead would be dangerous to goldfish health? I live in Lincolnshire in the UK, and my area is renowned for very hard water as there's lots of limestone in the land, would this be an issue in itself even if the lead pipes are given the all clear? Thanks in advance
  3. Star do have a pretty good reputation and I believe they're having an open day mid October. Other good choices in the UK are London Ranchu (deal in quality fancies, not just ranchu) and Funky Fish who I know personally breed quite a few of their own fancies. They can both be found on Facebook and do deliveries. It's almost been a year since I decided to start in this hobby and I still have no fish, mostly because i've decided to save for more expensive fish and the travel expense to go and view them before purchase because the quality and health of fish in my LFSs is so poor
  4. Dang! They are adorable! My first tank is currently cycling (fishless) and I'm torn between getting a couple of pearlscales or choos, these guys would help my dilemma somewhat So...um, I'll be sending a courier, cat burglar your way.
  5. I'm so envious. :tantrumYou really do have the most gorgeous fish Alicia
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. He was a great little guy and you didn't fail him, you noticed something was wrong and were going to medicate and help him when you could, was just bad timing
  7. What lovely happy fishy lives they must lead in all that space. I love your Shubunkins. Want!
  8. It definitely smells...burnt most my nostril hair off haha. New ammonia test it is.
  9. *sigh* I believe this may be the beginning of a lot of cycling questions. Right,so I'm using Kleen Off http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B00755MEMA/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_4?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addFourStar&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending which is 9.5% ammonia. I put in 8ml of it to begin the process a few days ago and I've tested the water a couple of times. Both times my test reads no ammonia I got ahead of myself and hopefully tested for nitrates and obviously nothing there either. So where is my ammonia going? I did do a test where I filled half of the test tube with ammonia and half water but that doesn't give me a reading either. So now I'm wondering if I received a dud bottle or if my test kit is inaccurate? Or could there be something in my water that's skewing my results? None of which would be a problem really, apart from the fact that I'm desperate to get my cycle going, and I am really low on finances currently. I don't really want to be buying more ammonia/test kits if something else is going on, and even if it isn't, I'd rather not potentially replace both products if I can help it. My test kit is the API master. Could it be my PH? I still don't know how high it is because it's over what the API will measure. *sigh* Have I worked out the amount of ammonia correctly? My tank is 250l. And on top of that I've noticed some of my pygmy chainswords are getting transparent leaves and I can't work out what this is a symptom of. And I'm slightly wondering if ammonia is a better way to cycle than with fish food/shrimp etc because I've found quite a lot of conflicting information on it.
  10. I can't be of any help here...but your fish are gorgeous. Really hope your red-cap feels better soon. If anyone can help it's the team on this forum. They are super-heroes.
  11. U-oh! I remember when my tank was delivered and how excited I was...if it had been the wrong one I think I would have gone into melt-down and that's without all the messing around with other tanks. Hope you get your hands on your 27 long soon.
  12. Aw, thank you hopefully in the next few weeks everything will fill out a bit. haha, my mum bought me the colander a year ago and it just sat in the cupboard so at least it has a use now I think I'm going to keep the tank pretty plain. I want to have two or three nice large rocks in there that I will tie some moss onto.
  13. Really sorry to hear about your ranchu
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